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I stood up moving upstairs while I slept on my bed. I had body pains all over and if I had a chance, I would have gone to the hospital but I’m scared the school doctors would find out that I’m a girl.


I rolled on bed growing in pain. I feel so sick.


“Would stop should doing that? I’m sleeping”, He snapped and I rolled my eyes.


I thought he would fix the bulb but I was wrong.


The room was totally dark and I felt so uncomfortable because I mostly sleep with lights on.


“Shut up!! Because you made me this way”, I answered.


“You deserve it anyway”


“What did i ever do to you? Why do you hate me so much? If i had done something wrong, can’t you just say it to my face”


He kept quiet and I turned to the other side of the bed sleeping.


“I have no grudges against you Austin but all i want to say is no matter what I’m your room mate”


I close my eyes trying my best to sleep.


But I couldn’t . .. I was feeling pains all over. But by midnight I got so lucky because Chase cane to check on me again.



He slept close to me on the bed because he thought I would need something.


Truth to be told, we both didn’t sleep but honestly, we talked so loud. And I knew my roommate didn’t sleep either.


The next morning, I woke up stretching, I saw Chase on the bed holding a tray of breakfast.


Sometimes, why Chase care for me so much.


“Why do you care for me so much?”,I asked him a question going through my thoughts.


“Because I have been dying to win your heart as a best friend”,He put the tray down while I took the mug and sipped the coffee.




“Because you are popular.. Your news is everywhere and even though you are rich… You are so humble and I love people like that”


I smiled, “I would live to have a friend like you too. On the first day you like me so much and I felt so comfortable”


“That’s nice…”


“Thank you. Chase I’m so grateful…”


“Now eat up before your food gets cold and since you arebt well, if you want we can bath together”


I almost spit the coffee, “Please no… I’m okay”


“Okay… I will see you soon, cutie”





I replied and place the mug down moving downstairs. I saw him reading some notes.


“Good morning, roommate”,I greet but he didn’t mind.


I moved to the bathroom and stared at my reflection.


How am i going to brush my teeth.I stood there.


Then I saw him behind me, “Need help? “,He asked and I nod negatively.


“Is it that you don’t want me to help you”,He asked again.


“How can I ask help from someone who hates me. I don’t know what he might do next”


“I don’t hate you”


“I never asked for your explanation anyway”, I walked past him.


I couldn’t bath so I got dressed and had to use mouth wash since I couldn’t hold anything.




At the cafetaria, Chase leaned close feeding me..


Today was… What do they call it.


Celebrity thursday… They talked about lastest couple and the richest kids in school.


The television was on and everyone wanted to hear about the lastest news.


I wasn’t bothered about it because I knew I won’t come on headlines.


Every where was quiet the moment the newscaster was on the television.



“Hello, it’s celebrity Thursday and I know you are eager to know what’s going on. But first let’s talk about Hilton’s Highs… The school all girls love to hear. Let’s talk about 10 Billionaire’s in Hilton school”


“And there we go again?”,I chuckled while Chase smiled at me.


As the names were mentioned, people were cheering for their friends.. The whole school was fool of excitement.


“Number three is Prince Chase”,The presenter said and my eyes widened.


“You are a Prince.. Like seriously”, I looked at him and he smiled. I think he felt shy. Then he looked back at the television whike the students stared at him.


“The second is, Austin Kyle..”, I looked at his picture in the television.


“This guy is really kind of cute.. but the cutest of all is Liam Mendes one of the richest student in Andalysia. I think he is competing with Princess Mia.. Be cause for the look of it, they are trying..”,The presenter said and I smiled.


“You are the first..”,Chase tapped my shoulder.


“Yes I am…”,I stared at Austin who rolled her eyes at me.


I don’t care whether you are jealous of me but I still the richest Austin.


In the evening, I sat alone in my room. I don’t know where he had gone too.


I’m not worried about his wellbeing. I’m just curious to know where he could be.


It was 10pm and … never mind. He might be rude to me but I care. I really do care.


The door slammed opened while two guys held him.


“What’s wrong with him”,I asked.



“I think he is kind of allergic yo something which is making him vomit every second”, one of the guy said


“Can you please put him on the couch”,I asked and they made sure he had his seat.


I went to the bathroom hoping to see a container.


The nausea clawed at his throat, and he tried to force down the bile, but it was too late.


