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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 7


Lucian woke up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat and out of breath. His heart was beating wildly inside his chest and his eyes were filled with tears. He had the same nightmare he had every night, where his brother killed him over and over again. It never ended, the pain and the suffering, even after he woke up.


Lucian would feel as if his whole body was burning and slowly he would be unable to breathe because of the pain. Falling from his bed he would crawl on the floor struggling to get some air but he his throat would tighten as if he was being choked. half the night he would spend in an unbearable pain and pray for the morning to come soon.



When the morning came he would wake up and find himself still laying on the cold floor. His whole body would ache and he would feel drained of energy. It would take him a while to get up and prepare to go to work.


Today as he lay on the floor waiting for his body to recover he remembered Nora’s words. She had said that he had to much power, which he did notice the last few days. Something about him was different since he came out of that well. He was capable of doing things he couldn’t before. That he realized one night when he woke up from his nightmare feeling as if he was being choked. He had wished to go outside to get some air and suddenly by some unknown force he found himself outside. How that was possible he still couldn’t comprehend, but he did enjoy his new power. Or should he say powers? Because there were other things he discovered he could do, such as disguising himself as someone else or making himself invisible. He could even manipulate people, only by looking into their eyes.


Maybe he was the Devil’s son after all.


As he lay on the floor thinking he heard angry sounds coming from outside his room. Soon load footsteps followed and the door to his room flew open and hit the wall with a crushing sound. There at the door stood an angry John.


“Who are you?” He asked accusingly.


Lucian was confused as he stood up and looked at John.


“Who are you?!” John repeated angrily. “And don’t lie to me this time.”


Lucians gaze went to the paper in Johns hand and he immediately realized that John had found one of the sketches that were made of him when his brother was trying to find him.




“This…” John said holding the paper up. “This is you. Why was the crown prince looking for you?”


Lucian didn’t need to answer that. He knew that John had already figured it out.


“I should have known…with your long hair and the way you carry yourself. You are a royalty. The youngest prince of Decresh. I knew that I had heard your name somewhere, my son must have told me once or twice.” John continued his eyes wide with realization.


His family had gathered behind him and they stared at Lucian with a look of betrayal.


“Just leave!” Lucian could hear the disappointment in Johns voice.


He could understand that they were hurt and feeling betrayed since they had welcomed him and treated him like a family. Maybe now was the time to leave anyway.


“Father he has nowhere to go.” Anna spoked as he took a step to leave.


“That’s none of our business.” John said coldly.


“But he is a witch and you always say to help fellow witches.” Anna argued.


“We don’t know for sure that he is a witch. Nora?”


“Yes father he is.” Nora spoke. “But…” she hesitated.


“But what?”


“He is the one rumored to be the devil’s son.”


Lucian sighed. Those rumors never left him alone. “I’ll just leave.” He said. “Thank you for your hospitality.”


But suddenly Elle ran to him and hugged his leg. “Please don’t leave. Father, please don’t let him leave.” She had tears in her eyes.

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Lucian crouched down to her level and wiped away a few tears that fell down her cheek. “I have to. But I will be back some day and visit you.” He said clapping her head, then he stood up and looked at the rest of them.




“I am very thankful for your help and I had no intention of hurting you. I apologize if I caused you any harm. I’ll take my leave.”


Johns expression didn’t change but the rest looked regretful as he made his way out. Strangely he was regretful himself. He had really enjoyed staying here, living a simple normal life with John and his family, but nothing good or bad lasted forever.


Just as he was about the exit the front door a man appeared in front of him. The man who was almost as tall as him was wearing a military attire, the type that only the royal army of Decresh wear. This must be Johns son Julian, Lucian thought.


Julian froze in place, his eyes widening in shock as he noticed Lucian. In his frozen state he dropped his helmet on the floor and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.


Great! Now Lucian had to deal with him as well. Maybe he should just snap his head off. A perfect way to repay his family’s kindness, he thought sarcastically.


