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Don’t freak out or else he would find out you are girl.


Act cool.


But I just want to freak out.


“What are you staring at? I thought I told that you don’t belong here”,He growl as I stared at him.


Damn… That’s a man right there.


Come back to your senses Liam. But he is so perfect with his nakedness.


I cleared my throat trying to focus, “Now listen to me. You are acting like a jerk. But let’s get something clear, whether you like it or not, I’m staying and if you quick out once again, I will tell the principal”


I rolled my eyes at him and moved towards the door, “And hurry up with your bath. You are not the only one here”


Phew. I tried.


My phone immediately rang in my suitcase. I removed my clothes before my phone.


I saw Jace name on the screen.


I answered.


“Hey beautiful, how is everything going over there”


“I never imagined it will be this difficult”


“I understand. Hope no is bullying you?”


“Everyone seems really nice expect this guy… Austin. My roommate. That dude really hates me”


“I heard that”,I heard behind me turning to see Austin with towel around his waist. “Calm down.. everything will be fine. I will visit you soon”


“I will call you soon”. I hanged up and to my surprise he removed his towel walking naked around the room as if he doesn’t care.


What is wrong with this guy?


Doesn’t he have any decency. I took my towel and had my shower. When I returned, he was gone.


It was 10 in the morning and I’m sure everyone was in class.


I wore my uniform and webt to the class but the teacher was already there.


Oh Gosh, I’m late. I stood infront of the class while Austin smiled at me.


“Mr Mendes, you are really late”, The tutor said. I don’t even know him.


I checked the board and saw his handwriting titled, “Fighting”




That’s what we are going to learn today.


“I’m really sorry sir but honestly I didn’t do it on purpose”


“Oh… but Mr Mendes, you should have know that we work with time”


“I’m really sorry sir”


“Sorry isn’t in my dictionary. Mr Mendes, you really have a cute face and our topic is fighting .. So this is my test for you. You are going to fight and if you lose, you have to run bare chest around the school”


I swallowed hard.


“And who is my competitor sir?”


“Mr Kyle.. .”,He answered as the class murmured, “Quiet everyone!!” Everyone rained quiet while Austin stood up from his seat.

He faced me and I faced him too. I don’t think I’m actually ready for this.


I can’t fight and if I lose, I will have to ran bare chested around the school.


God help me please.


“Are you ready”,The tutor asked and Austin nods but I nod negatively.


“Ready, Go!!!”, he said and I fixed my fists. The class was really ready to watch the fighting scene.


We moved round… He threw his fist but I dodged. I threw my fist and he dodged too.


The tutor stood there rubbing his jaw. How could he allow me to fight my enemy.


He hit me under the jaw, and he stepped back and swung at me.



I shrugged my shoulder up and took the punch on it.


He hit me four times, three lefts and a right in the face.


I stumbled back, blood rushing from my nose.


I touched my nose to know if what I’m feeling is real.


My hands were shaking immediately i saw the blood on my hand.


I threw my punch on his chin while he lands on the floor.


I sat on him while I grabbed him by his shirt and hit him again.


I threw my my fist again but he caught both of my wrists and we rolled over. This time he was on to of me.


He hit me making my nose bleed more. And I wasn’t able to breathe. I cough more while he got off me.


He was leaving.. That’s means he has won but this isn’t right…


I can’t run bare chested. I stood up screaming while running towards him but he dodged making me twist my wrist.


I groaned in pain. I wonder why the tutor wasn’t stopping but I’m glad he didn’t.


He threw his fist and I dodged ready to throw mine but unfortunately he held my wrist squeezing them in pain.


“Enough!! Both of you!!”,The tutor separated us.


The tutor hands were on my shoulder but I pushed it away getting out class.


I couldn’t control my anger and I’m truly scared that I might lose it.


I moved to the bathroom looking at swollen face with my cut lip.


Blood coming out of my nose. My wrist was really twisted and I had to fix it..


Tears flowed on my cheeks. I can’t believe I actually lost.


I’m a loser.


Always a loser.


I heard the slam of the door and quickly wiped my tears. Then I saw Chase standing by the bathroom door. “Hey… Mr Greg was looking for you”


I knew he was talking about the tutor who started the whole mess.


“What for?”


“He said you need to go to the hospital for treatment. You are badly wounded”


I stared at my hand and stared at There’s reflection in the mirror , “I’m okay.. . it’s just that I twisted my hand”


He came behind me and I turned facing him.


He took my wounded left wrist.


“Look at me Liam”,He said softly and I stared at him.


“You were brave out there. I have never seen someone who is so courageous like you”


“Tha…..”,I trailed off groaning in pain the Now my I heard a crack in my wrist.



He took the first aid box in the bathroom and cleaned my sound s with the cotton while I groaned in pain.


“He is a jerk for hitting you this way. He took everything way too personal. Do you know the reason why he hates you?”,He asked and I nod negatively.


“Have some rest Liam”.


“No… I will have to go to class. Then I rest tomorrow”


“That’s good…Lets go”


He held my wrists as we head to the class. Chase is a nice guy. I will be happy to be his friend.


How I wish things turned the other way round. I just wished Chase was my roommate and not that monster.






The fight was over. Lesson was over. Everyone was blaming me for being too hard on him.


It’s true. I damaged his face. I just don’t know what came over me. I didn’t even realise the rage I have been all this time then I took it out on him.


I deserve to be punished too because… because. Forget it. I just hate saying that awful word.


But I really do regret it. I hate myself. I don’t even understand myself either.


I watched while Chase brought him in the class. They walked slowly and he helped her have a seat close to hers.


Everyone gathered around him asking if everything was okay.



He nods and then he stared at me. Damn , I hate that look. It’s as if he could see right through me.


He makes me feel so guilty and so nervous right now.


I stared at him looking at his bruised face and wrist.


Because I hurt him, no one wants to talk to me.


I stood up moving upstairs, to our room.


I messed up. I know that but if he thinks I’m going to apologise then he wrong.


Because I never wanted him here in the first place.


I removed my clothes, changing to something better.


I heard laughter across the door then I opened a mazagine trying to read before he come.


The door opens, he entered. My bed was down and his was top.


He moved up. I thought he would confront me but he didn’t.


I heard a knock on the door.. It was chase.


“May I come in?”,He asked holding brown boxes.


“What for? Go away”, I tried to close the door but he forced it opened.


“Why are you being a jerk? You don’t like him for being your roommate but I do now. Maybe you could try to put your stinking attitude aside and and try to know your roommate because he is really nice”


He pushed me and entered, “You been ashamed of what you did”,He whispered before moving up to see him.


I was down pretending to read my magazine.


“Hey are you feeling alright”,He asked.


“No… I’m having body pains all over”


“Okay.. . I brought some food, my tablet to watch movie then I will wait to I get everything you need”


“Aww… that will be so nice”,He said and I heard “Hmm… this is delicious”


Till I heard them screaming while they watched a scary movie.


I rolled my eyes getting out to have some fresh air.


All I did was walk around the school then returned back to my room.


I saw him standing on a chair while he tries to fix a bulb. I could see the chair shaking and he will fall any moment.


He was still fixing but unfortunately, he tried falling but I quickly caught him in arms quickly wrapped around my neck.


I stared at him.. I hate him but he is cute even thought he has bruises.


“Get your filthy hands off me!!”,He snapped and I let go while he lands on the floor groaning in pain.


“Moron”,he murmured.




















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