Chunks of partially digested chicken, spewed out of his coughing, choking mouth.


I had to put the container to see his lips so he let all out.


His face was white, a dripping bile and he was sweaty.


He lurched on his knees, letting it out more.


I dropped the container on the floor ad he continued vomiting.


I had to ran to the nearest restaurant to order for a banana smoothie and rice with some cookies.


It’s stops the vomit. I had to but him some meds too I rushed to the room and it was a mess.


He was still on the floor. I had to help him up and escort him to the bathroom. I turned on the shower… Leaving him.


Every where stinks, I tried not to have sympathy vomiting…


Even though everywhere looks like “eww”, I had to control myself.


I used the best detergent to wipe the while place.


And use air fresher around the room so the room smell good.



He came out feeling weak and I had to help him to seat on the bed. His body was wet.


I have him some pills with water. He drank and stared at me.


His eyes were saying everything he needs to say but his lips couldn’t.


I took the stool sitting close to him while I feed him.


He didn’t hesitate… He eat so well..


After I was done, I had to make sure he wore his pyjamas…and covered him with blankets.


“Good night…”,I whispered but then I heard.


“Don’t go..”,he said softly and I stared at him.


I sat on the stool close to him while I watched him sleep.


How could such a cute and handsome guy be so rude.


I framed his face and stared at him more.


I moved to the couch .. not sleeping. I had to check on him every minute to see if he was okay.


As time passes by, I went to my bed sleeping.







I woke up the next morning, feeling a cold towel on my forehead.


So it was real after all.


He took care of me… Chase was right. I need to relax to know him better.



Even though I treated him badly, he still helped me.


I think it’s time to make it up to him. I need to apologise because I had been a jerk.


I moved upstairs but it’s seems he was already gone to class.


I got dressed and entered the class. He was still with Chase. I don’t know how to tell him to sit infront of me.


I’m not good at apologising or convincing people.


Mr Greg was in class while everyone sat down quietly.


“Good morning everyone”,He said removing his bag.


“Good morning sir”,We all replied.


“Mr Liam, how is your arm?”,He asked.


“Its better now, Mr Greg.. . ”


“Remember, I told i said that the loser would have to ran around the school bare chested but since the broke your wrists, then I will say your punishment is over”


“Thank you sir”,He replied then he yawned.


I guess he didbt sleep last night..He was just taking care of me.


“Mr Liam”,Mr Grey calls.


“Didn’t you sleep last night? “, he asked and Liam nod negatively.


“I will ask you to stand at the back.. .”


He stood up lazily and stop at the back. He stared at me. I was about to wave when he looked somewhere else.



“Mr Greg, Can you give me a few minutes to talk to the studebts”,The principal enters.


“Yes of course”,Mr Greg replied and moved to his seat.


“Gentlemen… I’m here to inform you that you are all invited to Siren High school.


Get ready and let’s go now… I think we will spend two days over there”.


Suddenly the class threw their books and screamed in excitment.


Everyone went out. The last person I saw was Liam. He was taking his books.


“Hi..”,I said.


“Hi…”,He replied.


“Hey, I packed your things… come on, let’s go”,Chase dragged him out of my sight.


I packed my clothes and took them to the bus.


He was seated by the window. This is my chance. I almost sat by him but Chase pushed me and sat down.


“Sorry dude”,he apologised. I just nod and sat down at the back of them and the engine starts while the bus started moving.


It was a three hours drive..


“We are here”,the driver said as we got down.


One the teacher gave us a place to stay. My bed was close to Liam.


After arranging our stuff..I went to the cafetaria. I searched for him and he was alone.


“Hi”,I went close.


“Hi”,He looked up.


“I just wanted to say thank you”,I said and Chase brought food. Why does he always spoil the atmosphere.


The siren of the girls school rang then everyone ran towards the cafetaria.


“Liam Mendes!!”,I saw a girl in braces walked towards Liam. She was in glasses.


“Huh”,Liam looked at her. Then everyone attention was on him.


She walked hastily pulling Liam collar and she kissed him.


Everyone gasped. Liam eyes were opened and he pushed her away.


“I love you Liam Mendes. You have been my crush”,she said excitedly while everyone looked surprise.


Liam wiped his mouth with the back of his hand spitting while everyone burst out laughing including me.

















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