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What the heck? Like seriously?


What is he doing here? Why is here? Is he going to recognise me.


“I just want to say congrats to you because you have a month to graduate and go to your various kingdoms to rule”,The principal said and they all scream in excitment.


Well that’s Hilton high for you. It’s just a four months course.


“Now, have a seat your majesty”, The principal said and he sat close to Arden, the guy infront.


It was time for cafetaria. I was the first to enter then I saw Jace.


My heart pounded. What is he doing here?


I thought he had left school.


“Mia?”,he smiled, “Did you miss me?”,he asked, “Especially my hands on you” I moved backwards as the images of what he did to me scared me. Then I hit someone behind me. I looked and it was Charles.


“Is he bothering you?”,He asked and I nod.


Charles pushed me aside while he stood infront of him.


“I heard you were disturbing her”,Charlie said and he raised his hands in Surrender.



“Chill bro… I didn’t mean to cost any harm “,He stillraised his hands leaving us.


“Thank you “,I said.


“You are welcome and your secret is safe with me”


I chuckled,”We have one month left, why are you still here”


“Because I wanted to learn and also I came here because of Jace. We both know a day will come, you will be exposed a girl.. and while Jace is around, you won’t have peace”.


“I know that and honestly I don’t know what to do”


“Calm down.. . I’m always here for you”,He assured


“As a future husband or as a friend”


“Mia.. . I never had the intention of marrying you. It was your parents idea but I only came here because I want to protect you as a friend”


“Thank you very much”


“I just hope we can be friends from now on”


“Yes… sure”,I shooked him and he smiled.

Story from Topster Stories

We ordered for our food. Chase and Austin joined as while we eat in silence.


After eating I heard Austin sneezing.


“Hey… are you okay?”,I asked while he sneezed more.


“No… I think I’m catching cold”


“Okay then…. Let’s go to.the hospital”,I said but he nod negatively.



“No … I’m fine”,he stated and I nod.


After school, I returned to the room and I found him on the bed with his uniform.


I touched his head and he was really sick.


He opened his eyes, “Lets go the hospital”,I asked but he refused.


“Please Austin…”,I begged but he still refused.


“Just take care of me, Liam”,He said and I nod. I moved upstairs changing my clothes.


“So what do you want to do?”, I asked sitting on the bed close to him. “Bath me”


“Huh?”,I asked surprised.


“My whole body is shaky… please Liam bath me. It’s not …like Its a big deal because we are boys”


Jesus, please help me. I can’t look at him naked much less his….


Nevermind. I’m not going to freak out but I will try my best to make sure that I take care of him.


Bath him. I have to bath him.


Phew, I can do this right.


No freaking out.


I have to be courageous.


I helped him up as we moved to the bathroom.



I.removed his clothes and helped him in the tub.


The water was ready while he sat in the tub… I sat close to him washing his body.


His was so hot and feverish. we moved to bed.


I ran to the pharmacy getting him some medicines.


Then I gave him the medicine which drifted him to sleep.


I then remove my clothes and had my bath.


Then I went upstairs, and had some sleep.


The next morning, I opened my eyes and I felt my leg tangled with someone.


I reply opened my eyes and found out it was him.




How did he get here..I quickly got up and rushed downstairs to get breakfast at the cafetaria.


I opened the door and sat on the bed.


I shook his leg…


“Good morning”,I said softky and he rubbed his eyes.


“Good morning”,he smiled.


“Are you okay?”,I asked.


“I’m more than okay. Thanks for yesterday. I’m so grateful… ”



I scratched my hair playfully, “It’s nothing..Erm… eat your food whike I take my bath”


“Okay.. “,he whispered.










I know it’s pretty insane but my feelings for Liam haven’t changed a bit.


I love him.


But nowadays he hangs out with Austin more than me and I really jealous.


What if Austin like Liam too but he is just pretending.


Oh Chase, think. Not every guy like to be gay like you.


I can’t control the feelings anymore. I just had to tell him that the feelings are uncontrollable.


I can no longer be his friend.


And I have to tell him now.


I watched Arden drool on the bed while I twist my lips in disgust.


He snores and it’s pissing me off. I remove one of my shoes and threw it at him on the bed.


“Rascal”,He murmured and turn to the other side of the bed.


I took my bag and left the room but luckily I saw Liam.


“Liam…”,I called softly and he turned staring at me, “I want to tell you something”


“What is it”,He asked and my heart thud faster in my chest.


“I just… please promise you won’t be mad”


He raised his brow, “I promise”


“The thing….. is that I really like you Liam”


He sighed, “I thought we’ve talked about this” “But I can’t control it anymore Liam”,I confessed.


“And I’m not interested in you… it’s simple..I can’t be a fat because you love me” “Is anything going on here?”,I heard Austin behind me. “No… nothing is going on?”,Liam answered and left us.


“I don’t trust you. What did you tell him?”


“Its simple.. I just told him that I’m interested in him”


Then he held the collar of my shirt,”You are joking right”


I pushed his hands away, “Am I laughing? I’m damn serious”.








He loves him.


He loves him. I can’t believe this.


How can he love my roommate.And I wonder if Liam loves him too.


A month more and we are graduated.


After a month, I don’t think i would see him anymore.


I just don’t understand this gay thing..


I need to talk to Liam.


“Will you do everything I ask you if I keep your secret”, I heard a voice and then I tried to hide.


It was Jace and Liam.


“I wont do anything. If you want tell my secret, go ahead”


“You are daring me, Princess”


Princess. What does he mean?


“I dare you. I’m not scared of you or the last time, you touch indecently doesnt mean you can do it again and again”


“Oh really”, Jace moved close to him and kiss him forcely while he used his knee on his balls.


I move quickly and punched Jace on the jaw. No one messes with my best friend.

















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