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Our feets was on the floor while our


whole body was on the bed. He was fast asleep and I’m dying to ask him questions.



I got up on one foot trying to make sure he sleeps comfortably. I covered him with blankets and slept close to him.


And all i did was stare at him. He was really cute and handsome and I’m not surprised if Jace is inlove with him.


I framed his face, my thumb rubbed his parted red lips while he quickly pulls his tongue out licking his lips.


I kissed his cheeks first before kissing his lips. Then I felt a “Mmm”, sound but I didn’t stop and he didn’t respond either.


He pushed me roughly and I sat up staring at him while he wiped his hand with the back of her hand.


“What was the meaning of what you did? You shouldn’t have kissed me. Is that why you made me sleep with you. To seduce me?”


“No, Liam. It’s not like that”


“Then explain to me better Chase because I’m losing my patience”,he snap at me looking up if my room mate was around but thank goodness, he isn’t.


“Actually, I don’t regret it but I’m sorry. I like you Liam.”


“Why do you like me?”.


“I just trying to say that I don’t care whether you are a man or a boy but I really like you like the way a woman loves a man”


He smiled, “Do you think I’m a gay. Sorry to tell you Prince Chase, I’m not a gay and I would never dream of becoming one much less with you. Got it !!”


“I’m sorry”


“I’m sorry too cause I lost interest in you as a friend”, that’s when my heart got broken.



“Liam…”,I was trying to explain.


“No… Don’t explain anything to me but I don’t want to see you”


He held my wrist, “Are you seriously saying this to me”


“I’m sorry. I have no choice”,He pulled his wrist away closing the door behind him.


I can’t believe I lost him. I sat on the floor.


What am i going to do now.


I have to see him and apologise to her.







I walked around the room, waiting for him to give him his gift.


I’m sure he is going to like it. The door slammed while he came in.


“You are here …”,I said but he walked past me moving to the bathroom.


Then I heard a knock. I opened seeing Chase.


“I want to see Liam”,He said quickly and I opened the door wider for him. He enters and say on the couch waiting.


I wonder what’s going on. Liam came out of the bathroom and rolled his eyes.


“I told you that, I don’t want to see you Chase”,he said, “Please Austin, let him go” Then he moved up.


I stared at Chase, “Go now. I’m sure he will calm tomorrow. Then you two will sort things out”



He nods and walked on one foot getting out. I slowly closed the door behind me and sat on the bed.


He isn’t in a good mood now. It’s not the right time to give her the gift. Maybe tomorrow.


I slept on the bed but I couldn’t sleep.


The next morning, we were in class. Liam was far away. He was sitting by the window while he listened had earpiece in his ear.


Chase entered the class. He wasn’t well dressed and honestly. He was a mess.


He stared at Liam for while and went close to him but Liam got up leaving the




I then followed him. He was heading to the library and I decided to join him.


He took on the books sitting down while I join him.


“No good morning to your roommate”,I asked and he removed his earpiece.


“I’m sorry.. Good morning “,he said softly.


“What’s going on between you and Chase”


“I rather not talk about it.”


“Hmm.. whatever is going on between you two. I hope you sort it out”, I said and he nods.


“You know I haven’t been a good room mate earlier so I was thinking if we go put and spend some time together”,I continued.


He nods, “Sure”



“You are not going to regret this …”,I said excitedly and held his wrist as we got out of the school.


We entered the bus and he took out his phone taking a picture of me. “Stop it Austin”


“Aww… you look so adorable right now”,he said making me laugh.


“I’m going to save it but first, are you hungry”,I asked and he nods smiling.







I never knew Austin was this funny. He actually made my day and made me forget about everything.


We sat at the restaurant having our meal.


“Mmm.. this is delicious”,I said while I smiled and he ate too.


“Your majesty!!!”,I saw someone knelt infront of him. He gave put this shy smile.


It’s a woman. He kissed Austin’s hand.


“I’m so grateful you are here. I just wanted to thank you for helping my family”


Austin helped her up, “Don’t thank me. I was just doing what I think was right”,He said and the woman hugged him before leaving.


He sat down and I stared at him, “You are a king. Why didn’t you tell anyone”


“Because I didn’t find it neccessary.”




He sipped his drink, “I don’t want to talk about it …its not neccesssary” After eating we walked by the streets, my hands were in my pocket.



Then we saw the famous fashion designer, Mr Green. He was walking hastily with his workers around him.


I don’t even know where they are from.


“I need you to find two substitutes now … Got it”


“But sir , we have no substitute”,one lady behind him answered and he stood infront us.


Then he walked around us, “Take them”,he said while his workers dragged is to his fashion shop.


Austin held my wrists tightly. Then we were sent to the Photoshop.


“What are we doing here?”, Austin asked and Mr Green walked towards.


“Don’t freak out. You are my new models. You are working for just today because my models are sick”


“But we are students”,Austin answered.


“I need to guys to do for me… You will look amazing on the photos . You are both the qualities I need. You are both so handsome , cute, beautiful. Everything. I promise to pay you”


“We don’t need your money”,Austin and I said.


“Okay… then I have a botique, you come to free shopping here whenever you want”, he turned to his workers, “Here are my substitutes.. Dress them up”


What have we gotten ourselves into.


We were sent to different rooms. They made me changed my clothes while I wore my suit.


They made some make up for me and damn I look so hot.


I got out and saw Austin. He took my breathe away. He was so handsome.


“You look great”,He said moving close.


“You too”


“Alright.. . Are we ready”,Mr Green while extra four models joined us. Austin was close to me.


“I want all of you to pose as if you are surprised. In three. Two. One.”, then we posed.


“That’s good”,Mr Green took photos. I never knew he was a photographer, “Especially Austin and Liam. You are doing great”


He took different photos.


“That’s really great but now I just need you two to take pic together”


Austin and I stared at eachother whike we smiled.


I think I’m enjoying this.


“Liam.. . touch your lip and widened your eyes. You look more s£xy when you do that. You have such beautiful lips and you too Austin, you look s£xy when biting your bottom lip. It’s makes you look like a bad boy. Ready. Three. Two. One.”


And then we did what he ask us to do..


“Wow… beautiful. Splendid. You guys look great. I’m sure this photo will gain us more money. Now smile both of you”


Then we both smiled while everyone applauds for us.






















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