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Everyone was staring at him till it was Lunch period. I just walked through the corridor heading to the cafetaria.


All I heard was, “Have you seen the new kid in school”


And damn, it’s actually pissing me off. I or.dered for some salad and rice while I sat beside Chase and Arden.


“What did he say his name was?”,Arden asked making me chuckle.


“Are you deaf? Didn’t you heard what the Principal said”,Chase scrowl and I smiled.


“It’s better I never asked… I’m cool with it”,He replied chewing his chips.


“Oh Gosh… Here he comes”,Chase said excitedly while I frowned staring at him. “Let’s call him..”


“Liam!!!”,Chase calls, “Over here”,he said and he turned smiling while he walked towards us.


But before he could sit, I quickly stretched my legs on the bench.


“What are you doing?”,Arden asked but I didn’t mind.


“It’s okay, guys. I will find a place to sit”,He replied and went to another seat.


Arden and Chase glared at me.


“You guys can join him if you want”,I frowned and they shook their heads before eating.


School was over. I opened the door but heard the sound of the shower.


I looked around… Seeing a newcase bag in my room. I have a roommate. Who could it be?


I sat on the cpund and saw the bedroom door opened.



It was him again.




He was wearing shorts with t-shirt and sandals.


“What are you doing here?”,I asked removing my school uniform tie


“Hi… I’m your new roommate”,He stretched his hands and I moved away from him.


I grab the collar of his shirt while I saw fear in his eyes.. That’s what I like to see in his eyes.


I want him to be scared of me.


“Let’s get things straight, Liam. Shall we? I don’t like you as a classmate or a roommate”


“Why?”,He asked. I can’t believe he had the nerve to ask such questions.


I released him pushing him towards the door.


I opened the door pushing him out of the room and i dragged his luggage along.


“Hey!!!”,He rans towards the door but I quickly locked the door.


“Let me in please”,He begged.







“Let me in please”,I begged hitting the door. I left the keys to the room.


I don’t know why he doesn’t like me. I dint.think I could handle something like this.



Jace was right.


Hilton High wasn’t good for me. He is a bully. He scared me the moment he grabbed me by the shirt. I have never been this scared in my entire life before.


I can’t. I’m not going to cry.


Come on, I’m a boy now. Boys don’t cry.


I sat on my suitcase resting my head against the wall…


It’s was getting darker as hours get by and honestly I was sleepy and really hungry.


And I still couldn’t believe that jerk didn’t open the door for me.


I closed my eyes dozing off.


“What are you doing here at this time of the night?”,I heard a voice and I opened my eyes.


“Oh hey, Chase. Erm… My roommate decided not to let me sleep in there with him”


“Austin did that?”


I nod.


He breathe, “Let me help you with your bags… You will spend the night with me at my room”


“Are you sure your roommate won’t complained”


“No… my roommate is really cool”


“Okay..”,I stood up and he helped with my bags and we moved into his room.


I saw his roommate busily having books all around him on the bed.


“Tyler, this is my friend Liam”,Chase said and he looked up at me smiling.


“Nice to meet you newbie”,he smiled and I smiled back.


“Liam.. Have you eaten? “,He asked and I nod negatively.


“Then let me order for some pizza and cola. Why don’t you feel comfortable. I will be right back “,He answered and I sat on the couch looking around.


In the corner of my eyes I could see Tyler stealing glances at me.


I didn’t not to look at him. I still look around till Chase brought the pizza. We sat on the couch eating together while we drink cola too.


Tyler went back to his bed while Chase and I sat on the couch, inches apart.


“Care to sleep with me.. . The couch won’t be comfortable”


“Oh thanks for asking but honestly I will be fine”


“Are you sure”,he asked standing up.


“Yes.. . I’m totally sure”.


He took one of the blankets handing it to me while I cover it around my skin and slowly close my eyes sleeping.


Today is my first time sleeping on the couch and honestly I never knew sleeping on couch was this uncomfortable.


