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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 1 – Prologue



“Once upon a time, a man with a gift from God to heal and help people moved into a beautiful small village. The villagers welcomed him at first but when they discovered his ability they turned against him, accusing him of witchcraft and black magic. The man who only wanted to help got tortured then thrown into an empty well to starve to death. Little did the villagers know that the man would come back, to get his revenge, as the well-monster. Every night the well-monster would crawl out of his well, take one of the villagers back down with him and feast on their flesh until the whole village was drained.”


“They should never have starved him to death.”


“You are right, my dear.”


“But grandma, why did they kill him in the first place? Didn’t he get the gift from God?”


“Yes. But people always fear what they don’t understand. Anyway, I don’t want you playing near the well from now on, do you understand?”


“Yes, grandma.”


“Good girl. Now go to sleep.”


Elle went to her bed that night but she was unable to sleep. All she could think about was the well-monster and she wished for the morning to come soon. When the sun went up Elle was relieved that she had survived the night. She was really afraid of this well-monster.


After eating breakfast Elle went outside to play with her friends. They were playing near the well as usual.




“Grandma said we shouldn’t play near the well or the well-monster might take us.” She warned her friends.


“There is no well-monster, Elle.”



“Grandma wouldn’t lie. She told me about him. He eats people, you should be afraid.”


“I am not scared.” One of her friends Sam shrugged.


“I am not either.” Veronica agreed then leaned her head into the well. “Hello! Well-monster are you there? Come and take us! Hello!” Turning around. ” See there is no well-monster.” She said.


“Still we shouldn’t play near the well. Grandma said…”


“If you don’t want to play with us just go.” Veronica interrupted, then ignoring Elle she continued to play with Sam.


Elle got sad. She wanted to play with her friend but she didn’t want to be near the well. Leaving her friends behind she decided to play with her cat instead when she heard the screams of her friends.




The well-monster was the first thing that came to Elle’s mind. She had to save her friends so she ran back to the well. Her friends were nowhere to be seen. Had the well-monster already taken them? Elle’s heart began to beat wildly inside her chest as she took small steps toward the well. Maybe her friend just fell inside and she needed to save them, or… maybe not.


Elle stopped in her tracks as a hand came out of the well. Clutching the stones, the hand got followed by another one. Elle panicked as she noticed the long black claws that seemed to belong to an animal, but she couldn’t move. She just stood there frozen as a head slowly rose from behind the wall of stones. Long black worn-out hair covered the face and thick, jagged scars covered the arms. Slowly the monster lifted his head and Elle saw his eyes. Dark, lifeless black eyes that stared right back at her.


A scream erupted from her throat.

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