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I wipe my lips with the back of my hand more while everyone laughed. “Excuse me please. Who are you?”


“I’m Stacy.”,she smiled showing her braces while the boys laughed at me.


I had never wished that girl should be my first kiss.


But since I disguised myself as I boy, i will have to accept the fact.


“Can have some dinner at eight”


“Woah.. first of all. I don’t know you and secondly the fact that you kissed me doesn’t mean I’m dating please back off”,I snapped whike the guys cheered at me.


“But I really like you?”


“And I don’t like you”,I replied while she frowned moving to her seat.


Chase was holding the food while he sat close to me. Austin was infront of me.


Today is the first time I see Austin smiling at me.


Chase held a spoon close to my mouth.


“Erm…no, my hands are okay”,I replied taking the spoon from him while I had my meal.


“I can see you have a crush”,Chase said and I feel embarrassed.


“Why is everyone staring at us? Haven’t they seen boys before”, I asked.


Austin chuckled, “Because Hilton High has the most handsome guys here and everyone isbt staring at us, they are staring at you, Liam”.


“I don’t think so because girls are staring at you too”,I replied and he smiled.


“Austin Kyle”,He stretched.


“Liam Mendes. Hope we are going to be good roommates this time”, I replied shaking his hands.


“Sure we are going to be great friends”.


In the evening, We were all in one room. Chase and I were on the same bed.


I think i feel comfortable with him now.


“Liam”,He called.


“Hmm..”,I browse on my phone.


“Who was your crush?”,he asked.


“I don’t normally do crush. So I don’t have one. What about you?”,I asked.


“I don’t have a crush”, he said softly.




We both kept quiet for a while as I continued what I was doing.


“Who is Liam Mendes”,I heard one guy standing at the door.


He was holding a bunch of roses.


“That’s me…”,I got off the bed wearing sandals while I walked towards him.


It was evening and I was in my pyjamas.


I took the roses from the guy while all the guys sat up staring at me.


“So what does it say”, Chase shouts aloud whike everyone was curious to hear.


Meet me at the school balcony, it’s says.


“Its Stacy”,I replied and took the roses and went to wear she wants to see me.


She was wearing a transparent night gown showing her nakedness beneath.


What the heck. She smiled at me showing her braced teeth as my body shook with shivers.


She moved close kissing my cheek.


“Stacy … I’m not interest….”,She stopped me by putting her index finger on my lip.


“Shh…. don’t talk too much baby. I know you want it”


She can’t be serious right now. I don’t freaking what anything!!


She directed my hand to her to her br**sts.


I rolled my eyes pulling my hands away.


“What do you think you are doing?”


She bite her bottom lip seductively, “You know baby”


“No, no no!!! First of all you kissed me causing a problem between my girlfriend and I and now this. I have a girlfriend I love her so please back off!!”,I snap and she nearly jumped.


Tears ran off her cheeks while she ran from my sight.


I know I was too rude but she deserves it anyway..





Guessing why I like Liam. Because he is nice and humble.



After the day, Austin ruined his face, I felt pity.


I never regretted treating his wounds. Because I liked him.


Is it bad to develop feelings for a guy?


No, I won’t even think about it because my parents would be so dissapointed in me.


Actually, I have never been lucky with love. I dated six girls but none of them loved me truly.


Liam asked me about my crush but honestly I was too shy to answer.


My crush is Princess Mia. she had been my crush since childhood.


I always admire her. We met in balls but I was too shy to talk to her.


Princess Mia was exceptional but she was so special. She was one of the princesses who never acted as one.


But I guess she will never liked me because she never paid attention to me in the beginning.


She never paid attention about how I stared at her.


So I realised it wasn’t worth it. I had to move on.


Love is love.


Whether it’s between a lady and man or between.. .




I hope what I’m feeling for Liam is just friendship and nothing at all.


But it gets worse.. I will go crazy.



Austin was staring at me and I shrugged.


“What?”,I asked.


“Nothing “,He rest on the bed.


I looked at the door and stared at the Liam with his long face.


“So did you two….”,I asked and he nods negatively.


“I don’t like her..”,He replied and I smiled.


“Goodnight.”, I said softly turning to the other side.


“Goodnight Chase”,he replied.








Jealousy. I never knew I would be jealous of Chase. Because he is so lucky to have the cutest guy in school.


I was a fool. I should have been nice to him.


It was the next morning, I didn’t see anyone in bed.


I checked my watch and it was 8am.Where is everyone and why didn’t they wake me up.


I stood up lazily and quickly freshened up.


I had to see Liam and thank him. I got out and move downstairs but I saw no one.


I was told that my friends were in the hall, with siren high girls..


I reached the hall searching for Chase and Liam…



But to my surprise, I saw Liam with Victoria.


Victoria was my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for two years now.


He might be the cutest guy but that doesn’t mean that he had the right to take my girl.


I can’t believe Victoria had the guts to do this to me.


I wonder what was going on between them.


And why is Vicky touching him and the looks alone could tell that she is flirting with him.


My temper rise, I was so damn angry at him.


I thought he was different but he was just like all of them.


I moved close punching him on the jaw while everyone gasp.


Vicky held my hand and covered her mouth in surprise.


“What was that for?”,Liam asked while he spit blood from his mouth . “That’s my girl and no one messes with what’s mine” He slowly stood on his feet hitting me on my face too.


“And if you can’t satisfy your girl then why is she with me, loser”, He snapped and walked out while everyone stared at me.






















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