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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 12


Lucian tried to pay attention to what his brother was saying but his mind kept drifting back her, the maid who had spilled tea on him. For some strange reason he had felt a sting of pain when Jade had slapped her and when her eyes welled with tears, anger filled his chest. But why he couldn’t’ understand. He certainly didn’t know her and he couldn’t say he felt attracted to her. Or did he?



She didn’t look attractive to him. She was too thin for his taste, almost as if she had been starved. Her hair was short and ragged and her complexion looked rather unhealthy. She had dark spots under her eyes and her lips were chapped, yet he hadn’t been able to stop himself from staring at her. Something about her drew him in. Was it the innocence in her big beautiful chocolate eyes? Or was he intrigued by the way she kept her calm even though she was going to get punished? Either Way, he couldn’t stop thinking about her.


What was her name he wondered but then scolded himself for being distracted by a simple woman when he came here with an important mission. He was here to get revenge not women.




Traveling to Osakar he had disguised himself as their king Alexander and with some help from Nora and Julian he got hold of all the information he needed. Julian had put Alexander to sleep and Nora hid his body with a spell. Lucian didn’t think it would be that easy but he soon realized that witches could do much more than he had thought. The question was could he trust Julian and his sister?


As his mind went back to the present Pierre was still talking, trying to make a great impression and Lucian just couldn’t bare to listen anymore. Maybe now was the time to use some of his devilish tricks he thought amused. Going inside his brothers head he manipulated him into thinking that he was done talking.


“Alright then. I’ll leave you to rest and we will talk about the details tomorrow.” Pierre said.


Lucian smiled inwardly. Maybe it wasn’t that bad to be whatever he was after all.


On his way back to the room that was arranged for him Lucian came across Levi. He was playing with other kids and they were chasing each other through the halls. Lucian felt a stain of guilt watching him, knowing that his happiness would soon come to an end and that he would be the reason. These were the times he didn’t feel too excited about his revenge.



Lucian took one last look at Levis smiling face and imprinted it on his mind, then he continued further and buried his guilt deep inside his heart.


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Once he reached the room his guards stayed behind as he walked inside. Lucian had expected to find the maid on her knees and Jade walking around her in circles while making threats, but nor was Jade in the room and nor was the maid on her knees. Confused Lucian walked further in and was astonished to find the maid sleeping on his bed, comfortably. Lucian stared in shock, this woman was either very brave or very foolish.


Instead of waking her up and scolding her he found himself staring once again. She looked so innocent and fragile laying in his large bed and he found himself wanting to touch her. He shook his head.




He couldn’t be distracted now when he came here with a clear purpose. Just as he was about to wake her up she stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes slowly. She blinked several times before rubbing her eyes and then, still unaware of his presence she put her arms over her head and stretched. Half way through her stretch she took notice of him and froze in place. He wanted to laugh at how funny she looked but kept a serious face. Once she came out of her state of shock she rolled off the bed quickly and stood on the other end. Her eyes darted around the room looking everywhere except at him.


“Your Highness…I…” She swallowed hard, “I…I was just…I didn’t mean to fall asleep…I…apologize.”


She rubbed her hands together nervously still avoiding to look at him. When he said nothing she raised her gaze slowly, looking directly into his eyes. For a moment it felt like she could see through him, through his disguise and deep into his soul. Her eyes held so many emotions that it was overwhelming yet he couldn’t look away. There was a magnetic power in her gaze that had him spellbound and he found himself strolling toward her. As she saw him walk closer her eyes widened in fear but she didn’t back away and he didn’t stop until he stood a breath away from her.



Up close he found her even more beautiful and she smelled of honey and coconut, a very familiar scent that evoked a hunger in him he never felt before. Without realizing he raised his hand and put his fingers lightly on her cheek. She squirmed at the contact but as his fingers caressed her soft skin her eyes slowly fluttered closed and her lips parted slightly. Something stirred to life inside of him and he was in no control of his body anymore. His was unaware of his actions as his arm slid around her waist and drew her body close to his. Even though his mind screamed at him to stop he leaned closer and buried his face into the crook of her neck. He inhaled deeply, letting her sweet scent intoxicate his mind. How would she taste? He thought. How would she taste if she smelled so good?


As if she knew what he was about to do she tilted her head back and grabbed onto his arms. He buried his fingers into her hair and then slowly flicked his tongue over her neck. A sweet sound of pleasure escaped her lips that set fire to the hunger he was already feeling. Pushing her into the wall behind he held her in place with his body while trailing kisses up her neck and jaw. She jerked against him, wanting more. He pushed harder into her and then captured her lips with his. Heat exploded inside of him at the taste of her, a taste that made him wild yet the familiarity of it comforted him, calmed him. He thought he was going to devour her but instead he kissed her softly, touched her slowly, as if he wanted to comfort her as well. The warmth of her body welcomed him, enveloped him in a world of passion, desire and love.




Startled he pushed himself away from her and shivered at coldness her absence brought.


“Who are you?” He asked.


She looked up slowly, her cheeks flushed and her eyes still hooded with desire.


“Who are you?” She breathed as she fixed her gaze on him.



She was brave indeed, but he felt as if there was more to her question from the way she was looking at him.




Moving from her place she started walking toward him, her gaze never leaving his until she stood a breath away. Her eyes slowly welled with tears “Who are you?” She asked again and he could hear desperation in her voice.


She put one hand on his chest “Please…” Her voice cracked as a tear fell down her cheek. Lucian got suddenly confused. Why was she crying all of a sudden?


“Please…” She begged again. Lucian didn’t know what she was begging for but seeing her cry felt like a knife twisting in his heart. Without thinking he wrapped his arms around her but that seemed to have made things worse as she suddenly burst into tears at his gesture. Her whole body shook while she cried and Lucian froze in place unsure of what to do.


Then he remembered he could go inside her head to find out why she was crying. Blocking everything else away he focused on her thoughts but he heard…nothing. He tried again but still he heard nothing. Maybe her thoughts were a mess since she was crying he thought.


Grabbing her arms he pulled her away from his hold.


“Why are you crying?” He asked.


A thousand emotions crossed her eyes at his question and for awhile she just looked at him, her expression slowly turning to confusion.


“Who are you?”


“You may call me Your Highness.” He said confused at her question.


She shook her head as if denying his answer.


“And you? Who are you?” He asked.



She gazed up, anger flashed through her eyes as she gazed into his. “I am your wife.”





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