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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 17


Klara was surprised to find Irene like this. She barely recognized her. Irene looked frightening. She was pale, her hair was ragged and her face was covered in tears, but that’s not what frightened Klara. It was her eyes. Irene’s eyes looked dead, as if her soul had left her body. She stared at Klara yet it seemed she wasn’t looking at her, but right through her.


Klara wondered what happened so she slowly walked inside. “Irene?” she called hesitantly.



When she got no reply she approached Irene slowly. “Is something wrong?”


A single tear ran down her cheek. “He is dead!” She said her voice void of any emotion.


“Who is dead?” Klara asked confused.


“My son.” It was almost a whisper.


Irene had a son? Klara didn’t know and she didn’t know how to console Irene either.


Suddenly Irene shifted her gaze and looked right at Klara. The looked in her eyes sent a shiver down Klara’s spine.




“You…” She said and Klara realized she was in danger even thought she didn’t know what wrong she did.




“You said you loved him…but you didn’t save him.” Irene hastily got out of bed and began strolling toward Klara slowly.


Klara took a few steps back frightened by the crazy look in Irene’s eyes. She looked like she wanted to destroy the world. Klara was of course a fighter but she knew she didn’t stand a chance with Irene. The woman was a witch after all.


“Now… who will save you?” She said threateningly.


Turning around Klara ran toward the door, grabbing the handle she wanted to leave quickly but suddenly the door shut by an invisible force and Klara couldn’t open it. Panik kicked in and she reached for the knife that would probably not help, but again some invisible force knocked it out of her hand and it flew across the room. Swiftly Klara’s eyes searched for something in the room she could use to defend herself but before she could even move Irene grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the wall.



Klara tried to kick, push or even punch but neither could her legs move nor her arms. How would she defend herself if she couldn’t even use her limbs. She could only use her mouth, maybe she should talk some sense into Irene’s head but she could barely breath as Irene tightened her grip even more squeezing all the air out of Klara’s lungs.


“All of us said we loved him but none of us could save him. None! We all deserve to die.”




Was she going to die like this? And her family wouldn’t even know. No, she refused to die.




“You refuse?!” Irene asked. She could read her thoughts? “Alright then…I will make you suffer first.” Then suddenly Klara felt her body get thrown across the room. She braced herself for the pain to come as she hit the wall then fell on a table that tumbled over and she fell further to the floor.


Klara rolled on the floor in pain while gasping for air. She had to get away and tried to get up despite the pain when Irene kicked her in the stomach and she fell back with cry.


“I will kill everyone who claimed to love him, everyone and then I’ll join you. Do you know why?” She asked. “Because I loved him the most yet I did nothing…nothing.”


This was not good. Klara could hear the anger and despair in Irenes voice. If she didn’t get away Irene would kill her for sure.


“Oh right. Before I kill myself I have to kill mother as well. I’ll kill her!” She screamed.


While Irene was speaking to herself Klara tried to crawl away but soon Irene grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up bringing both their faces close to each other. “You want to live princess? While letting the man you love die?”



Klara was confused. Who was Irene talking about? She had only ever loved one man and it was Lucian.


“Yes. I am talking about Lucian. He is dead!” She yelled pushing her down again.


Klara fell. “Lucian is dead?”




“No!” Klara shook her head. “No, no!” No she was probably talking about another Lucian.


“You can deny it all you want it but it won’t bring him back from the dead.” Irene grabbed Klara by the hair again.


Klara took notice of a vase that lay on the table nearby. She grabbed it quickly and smashed it on Irene’s head. She expected Irene to fall down but she still stood straight as blood poured from her head and down her face.


Suddenly she laughed, something that shocked Klara. “Come on! Hit me some more!” Irene said.


Klara was confused.


“I said come on!” Irene yelled then Klara punched her face causing Irene’s lip to burst.


“Is that all you got?” Irene asked with a smirk. “You are not giving me a choice but to show you how.” She said and slapped Klara across the face.




Klara had been slapped before, even by strong men but it never hurt like this. Her whole head was throbbing in pain and she lost her balance and fell. Irene Placed herself on top of her and was about to land another slap when someone spoke.





Roshan! Klara felt a sudden relief.


