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Return Of The Devils Son.



Chapter 10


“My lady, His Highness has requested your presence.”


“You may leave.” I said as my hands began to sweat and my heart began to hammer inside my chest. I had spent the whole night plotting my revenge, thinking of different ways to kill Pierre. None of them seemed satisfying enough. Death was a too small a punishment.


But I couldn’t give him the punishment he deserved. This was all I could do.


I looked myself one last time in the mirror. I chose a beautiful peach dress that complimented my skin and let my hair down in beautiful waves. Putting some perfume I painted my lips the same color as my dress. Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves down I stepped out of the room. I needed to be calm and confident if I wanted my plan to succeed.




On my way to Pierres room I thought about all the things that could go wrong and what would happen to me if I failed. I was sure I wouldn’t live to see another day then.


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The guards opened the door immediately without informing my presence and gestured for me to go in. I pushed all of my fears aside and held my head high as I walked in with steady, determined steps.


“Good morning, Your Highness.” I curtsied.


Pierre who was sitting comfortably in an armchair looked up in surprise. Slowly his lips formed into a smile of satisfaction.


“Good morning, my dear.” He said getting up from his chair while letting his gaze sweep over my body, from head to toe. “You look lovely today.”


“Thank you.” I tried to smile without sounding nervous.



He narrowed his gaze as if trying to figure me out. “Is there a special occasion I don’t know of?”


“No Your highness. I just decided to not act childish anymore.” I began. “I have thought alot about what is best for me and as you said it’s not being on your bad side. ”


I looked up to meet his gaze and he was still looking calculatingly at me. At last he crossed the little distance between us and wrapped one arm around my waist pulling my body to his. I fought hard not to look disgusted.


“Are you saying you agreed to become mine?”


I nodded. “But I need some time.You killed my husband after all, it’s impossible to like you overnight.”


He let go of me looking amused. “I appreciate your honesty but still you see, I feel…hurt. I will give you the time you need but meanwhile you will not live as a princess but as my personal maid. How about that?” He said raising one brow.


“You still want to punish me?”


“Oh no.” He shook his hands. “I just wanted you to not take too much time. I am become more and more impatient, you see.”


Yes, I could see. He would make my life miserable as his personal maid so that I would make up my mind fast. Nevermind, he would already be dead by then. As his personal maid I would get many opportunities to be alone with him and that was just what I needed.




“Now, I need a bath.” He said enjoying the situation he put me in.



“Of course, Your highness. I will prepare one immediately.” I said annoyed that he couldn’t even wait a moment before he could begin to order me around. I didn’t even get a chance to change from the beautiful dress I was wearing.


Thanks to Lydia I knew how to prepare a bath. I filled the bathtub with hot water, put some scented oils and soap, then went on to bring some towels.


My heart was beating all the time thinking how uncomfortable it would be to bath someone, especially someone as dirty as Pierre. Even if he used all the water in the world he would still be as dirty as he was.


“Are you done?”


I turned round. “Yes, Your Highn…” I couldn’t finish the sentences as my gaze fell on a completely n.a.k.e.d Pierre. Shocked and embarrassed I quickly averted my gaze.


He chuckled as I kept looking away until he slid into the water. “I’m waiting.” He said mockery clear in his voice.


I quickly went to the side of the tub, avoiding to look at him I grabbed a wash clothes. Before I could pour some soap on it he shook his head. “No, I want you to use your hands.”


One brow raised he waited for my reaction.


A curse almost escaped my lips but I urged myself to stay calm. Pouring the soap into my hands I pretended that I was washing clothes instead of a person but he knew how to anger me.


“No, not there, here. No no, there.”


“Yes, just like that.”


“Be careful, not to hard.”


“Don’t be so slow. Wash faster.” And he kept on and on.



I had never been so annoyed in my life before. I just wanted to push him down the water and make him drown. Sadly I wasn’t strong enough.


The days went by very slow as his personal maid and it was a torture but it gave me many opportunities to be with him when he was alone and vulnerable, such as when he was asleep.I towered over him where he lay on his bed, watching his chest rise and fall as he went into a deep slumber. Then I slowly grabbed a knife that I had stolen from the kitchen and tied to my thigh under my dress.




My heart accelerated as I lifted the knife in the air holding it tightly with both my hands. This time I told myself not to fail, not to be afraid. He deserved to die so why was I hesitating? As usual my hands began to shake and I began to sweat. I told myself to bring the knife down and stab him once and for all but my body refused to listen. I listed to myself all the reasons I had to kill him but my body still refused to obey.


I don’t know why I was convincing myself over and over again when I knew deep down I that I couldn’t kill him. I could just now kill a living breathing human being. I could just not.


Slowly I let my hands fall to the sides still holding the knife in one. I was angry and disappointed with myself. Why couldn’t I do this? It shouldn’t be difficult to kill someone you despise so much. This was the fifth time I tried and failed.


Maybe I should have just gone with Lothaire, far away from this place. If he came back this time I would. I had nothing left here to do if I couldn’t even kill Pierre.


Stuffing the knife back I went to the storeroom where I sleep on a thin mattress among stored food. I did not cry this time as I went back to sleep. I felt empty, as if no emotions were left inside of me and my heart froze to stone. No pain, no anger. I didn’t want to feel it anymore and I was thankful those feelings were gone. I closed my eyes and with it I closed everything else, especially my heart.


In the morning I was back to my daily routine. I made my way to Pierres room, prepared some new clothes then went on to prepare a bath.



He was already awake and seemed a little stressed as he looked at the clothes I prepared.


“Don’t you like them, Your highness?” I asked with a monotone.


Crossing his arms over his chest he looked at it calculating for a while. “Give me something more lavish. I need to impress my future wife.”


“Future wife?” Doesn’t this man ever get enough of women?”Why?” He asked turning to me. “Jealous?”


I wanted to laugh. “Not at all….Your Highness.”


“But you will be.” He smirked satisfyingly. “You see…my future wife is one beautiful thing but that’s not why I am marrying her so don’t worry.” Crossing the distance between us he traced one finger down my cheek and over my lips. “You will always be the most beautiful thing for me.”


I am not a thing, I wanted to say but it didn’t matter what I was anymore.


As I helped him get ready I was surprised that he didn’t tease me or annoy me as usual. He was rather busy with himself, trying to look perfect. I didn’t know he cared that much about his appearance but he did. I wondered who his future wife was that he was preparing this much.


“Well done, Hazel.” He said looking himself in the mirror. “You have became much better, in fact I think it must have been an accident that you were born as a princess instead of a maid.”


I rolled my eyes without him seeing me.


“You may leave now.” He waved his hand.


And never did he let me leave so soon.



I left the room quickly and went back to the kitchen where I met Ylva. “Did it go well?” She asked.


“Thankfully, he is absorbed with himself today. Apparently his future wife is coming.” I whispered to her then went to grab a pot to make some tea.


“Yes right. Her brother is the king of…I don’t remember the name but it’s a wealthy kingdom. That’s probably why His Highness wants to marry her.”


“Who made the proposal?” I asked suddenly interested.


“Probably His Highness. I hope the wealthy king rejects his proposal.”


I hoped so too.


After making the tea I put everything on the plate then went to serve it to Pierre. As I walked down the stairs careful not to spill the tea I heard some maids gossip…about me.


“I wonder why His Highness wants her so badly. She is not even that beautiful.”


I was so used to it that I wasn’t bothered by it anymore or maybe I was just lying to myself, as I didn’t pay attention to where I was putting my feet and suddenly I was falling. Then something strange happened, an arm came around my waist preventing me from falling flat on my stomach.


Who could have saved me this time?




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