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We came from the fashion industry with ice creams..


Austin took his keys out while he opened the door.


We entered and I placed my bag down turning to face him.


He was holding a present.


“Is this for me?”,I asked and he smiled nodding.


I took it from him, opening it to find a laptop.


“Oh my God… thank you so much. You bought this for me”


He nods and I smiled.


“Thank you so much..”,with much excitment, I was about to hug him but I pulled away because I’m scared that if we get closer. He would feel my br**sts.


“Thank you so much”,I repeated and he smiled, “Will you do something tonight”





“I was thinking of downloading a movie. Would you watch it with me”


“Yes..”,He replied.


“What’s going on between you and chase”,he asked and I frowned remembering what happened last night.


“We just had a little fight. That’s all”,I replied not looking at him.


“I hope you two sort things out. Honestly you two make good friends”


“thank you…”,I stood up and the door slammed opened while I saw Jace.


“Where have you been?”,he asked.


“I was out with Austin”


“Can we talk for a moment”,he asked.


“No.. I’m kind of busy today. I will talk to you tommorrow”


He nods and gets out of the room. I went to the bathroom then all i did was stared at my laptop. I need to download a cool movie so I Austin and I could watch together.


I can’t believe he had change and he bought me a laptop.


Austin went out. He said he was going to make but food for dinner.


After an hour, he returned with rice and salad.


He bathed and joined him bed. We decided to spend the night in his bed because I downloaded some couple of movies.


After eating, we were both on the bed while we watched the movie together . We had popcorn and soda inbetween us while we eat.



The room was kind of hot and I was feeling uncomfortable . Austin removed his shirt while He smiled at me.


“Remove your shirt. It will make you feel better”,He says.


“No… I’m okay”,I said and he raised his hands.


“Then why is your forehead sweaty..”


“I’m good…”,I assured him and he rest on the bed while we watched the movie together.


The next morning, we were in class. Chase was somewhere else while I look somewhere else.


Mr Greg came to class. He wrote “sword fighting” on the board..


The whole class murmured.


“Sword fighting is the clashing of swords. You have to focus when fighting. Don’t let your opponent attack you. Got it”


“Yes sir “,we replied.


“Liam.. . How is you wrist now”


“Its fine sir”,I replied.


“That’s good because you are starting with Chase. And this is a real sword. Better be careful. You won’t understand while u chose you. I realise you are courageous and brave. Get up now both of you”.


I stood up and took my sword. I can’t believe I’m going get hurt again.


Chase was so serious and I feel he is going to hurt me.


“If you are both ready. Then start”


Chase steps in and prepares to deliver a full force overhead attack on me with speed and intent. Does he want to kill me.


I wisely parries the attack with the forte (strongest part) of my sword.


Without missing a beat, Chase follows up with what looks like the same attack he did earlier.


While looking at Chase’ head and keeping the actual target only in his peripheral vision, he sidesteps out of the way of any potential counterattack and attacks with one hand, suddenly dropping the attack into his opponents foremost leg.


Because the first attack was so strong and potentially deadly, Chase is likely to fall for the feint but unfortunately, he cut my upper arm whike I groaned in pain.


Blood rushed out from my skin while the pain increased.


He let go of the sword and sat at his usual place.


“That’s good Liam. But Chase you can do better than that. So 90% for Liam and 69 % for Chase”, I saw him pen it down.


“Our next set of people are Arden and Julian”,he mentioned another sets of students.


The blood was still oozing out and Austin tore his uniform and tightened it around my arm, “Relax, Liam. Everything will be fine. He doesn’t know he is being a jerk right now”,He whispered.


I don’t understand what’s wrong with him.








I don’t understand why Chase did that but I think he had his reasons.



Liam is truly courageous. If it were me, I would have been outside by now.


I stared at him while he looked at his arm.


Hmm… how I wish I could solve the problem between the two.


But I don’t even know what the problem might be.


The sword fight was over. No body was hurt expect Liam.


After we heard the siren for lunch. Chase and I ordered the same meal but Liam wasn’t in our mist.


“What going on between you two”,I asked and he stood up from his meal while he took the juice along.


I went to my room and found Liam treating his fresh cut. It was quiet a deep cut.


I took the cotton and examined the cut.


“I think we should go to the hospital. Your cut needs to be sowed”


His eyes widened, “No… no …. no. I can’t.. I don’t want to”


“Don’t worry then I will do it myself”, I said softly while he remained quiet till I treat his wound.


“Thanks”,he said after I was done bandaging.


“You are welcome..let Take this out.”, I took my uniform and his uniform to the trashcan then I order for a new one.


But returning, I saw all students looking at the posters on the wall…


Then I read:


Hilton high school presents; Swords fight challenge and games.


Staring ;Liam Mendes, Austin Kyle, Arden Williams, Jace Stevens, Julian Harper and Chase Montenegro.


Guests of honor: King and Queen of Andalsysia.


Hmm… I just If Princess Mia would be there since her parents are coming too.


I don’t think Liam will be happy about this sword fighting issue.


















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