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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 9



It was late at night and Lucian lay on his bed, unable to sleep. Something bothered him. Was it the fact that he was going back home? Or the fact that John and his family believed that he was a witch? It was more likely that he was the devil’s son than a witch, he thought.


Leaving the room Lucian decided to go out for a while. The wind was cold and blew his hair onto his face. As he drew his hair back he thought about cutting it. Having it this long would only make people suspect him of being royalty or someone very wealthy. Besides he found it difficult to keep it clean now that he had to do it himself.


He looked up the sky. It was dark with only a few shining stars and the moon hid behind the clouds. Soon the winter would come with it’s cold.




“Aren’t you cold?” Nora came and stood next to him. She had a shawl wrapped around her shoulders which she held tightly.




“No.” He never felt too cold or too hot. That was one of the many strange things about him.


Nora shook her head at his answer. “You couldn’t sleep?” She asked.


Now Lucian shook his head.


“I would be confused if I were you too.”


“What do you mean?” He asked turning to her.


She turned her gaze away and looked at the sky. “You don’t know what you are.”


“No…, but I am not a witch.”


Nora laughed. “You know, it is not a bad thing to be a witch. You should be concerned about what else you could be.”



“Are you saying I am something else?”


She looked at him for a while as if deciding what to say, then she took his hand. “Come.” She said. “I want to show you something.”


He followed her curiously.


“Look.” She said pointing at a plant dead plant in their garden. “You can use a spell to make it alive and grow. Only witches can use magic in form of spells which means if you are able to make the plant grow with a spell, then you are a witch.”


Lucian looked at the plant. He hadn’t tried to use the spellbook that John had given him so he didn’t know whether he could cast a spell or not. Doing this would lessen his confusion and maybe stop John and his family from calling him a witch.


“I don’t know any spell.”


“Just do as I do.” She said crouching down. “Place your hands here.” She placed her hands just above the plant to show him how and he did the exact same thing.


“Then repeat after me ‘Glisco vivere’.”


“Glisco vivere.”


Lucian felt a strange energy surge through him, then slowly the plant began to grow and change color. From dusty dead colors to vivid ones. The leaves and petals came to life and grew whole.


Lucian was stunned to see the whole thing happen in front of his eyes. No. He couldn’t be a witch. He refused.


“See, I told you. You are a witch.”


He shook his head in denial as he stood up. All those times he wondered what he was and he turned out to be a witch.



As if Nora read his thoughts. “Look you are not a simple witch. You are a drosht.”




“What’s that?” He asked in an almost harsh tone. Why was he so upset?




“It’s a line of very powerful witches, the most powerful ones. They are usually the leaders of a coven. They are called drosht. You come from that line. Either your mother or father is a drosht.”


“How do you know all this.” He tried to soften his tone but he could still hear the irritation in it.


Nora sighed. “It’s hard to explain, but I have a special ability. I can’t really explain how it works but I can see what people are. I can see their strength and weakness, their fears, dreams or powers. I can even sometimes see their feelings, if they are strong ones, like yours.”


“Like mine?”


“Yes. I feel like you are in a lot of pain and… guilt.”




“I don’t know what you are guilty about but don’t punish yourself too much. It’s late. I’ll go to sleep now. Good night.”


And there she left him confused and upset. All this time he was seeking answers, the answer couldn’t be as simple as him being a witch. He had to be more than just that. He knew he was more than that. Something inside of him spoke to him about what he really is, something dark and dangerous. Something…devilish. It only intensified after his near death experience.


Or did he die?



He felt like everytime he got answers only more questions appeared. Would he ever get all of his questions answered?


Going back inside Lucian decided to take one thing at a time. Now he would get some sleep and tomorrow he would find a way to go back home.


In the morning he was met by Julian as soon as he walked out of his room. “We need to talk.”


As they went into the living room everyone seemed to be waiting for them. Julian began to speak. “Alright. His Highness and I are leaving today and Nora is coming with us.”


“Today?” Layla looked surprised.


“Yes, mother. We need to take action fast.”


“But do you even have a plan?” John crossed his arms over his chest.




A thousand questions followed, such as what the plan was, why Nora had to go with them if they would be safe and so on. Julian answered all of their questions calmly and patiently, reassuring his family that everything would be alright.


Lucian wasn’t listening much to everything that was being said. His heart and mind were elsewhere. Suddenly there was a willingness to go back, a longing for something that awaited him at home. What it was he wasn’t sure but it wasn’t the first time he felt this way.




Why would he long to go home when he hated that place?




After Julian calmed down his family and reassured them about his and Nora’s safety he left to bring them horses to travel with. Meanwhile Nora and Lucian bid farewell to everyone.



Julian was already back after a short while. He kissed everyone goodbye and gave his father a hug. Lucian grabbed a horse and was about to get on when someone tugged at his clothes. Turning around he found Elle with teary eyes.


“Can’t I go with you?” She asked with a sad pout.


Lucian couldn’t help but smile. Crouching to her level “No you can’t. But I will come back to you.” He said patting her head.


Sadness settled in his heart. He had grown fond of Elle. She would always make him smile in all the pain and darkness that surrounded him.




“I promise.” He said hating himself for that since he wasn’t sure whether he could keep his promise or not.


Kissing her forehead he climbed his horse. Julian gave him a nod and all three of them rode away. As he rode a strange feeling came over him. What just happened felt oddly familiar, as if he had experienced it before. As he pondered over the odd feeling a memory flashed through his mind.


He was kissing someone on the forehead. “I’ll be back wife.”


Wife? Why would he say that? He didn’t have any wife. Strange.


Pushing the thought aside he realized he was far behind Julian and Nora.


Julian had already explained the plan for Lucian. The king of Osakar was coming to Decresh to marry his sister off to Pierre. That way they would create an alliance between their kingdoms. Osakar is a kingdom nows for its abundance. Pierre was very clever to become an ally to such kingdom.


“You will disguise as the king of Osakar.” Julian had explained.



Lucian had been surprised. How did Julian know he could disguise as someone else. Was it a witch thing?


“Yes, that way you can get inside the castle and find out everything about Pierre.” Nora continued.


He could get inside without disguising himself as someone else but that he didn’t tell them. The less they knew about him the better. He would not make the same mistake of trusting someone easily.


“What do you want me to know exactly?”


Nora opened her mouth to say something but Julian stopped her.


“You will know what you need to do once you get inside the castle. Just don’t let your emotions get away. I know you want revenge and you will get it but you need to be patient. There are many people supporting your brother right now. You need to destroy your brothers support system and make his allies his enemies, meanwhile, when the time is right, we will spread rumors that you are still alive.”


Lucian was confused for a short while but then everything fell into place. If Lucian just killed his brother and appeared out of nowhere the people of his kingdom would not be keen to have him as their king, and his brothers allies would still be a threat. But, by turning the people of decresh and Pierres allies against him, people would be more willing to have Lucian as their king.




Lucian wasn’t sure about the plan but he didn’t care much. Once he got inside the castle he would enjoy torturing Pierre before giving him a slow and painful death, even if it meant that the plan would fail. He didn’t need people to accept him nor welcome him as their king. Once he got his revenge he had no intention to become king. Meanwhile, he would follow Julian’s plan and find out more about being a witch.

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