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“Are you okay?”,I asked Liam and he nods quickly while Jace rans off.


I tried to check his body but he quickly pulls away and ran outside.


What’s up with him? Is he angry at me? I was just trying to help him.


I moved into my room removing my shirt.


Infact I’m still not well… I have to rest.


I slept on the bed thinking?


What does Jace mean by calling him princess.


Is It his pet name or …..


or common think Austin.


I hit my head in frustration and stood up sitting by my Laptop thinking if what to type.


Actually I have been thinking that Liam looks like ….


Let me see. I typed princess Mia on the laptop and I checked.


She looks exactly like Liam.. There is no difference.


It’s just that Liam hair is cut short.


Why didn’t I know I was staying with a girl all this while.


Oh my God, He is she.


I mean he is she



What am i saying? I’m actually with my crush in the same room.


And I was naked infront of her a lot of times, I beat her a lot of times.


I was rude to her. Gosh I can’t believe I’m such a jerk.


I actually thought she was a guy. No wonder my heart was saying something else.


No wonder I still have feelings for her. Does Chase know.. I don’t think he does.


I saw her entered the room..She stared at me and smiled, “Thank you”,she said softly.


“I’m going to take my bath…Do you mind”,She asked.




She moved to the bathroom and I heard the sound of the shower. I swallowed hard.


What am i going to do … Maybe I need to check it out if she is truly Princess Mia.


I stood turned the bathroom door knob and entered, slowly peeping my head to see if she was in there.


I entered and swollen close the door behind me. I know this was a bad idea but honestly I’m dying to see if she is real.


I saw her shadow since the curtains blocked the way.


I pushed the curtains a little, her back face me and I saw her butt and her curves…


She is the one.


I tiptoed getting out and slowly closed the door behind me.


I don’t know why my heart is racing but I need to get out of here before I do something stupid.



I moved out ranning by the roadside for for about thirty minutes.


I returned back and found her in a t-shirt


“Where were you?”,She asked and I couldn’t belive I felt embarrassed as memories rushed in my thoughts.


“I…. I…. I ….I meant I went to do some exercise”


“That’s new. And the way you are stammering… it’s as if ”


“I’m okay…”..


She nods, “Can we sleep together?”.


“No… we can’t sleep together”


“But why… ”


“Because when you sleep with me, I get sweaty”


“Oh okay… then I will go upstairs then”,she moved away from me.






Three weeks passed and I’m alone at the cafetaria with Charlie.


I don’t know what’s up with Austin. Nowadays… He give me straight answers and it’s kind of pissing me off.


He doesn’t hug me anymore like he used to… He just rub my head like some good puppy.


I don’t know what’s wrong and I don’t know if I did something to him.


I ate my food in silence. I saw Chase at the other side staring at me.



I tried my best to ignore him too just like Austin is doing to me. I saw Austin somewhere else eating.


Why isn’t he close to me like he used to…


We were still eating whike the principal entered…


We all drove out attention to him. He was with a woman..A woman in her mid thirties.


“Good morning, everyone”,I heard the principal as I pierced the fork through the lettuce and ate.


“This is Mrs Merkel… she is a fundraiser. Well I won’t talk much. I just want her to continue”


Then she walked shyly and stood infront of us. I decided to concentrate on my food.


“As he said, I’m Mrs Merkel. I own the Merkels foundation to help people with cancer. But we don’t raise money like we used to. I tried sending an email to the queen of Andalysia but it’s seems she refused it a number of times”,The moment she said those words. I close my eyes in pain because I knew my parents are capable of doing it.


“We have about 40 people with cancer in my care and they have no places to


go…so I’m here to ask or raise some money from you because you will be the kings soon so please help me”,She wiped the corner of her eye.


The whole cafetaria was quiet for a while then suddenly Arden stood up, “I’m donating 40million dollars”,He said while everyone gasps including Mrs Merkel.


Then Julian raised his hands, “80million dollars”,And everyone turned looking at him.



Chase continued, “I billion dollars”,People screamed talking about how damn rich he was. I just continued eating.


“3 billion dollars”,I heard a familiar voice and looked up.


It was Jace. He winked at me and I frowned. What is he doing here?


“15 billion dollars”,Austin confirm and they were shock on everyone faces.


“30 billion dollars”,King Charles confirm.


Then everyone was silent. The principal stood infront of us, “Is there anyone else?”.


“80 billion dollars”,My voice was soft but commanding for everyone to hear.


I don’t know why everyone is staring at me like a ghost. 80 billion is nothing.


“What?”,I asked, “Or should I top up?”, I asked Mrs Merkel and she nod negatively.


“Its more than enough… More and more than enough..Gosh, I cant believe that this is happening.. The money is too much and I want to thank you all”


“Thank you so much”,She wiped her tears and she was gone.


“Eighty billion … That’s too much Liam. If that money was out of my account, I will be bankrupt for years. You are damn rich. Are you sure you are not bankrupt”, Charles asked.


“Nope, I’m not… infact there is more”,I replied.


I tried to fixed my eyes on the table because I hate how people were staring at me.








“80 billion dollars. God, he got the whole school talking. I didn’t know he was extremely rich. No wonder he is the first richest in Hilton high”,Arden said and walked around the room while I watch gay porn.


Yes, I was watching gay porn but I won’t lie. I wasn’t turn on one bit. It’s rather makes me feel so disgusting about it.


If I feel disgusting about it then how am i going to make love to Liam.


I’m only thinking about Liam and not my parents. How are they going to feel when they found out that I’m a gay.


They will be dissapointed. I stared at Arden. The guy everyone considered as s£xy.


He held the hem of his shirt almost removing.


“Uh, uh. Please go to the bathroom and remove your clothes”


He frowned, “Why?”


Because I’m a gay and I don’t want your body to turn me on.


“Because I don’t like it when you do that?”


“But it’s my body anyway”,he stated and removed his shirt.


I stared at his hard body and found him unattractive for the first time.


What is wrong with my body.


I guess it’s because I don’t love Arden. That’s why.


Liam had been ignoring me and honestly I understand.


I will give him time to love him back.


Tommorrow is another sword fighting and it’s seriously pissing me off.



I delete the gay porn and then slept on my bed.


The next day in the afternoon. The whole school were on the the park. We were divided into two group.


Because we were to pretend as of we were going to war.


We were armed.


Our leader was Liam and other group leader was Jace.


We were all waiting for the horn so we could start the fight.


And luckily the horn was blow ad we started fighting… We all protected with bullet proof shirt.


We started fight for a while and i realised that our group was winning.


After defeating numerous of men, I stood there panting..


Then I saw Liam.with Jace, they were fighting.


I stood there watching. Two friends fighting.


Then to my surprise, he removed his bullet prove shirt while he smiled.


But Liam didn’t stop fighting. They continued and finally Jace ripped his clothes with his sword.


I saw what I didn’t need to see..Breasts and belly. Liam was a she.


I tried to ran while removing my shirt before humiliation follows.


“Liam is a girl!!”,Jace screamed while everyone stared at her.



She covered her br**sts with hands and bowed her head as everyone stared at her surprise, including Mr Greg.


And I felt so horrible right now knowing I couldn’t save her on time.



















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