“Don’t interfere! I am warning you!” Irene said with a deadly tone.


“Don’t touch her. I am warning you!” He spoke with that same deadly tone.


She intended to ignore him when someone called her name. “Irene!”


This voice sent a chill down Klara’s spine. She wanted to see who the voice belonged to but she kept her gaze fixated on Irene.


“What are you doing?”


Irene slowly let her hand fall as the crazy look in her eyes turned into one of confusion and sadness. The man quickly came to her side and pulled her up and away from Klara then he wrapped his arms around her. “It’s alright.” He whispered.


Klara didn’t spare a moment to look at the man and tried to quickly get up and away but Roshan already scooped her up in his arms and carried her away. Klara felt embarrassed but didn’t protest as she was in too much pain to walk herself.




Roshan tried to stay calm as he carried Klara to his room. He was shocked and angry, he had never seen Irene act this way before. He shouldn’t have left Klara alone here. If he had come a bit late she could have been dead. The possibility of losing her easily made him feel vulnerable and he hated it.


He slowly placed her on his bed and she flinched in pain. Her beautiful face was now covered with bruises and her clothes soaked in her own blood. Roshan clenched his fists, seeing her like this made him angry. If it was someone else who made her like this they would be dead long ago, but it was Irene. He knew she was grieving the loss of her son and blaming herself for not saving him.


“Stay here.” He said and left to bring an aid kit.



As he returned he found Klara curled up in his bed, her arms wrapped around her waist. For the first time he didn’t see the tough woman he was used to see. She looked startled and scared and he could understand that. Roshan put the kit on the nightstand and then carefully sat down next to her.


He waited patiently for her to sit up then reached for her face. She flinched back.


“I am not going to hurt you.” He assured then slowly removed the hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. As he treated her wounds she didn’t even complain once even though it was probably a bit painful.


Roshan knew that not only was her face bruised but her body as well. Knowing that she wouldn’t let him help her treat those wounds he gave the aid kit and a clean dress.


“What happened to Lucian?” She asked abruptly.


Roshan was taken aback for a moment. He had almost forgotten that she was in love with Lucian and telling her that the man she loved was dead, was not something he wanted to do at this moment.


Klaras eyes welled with tears. “He is not dead right? She was referring to someone else, right?” A tear fell down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away with the back of her hand.


Roshan couldn’t bring himself to tell her so he kept quiet. Maybe his silence would speak for itself.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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“Please…please tell me he is not dead. Plea…ase.” She began to cry hysterically.


Her whole body shook as she buried her face in her hands. Roshan wanted to comfort her but he didn’t know how. Even if he knew why would he want to comfort her when she was crying for another man? Turning around he left her alone thinking that she would calm down eventually, but he was wrong.



She kept crying the whole night until she was exhausted and fell asleep almost at sunrise.


“How is she?” Lucifer asked taking a seat in the garden where Roshan was taking a short nap after listening to Klara’s cry the whole night.


“She just fell asleep.”


“You care for her.” Lucifer pointed. “I didn’t think someone as promiscuous as you would care for someone.”


“Well…if Lucifer himself could care for someone then anyone can care for someone. By the way…how did Irene wake up? Did you find her mother?”


“No. I just found her awake.” Lucifer said thoughtful.


“What is it?” Roshan asked.


“I have been thinking. Maybe…Lucian is alive.”


“Why would you think so?”


“Demons cannot die unless killed by other supernatural creatures. Why would Lucian be an exception?”


“Because he is not entirely Demon.” Roshan said as a matter of fact.


“True but he could have died and come back to life, just like Irene.”


Irene had died after giving birth to Lucian but she had come back to life because she had demon blood in her system. When she came back to life she had become partly Demon. Lucian was already partly demon which meant that when he died his demon side could have saved him and he awakened was a fully Demon. But then again Demons could track other Demons so why couldn’t they find him, Roshan wondered.



It meant that he was either dead or maybe even though he awakened as a fully Demon he still had his witch powers. A deadly combination indeed and this deadly combination would not be found unless he wanted to be found.


“There is one way to finding Lucian if he is alive.” As a Demon himself Roshan knew Demons were very protective and possessive of their mates.











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