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The next morning at the cafetaria.. everyone was reading our models magazine.


Yes my head was swollen. Yea that’s me Liam. I’m cute.


Everyone got curious and I know Austin was excited about it. My fave was still swollen and I didn’t know what to do.


But the pain was okay. It was Saturday and I got to see my parents.


All I need to do is sneak out of school or else Chase and Austin would follow me.


I walked through the corridor and all i heard was.



Wow.. you look cute Liam



Wow I can’t believe they are both celebrities.


Yea… that’s me.


I Walked to the famous botique buying my clirges and wig plus shoes.


I dressedup and moved to the castle. Unfortunately my parents were in the throne. I was moving in but then I heard, “She will be a great wife for me my son”


Then I entered, “Who will be a great wife”,I asked seeing a man in his fifties with a throne on his head with his son.


His son was taller and he was dressed in royalty.


Gosh.. . don’t tell me, he is a Prince.


“Dear, we didn’t know you were coming”,My mom said.


“And I wasn’t expecting this mother”


“Dear , calm down”


“I can’t mom. I’m not getting married. I will be a queen without a husband”


“My princess, being a queen without a husband won’t help. You can’t rule”,The king says whike his son stares at me shyly.


“I’m sorry but I can’t accept your son. I believe I can rule on my own without your son’s help. If you will excuse me mother, I need to go back to my school”,I walked on heels leaving the palace.


Then I called Jace on my phone.






She is coming here. I knew she would look for me.


I just knew it. This means that she cares about me and I care about her too.


My dad isn’t at home and this is go gonna be great.


I allowed my maids to decorate my room with flowers and candles.


I hope she accepts the love I have for her.


“Jace”, I heard her call and she opens the door.


“Woah..”,she said softly.


“Do you like it?”


“Its depends on what it means”


“I love you Mia and you look more beautiful looking like a girl”,he said.


“Jace… I don’t think”,I moved close to her while she moved to the door.


But I got more close locking the door.


“Why are you locking the door”,she asked and all i did was stared at her lips.


“You know”,I whispered.


“What has gotten into you?”,she asked


“I want it”,I tried to kiss her but she turned to the other side.


I was so hard. I touched both her br**sts as she pushed my hands away slapping me.


I touched both cheeks kissing her hard. She pushed me hard… but he was off no use.


I pushed her on the bed kissing her whike she struggles.


I tore her dress showing her then I felt


something hard on my head.


And all i saw was darkness.



















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