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Everyone stared at me while I got so embarrassed.


I turned staring at Vicky, “After what you did Austin, I’m dissapointed in you and I’m sorry to say that we are done”,she said and I only closed my eyes in pain.


Nobody likes me…..


If only they could understand but no one does.


I changed the moment i arrived at Hilton high..


The reason was, I was bullied by students. I was beaten, humiliated and not loved by anyone.


So coming to Hilton High made me realised that I need to put on a new leaf.




Because I’m a king. Even though I was young to be a king, I came here for a reason.


I just want to learn how to defend myself. I was angry for too long … angry how everyone treated me. I’m just an orphan leaving in riches.


I have never been lucky inlove.



Any girl I date, will either cheat on me with my friends.


That’s the main reason why I have no friends.


I wanted to be close to Liam but I couldn’t trust him.


I was so jealous of him because he was so perfect.


Everyone loved him.


Everyone wants to be like him but for me, it’s quite the opposite.


When I first came to Hilton high, everyone loved me but when he came then everything changed.


Everyone talked about him so I became jealous and I started hating him for no reason. But I know for sure that I’m overreacting .


I need to apologise. I promise him that I will be a good roommate but now I guess, I failed.


My anger took me far. Now i really need to apologise to him.


I need to see him.


I stood up and went to look for him. He was my the school pool as he dipped his legs on the Water.


I sat close to him and dipped my legs too. He was quiet and I didn’t know how to start.


“Are you here to punch me again?”,he utters.


“No… I’m here to say I’m sorry for everything. Please forgive me”


“I wasn’t after your girl…but I’m also sorry too”



“Hmm.. I understand. Hope we can be friends again”, I stared at him as he nods.


“I’m sorry”,He apologised again.


“Can I stay?”,I asked and he nods staring at his fingers nervously. I run his hair playfully while he smiled beautifully.


“Why ….. why do you hate me”,he asked me and I swallowed hoping that what I


would wouldn’t freak him out.


“Because I was jealous of you. You were so perfect and everyone loved you”


He smiled, “I didn’t know that”,He entwined his hand with mine, “I know how that feels but from now on, you won’t be left out”


He is so amazing. I don’t know why after everything, I did to him, he is still nice to me.


We smiled while we looked at the stars.







We all need helpers so you have to make friends with your enemies. Austin used to be my enemy but I know he is nice.


I woke up in the morning, while I stretched. My whole body hurts and I feel so tired.


What’s wrong?


I realised everyone was awake so I moved to the bathroom and moved my hands under my pjyamas and touch my panties while I felt something wet.


Removing my hands out, it was blood.


No, no , no. I can’t believe I had my menses today.



My abdomen is gonna hurt. I no menstrual pills or pads. What am i going to do now.


I know this isn’t a good plan but I had to do this. I habe to see someone I never liked.


On my way to the girls dorm, I plucked some sunflowers in the garden. I asked one girl where Stacy could be.


And they told me she was in her dorm. I walked hastily there because my menstrual pain was hurting so bad.


“Stacy!!”,I shouted across the room while other girls stared at me.


“Stacy, your sweetheart had arrived”,one of the girls said.


Then she stood up on the bed pushing her hair behind her ear, “Hey, Liam” “Can we talk please”, I begged.


She got off the bed holding my hands while we walked out.


“I’m sorry for lastnight”


“Its okay”


“But I really do love my girlfriend”, I said softly. “I understand. So why do you come here?” “Because I need your help” “What for?”, she frowned.


“My girlfriend had her menses tjis morning and she out of pads”


“And what makes you think that I would help you ”



“Because I know, after everything I did to you, you are still a beautiful woman inside”,I framed her face hoping she will understand because the pain was too unbearable for me.


“I still love you, Liam”


“I know sweetie”


She nods and moved inside while she gave me the sanitary pad.


“Can you please kiss me”,she asked and I framed her face kissing her cheeks.


“I love my girlfriend, Stacy butI hope you find love soon”,I moved away from her and quickly enters the bathroom.


I really felt uncomfortable because the bathroom was short. Someone outside can easily bend down and see what’s going on there.


I need to hurry up before some of the boys arrive. I quickly removed my clothes and started washing the blood.


“Oh my God!!!”,I heard someone yelled knocking on the door. I didn’t mind.


I quickly bathed and wore my pad before getting out of the bathroom. I heard the pad in my pjyamas.


I saw Austin staring at me, “I saw blood earlier. Are you okay? Are you hurt”,he asked fully concern.


“I’m okay… “,I replied and returned to my dorm.. Everyone was parking their clothes.


Chase, had already packed my clothes. My face was really dull because my abdomen hurts so badly…


“Hey, are you okay”,he asked and I nod . I took my bag but … I think I’m dizzy.



Chase held my bag, “Are you okay?”, he asked and I nod no.


Menstrual cramps are the worse of all. I don’t want anyone to know that I’m a girl.


No like this. Another thing was the bandaged I tightened on my chest was too tight which made me lose my breathe little by little.


Austin held my forehead checking my temperature.


“You are really feverish”,he squats and I climbed on his back while my legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck.


“Thank you”,I whispered. Chase was behind us holding my bag pack.


We entered the bus , I was in the middle of Chase and Austin. I closed my eyes while the car engines starts.


I have to call Jace so he could send my meds to me. I don’t want to be at the school pharmacy today.


We reached Hilton High and I got down, “Excuse me guys, I need to make a call”,I said and I distanced myself from them.


I called Jace, and he picked up.


“Need my help”,he teased knowing fully well, that I’m in trouble.


“Please get me my menstrual pains medicines… I’m begging you ”


“Oh … you had your menses today. Hope no one notice that…”


“No, one did”


I will send the medicine right away”,he assured me and I smiled.


I moved to my dorm and the boys were in there. Austin was sweeping the room while Chase was cleaning.



I smiled and moved to the bathroom, I had my bath and changed my clothes. I moved outside to where to schools trash was before dropping the used pad.


I didn’t want anyone to see the sight of my blood. To me, it’s a bad omen.


I went in and found fruits and foods served for me.


“You bought this for me?”,I asked them.


“Yes we did”,they both smiled. I eat the drugs first.


“Come on… I can’t eat all these food alone. Join me”,I chewed the drugs while they joined me. I’m glad, Chase and Austin are getting along.


About half am hour, I slept on the bed. Chase slept close to me.


Austin stared at us before leaving.


“No.. . Join us “,I stared at him and he smiled sleeping close to me. They were both so warm and honestly I felt so secured.


We heard a knock, Chase stood up heading to the door.


“Liam, I think this is for you”,He moved upstairs give me the gift. I know it was from Jace.


“Please can you give me water”,I asked Chase and he ran downstairs. I opened the box finding my meds.


I drank them and we closed my eyes having some rest.







It was evening and he was still asleep. Chase had left us in the room because he said he feels yo uncomfortable.



I had put a towel and his forehead because I realised he was pale. All I did was stared at him.


God really created him well because he was so handsome. His lips were red and his eyes lashes so long. Mine was long but no as long as his.


His pointed nose were always attractive. I have never be this attracted to be boy before but this is my first time.


He was really young and i think I’m older than he is. I made a promise to myself that, I’m going to be nice to him no matter now.


The way he helped me the last time I vomited, well I will always be grateful for that so I will help him out.


I framed his face for and he still continued to sleep. Gosh.. . he is so perfect.


If he was a girl then it would have been much better. I would have kissed her.


But right now, I don’t think i should be attracted to him. Because I have never dreamt of being a gay.


I slept on the bed staring at the ceiling and slowly pulled him close to me.

















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