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I woke up the next morning finding him close to me. He was staring at me.


“What are you doing?”,I asked curiously sitting up.


He scratched his hair giving the shy smile, “Erm… I was taking my watch on top of you but unfortunately you woke up”


I nod rubbing my stomach..


“I’m hungry…”,I said softly and he stood up giving me a mug.


“Thanks..”,I sipped the hot coffee. The weather was so cold and my abdomen was now getting better.


I placed the coffee down moving to the bathroom. I bathed and washed up my mess.


Today actually, there was no studies. All we had to do was stay in our rooms.


After bathing, I quickly dressed up then continued with my breakfast.


It was afternoon, we were in the cafetaria . I was in a queue. Chase was behind me and Austin was infront of me.


“Hey, do you have laptop. Because I wanted to download something…”,I heard Chase behind me.


“No , please.. .but I wish to have to a laptop. Like searching would have been easier for me and learning”


“Yea…”,Chase confirmed.



“Liam!!!!!”,I heard someone screamed my name while everyone turned staring at the person.


My eyes widened. It was Jace. He was wearing Hilton’s High uniform. That means he is going to stay here with us.


He opened his arms like the way he used to when ever he visits me at the palace.


I run hastily hugging him tight while he did the same. He stared at me kissing my temples.


“I missed you”,he whispered.


“I missed you too”,I replied, “I’m glad you are here”


I turned to see everyone staring at us. I held his hands and moved to my friends.


“This are my friends, Chase and Austin “,I introduce them to him while they shook eachother.


He framed my face while I quickly pulled away. He is still treating me like a girl and I really hate it.


“What are you doing here?”,I asked.


“I came to see you. I missed you so much and I missed you in bed”,he teased and I turned staring at my friends.


“Are you two sorry to say gays?”,Chase asked and Jace burst out laughing.


“I guess we are more than gays”,He whispered framing my face and I bite my bottom lip.


I know Jace since childhood and I know how he stares at me. Like he is inlove with me.



“Shall we go for a walk”,He opened his palm and I held them while we walked around the school.


“Why are you really here, Jace?”,I asked again.


“Because I knew Hilton high would be difficult for you so I came here just protect you from certain stuff”


I nod, “Certain stuff like what”


“I don’t know but i want to protect you”


“From what actually? “,I frowned.


“Hey relax, why so much question?”,He raised his hands in surrender.


“I only came here because I miss you so much and I’m lonely at home so I had to force my dad to bring me here. I miss you Mia”


I stared at him and he smiled putting his hand in his pocket.


“I’m alone in my room. Care to be my roommate.”


“I have a roommate”


“Who cares. I still want you as my roommate”


“I will think about it”.







The whole school was talking about the latest couples and honestly it kind of pissing me off.


“Do you know that Liam is a gay”,That’s what I heard in school after what happen earlier.


Is it true that he is a gay. I don’t believe it and I actually don’t care about it.


He is my friend and I be happy on any decision he makes.


It doesn’t matter if he is a gay or not. He is still my true friend.


I got out of school while I went to the computers and accessories shop. I wanted to surprise him. He needed a laptop and I need to get it for him.


At least that will be for the old times I maltreated him because I thought he was a bully and also I was jealous of him.


I bought a new laptop and had it wrapped for me.


I hope he likes it. I held the present to school.


So how am i going to tell him.


Liam… I was walking in town and I saw a laptop so I decided to buy you one.


No… it’s not cool.


This is one of my old laptops but I wanted to give it to you.


No, i don’t think it’s okay.


Liam. I bought this for you. Hope you like it.


Yes… that’s what I will tell him.


I sat down waiting for him but it was getting late. I heard a knock on my door and quickly ran to get it..


But it was Victoria.


I rolled my eyes, “I thought we were done,Vicky”



“No… we are not done.”,She answered and pushed the door while she entered the room.


She gasped, “Oh my God. How do you that I’m coming. Is this for me.. I love you so much”,She wrapped her hands around my neck kissing my cheeks.


“I’m sorry but this present is for someone special and not you”


She pouts, “Don’t you love me anymore”


“No, I don’t ”


“Is it because if what happen between Liam and i?”,she asked but I didn’t mind.


“But I explained to several times that I don’t have anything to do with him. We were just talking”


“Okay… can you go now”,I asked and wrapped her arms around my neck.


“Please kiss me”,she begged.




“Just one kiss and I promise not to bother you again”


“No… please just leave”


And to my surprise, she wrapped her legs around my waist.


“What are you doing?”,I asked and she smiled.


“Kiss me Austin”


“Okay fine. I will kiss you but please get off me”


He got off and I kissed her. She touched my cheeks responding to it.


The door suddenly opened and I saw Liam.


“I’m sorry “,he apologised closing the door.


“Now please leave…”,I asked her and she kissed me once more.


“Don’t ever come back”


“I won’t. You are so boring in bed”, she replied and I moved to the next door.


It was Chase room. I knocked.


Chase opened the door, “How may i help you?”


“Is Liam there?”


“No he isn’t. I guess he is with his new friend Jace”


“Oh okay”.


He slowly closed the door behind him and I moved back to my room waiting.







My life is so boring today. I’m so sad as if my parents are gone.


I can’t believe he is dating that jerk. How long was he a gay. And why didn’t he tell us or was he shy about it just like I’m shy to tell him that I have feelings for him.


Does Liam loves him like he does.


What does he mean by we are more than gays.


Or is he making it up. I will go crazy if I’m thinking about this too much.


I guess I will have to ask Liam myself.



And I mean now. If i find out that Liam is single then I will try to tell him about my feelings too.


And I don’t care if my parents accepts it or not.


I’m still going to marry him.


I moved to the last door hearing laughter.


They both laughing. I guess they are both happy, maybe I shouldn’t ruin their moment.


I decided to have a walk downstairs but unfortunately I slipped and broke my ankle.


I groaned in pain while everyone got out including Liam.


He was the one who got close to me.


“What happened?”,he asked.


“I slipped on the stairs”.


He placed my arm on his shoulders, “Then let’s get you to the school clinic”


“No… take me to my room”


“Okay “,She held me tight while I walked on one foot moving to my room.


I sat on the bed while he examined my ankle.


“I think it’s twisted”, He looked carefully.


“so what are we going to do?”,I asked.


“We are going to fix…”,he groaned and I heard crack in my ankle.



I groaned in pain and he used the ointment. “You will be fine”,He said softly and he stood up. “Well… I have to get going”


“Please stay. Spend the night with me”, I begged. “I don’t think that would probably be a good idea”

“Sure.. . it will. We will share the bed and I promise not to snore”


He laughed, “Sure you won’t…” and slept close to me.



















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