“Yo…your Highness. You…you are alive.” Julian stuttered in disbelief.


Before Lucian could think of anything to say, Julians family came rushing.


“Julian! My son, you are back!” Layla hugged him tightly while John waited for his turn to hug his son.


Julian stood like a statue, his gaze still fixated on Lucian while his family hugged in turn. Lucian just wanted to leave quickly but the whole family had crowded the exit while being excited about Julians return.


“Father?” Julian said finally while nodding toward Lucian questioningly.


“Oh yes. He is leaving.” John said.


“Leaving? Father do you know who he is?” Julian asked.


“Yes, that’s why he is leaving.”




John raised his eyebrows in surprise. Julian walked past his father and up to Lucian. “Your highness…is it really you?” He scanned Lucian carefully “I thought you died.”


Lucian detected sadness and relief in his voice. It confused him, but he didn’t think much about it. He was leaving anyway.




“Goodbye.” He said and aimed for the front door but Julian blocked his way.




“Your Highness? Where are you going? It’s not safe outside. Please come in and stay.”


“Just let him leave.” John spoke.


Julian ignored his father. “Please Your Highness.”


“Yes. Why don’t we eat then you can decide who will leave and stay.” Charlotte suggested.” I think Julian is tired and hungry.”


Julian nodded. “Thank you grandma. Your highness please.” Julian gestured toward the living room. Elle looked at him with hopeful eyes.


Lucian followed Julian inside while wondering why he agreed to this. He should have just left. Maybe deep down he still wanted to stay here. While Julian looked happy that Lucian had agreed to stay for lunch, John was still unhappy and sat with his arms crossed over his chest.



Julian was curious about how Lucian had come to live and ended up here and Anna was happy to explain the whole situation. Julian listened carefully then turned to his father.


“Father? Where you about to throw him out because he didn’t tell you the truth? What was he supposed to say? I am a prince? Would you have believed him?”


John sighed. “It’s not only that. It’s dangerous for our family to keep him here. If this goes out we are all dead.”


Lucian understood that John was only trying to protect his family.


“No one will know.” Julian said.


“Someone might already know.”


Lucian didn’t like that this family were fighting because of him. “I’ll just leave.” He said standing up.


“Prince Pierre is soon getting crowned. You know he doesn’t care about the wellbeing of this kingdom. He is already planning war. He wants to overthrow the king of Gatrish and take over his kingdom. Probably because he helped you. You know Gatrish is a powerful kingdom. It won’t be easy winning over them. Many people will die for nothing.”


“Why are you telling me this?” Lucian asked.


“Pierre wants to raise the taxes for the poor people and expand the slave trade.” Julian continued.


“What do you want me to do?”


“Don’t you want the crown?” He asked.


“What makes you think I would be any different than Pierre?”



“Because you are a witch and witches don’t damage, they restore.” Julain explained.


Lucian was getting annoyed. “Look, I am not a witch and I have no desire to become king.”


Now it was Julians turn to get annoyed. “What about all the people who died for you. Died to protect you, all your men. Did they die in vain?”


“What is going on here?” Layla asked when she came into the room.


“Many people will suffer if you don’t take the crown. Don’t tell me you don’t care.


Father say something!” Julian required.




John seemed to think deeply. “Why don’t you think about it before saying no?” John suggested.


What was he supposed to think about. Going back to the prison he grew up in. That place would bring nothing but bad memories. Still a part of him wanted to listen to Julian, to go back home and take the throne. He felt obligated to do so for the people who died protecting him. For those who stood by his side no matter what, like Lincoln.


Lucian thought about the fact that he would never see Lincoln again, never hear his scoldings or his advice. He would never see the rest of his men again, while those who betrayed him, those who betrayed their own comrades were probably still alive. Thinking about it made his blood boil. Yes, he needed to go back and forget about having a normal peaceful life, because he wouldn’t get peace until he destroyed those who destroyed him.


It was time to go back home, back to the hell was born in. Hell is where he was supposed to be anyway

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