I missed my queen size bed in the palace.


My eyes were opened through the night. I couldn’t sleep. I wait it was 5am…. I


tiptoed moving to the tiny bathroom while I pee and I had my bath.


But Austin room is much bigger than this one.


I stood infront of the mirror cleaning my hair and bandaged my chest… I wore boxers and walked around the room.


I knew they were fast asleep so I didn’t care. I opened the door, to see what people would be wearing today..


Then I saw Arden wearing a tracksuit and a black t-shirt.. . then followed by other students.


I checked my suitcase and wore my tracksuit and black t-shirt too with my snickers.


I combed my hair smiled at the mirror. I wonder what’s with the tracksuit.


What are we going to this morning.


Are we going to run?


Stop thinking.


After dressing, I walked out of the room and checked my class syllabus.


I then sat down staring at the sun.. I remained in my seat, till most students sat down joining me.


After 8am, everyone was in class.


Then an aged man, almost in his fifties, stood infront of us.


The class was mostly quiet. I guess this teacher was the strict one.


“Everyone, outside now!!”,he shouts while everyone moved outside to the school park


“Arrange yourself vertically “,He said and we all stood in a vertical line.



Then he stood infront of us giving us a quiver of arrows and a bow each… We were 24 students.


Then there were four archery targets board on the park…


“Now everyone listen up. This is going to be your first test. After I teach you Archery, make sure you shoot perfectly well because your shoot determined your marks. Got it.”


“Yes sir”, We all said.


“Good. Archery is the act of using a bow and sparrow to hit the right target or a spot.


Now let’s talk about steps to make shooting an arrow”


I stood there watching him while my ears were alert.


Stance. Place one foot on each side of the shooting line.


Nock. keeping your bow straight up, lift your bolt up and over the bow


Grip your pinkie finger with your thumb keeping your three remaining fingers together.


Set bow hand.








And honestly, I don’t understand anything. I have never held such a thing before.


“Elvis, are you ready?”,the teacher asked and I watch the first student who nodded.


The target board was filled with coloured coloured circles…


The last circle was white, black circle was the fourth, Blue circle was the third, red circle was the second, then yellow the middle. I’m aiming at the middle.



“That will be 60%”, The teacher said. He shot the black circle. But it’s wierd though, I don’t know how come the teachers know our names so perfectly.


I was the last student and my hands were cold. I was really trying my best to calm down.


Next to me was the guy who really hate me.




I watched while students tried to shoot but no one was on the red circle neither the middle.


“Austin…”,The teacher said and he took his brow whike he shoot then it hit the red circle.


“That’s really good. Nice shot. That will be 85%”,He said while the boys smiled.


“Liam… are you ready?”


“Yes sir”, I took my bow and arrow.


“Your hands are shaky.. I don’t think you are going to wins”


“Then why don’t you shut up and watch”,I snarled and gave my best shot.


To my surprise it hit right in the middle. I screamed joyfully while everyone applaud for me.


“That was an excellent shot Liam… I will give you 98% for that”, I smiled feeling proud of myself for the first time.


I turn to see Austin walking away from the park while everyone congratulated me.


“That’s was nice shot, Liam”,Chase tapped my shoulder.


“Thanks…”,I replied and I moved upstairs while other students stared at me.



I went upstairs to Chase room, I took my suitcase and went to Austin’s room.


I’m his room mate so I think he should accept or he can leave.


I turned the knob and luckily it was opened… He also left his keys…


Is he inside or he is… I don’t think he is in.


I webt to the bathroom… the heat from the bathroom actually made the room hazy.


I couldn’t see a thing.


So I went in pressing the button to stop the vapour …


“Who freaking did that?”,I heard the voice as the bathroom became clear.


There, I saw Austin naked infront me.


But I didn’t even know he was here.


calm down Mia. I mean Liam.


Don’t freak out or else he would find out you are girl.


Act cool.


But I just want to freak out.
























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