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I hate my life. You will probably be asking why I hate my life but I do. Even we princess don’t have happily ever after.


We just sit there while we keep the pain inside. Sometimes I only wished I wasn’t a princess. I wish to walk like a normal girl, I could be the perfect girl but honestly I can’t.


I’m the only daughter of my parents and I think soon, I’m going to be a queen.. . I’m just going to rule.


Mother had always wished to have a son… She never wished to have me. She believes I’m a coward and honestly it’s true ,I’m a real coward.


I moved to the throne room staring at the throne. Will I be a good queen oneday…


Will I set things right..


I don’t think i could set things right.. . I’m not ready to be a queen… And eighteen years old girl… I don’t have friends because no one wanna come close.


Andalysia is a small country my parents had ruled for years… And very soon it’s gonna be my turn.


All male first born and the famous Billionaire’s had to send their sons to Hilton high.. To learn how to fight, learn manners, have fun… How to be strong and behave truly like warriors as well as gentlemen.


I have always been dreaming … to be there. I just want to make my parents proud. I could lie to my parents I could admissions from Serin Senior High… They would believe me.


I could ask my father’s best friend son, Jace to help me out…


He can make fake files about me and we I will attend Hilton high to make my parents proud…


I want them to believe that whether been a boy or a girl, I could still be who I want


to be….


“Please, Jace”,I begged but he nodded negatively staring at his computer.


“I’m begging you, Jace”,I knelt infront of him but he nod negatively again.


And he stood up, helping me up, “Why do you want to go to a boys school”


“It’s not just a boy school.. it’s a warrior school… That’s where I want to learn how to fight, throw arrows… Be a better human being I can be now and I want to make my parents proud… I don’t want them to see me as coward… And if that continue to see me like a coward, I’m sure I will get married by my next birthday”


“No!!!”,He covered his mouth in surprise.


“Yes.. . please . That’s why I need your help”


“Okay fine.. . I’m going to help you but first make sure your parents are aware of it”


“Thank you…”,I hugged him so tight.


“Okay.. ..”


“But I need to change your name…”


“Just make it Liam Mendes… I don’t want anyone to know that I’m a royal”




“Because I said so… What’s the point…I’m not a good princess anyway”,I replied..


“Everything would be done in a week.”


“Thanks Jace…”


“You are welcome”


Finally it’s done.. .I’m going to boys school. I wonder how I could cope with them.


Act like a boy.


Behave like a boy.




I have to do everything like a boy and more over.. I have to cut my precious hair.


This is like a nightmare but I’m sure I could do this.






“Are you sure you want to do this ?”,my mom asked. We were in the throne room.


I chewed my bottom lip, “Yes… I’m sure.. I’m sure that school will help me. Siren High school is good for. Every princess loves to go there and honestly, I want to become a better princess”, I lied.


“It’s not a bad choice my dear. You made a right choice to go princess school… You can’t dance, or act like a princess either”


“Raphael…”,My mom scold.


“He is right mom. I’m not the perfect princess. All I am is coward. But my decision is made. But for now, I want to spend a week with Jace”


“Okay… I will send money to account”,My dad confirm.


Phew… now I guess I have to do things my way.


The next morning, I drove to Jace’s home.


He was with his computer as usual..


“Hey…”,I said softly leaning against the door.


“It’s good, you came. I have to send you to my body specialist”


“Body specialist?”.


“Yes … He is going to change you to a boy ….”


“Okay.. .”


“Let’s go.. “,he closes the door behind him and I entered inside his car.


I was nervous…


We finally reached our destination…


“Welcome to beauty Parlour and body therapy”, The man in his forties said softly.


“Mr Brown “,Jace smiled and moved close to him and whispered something into his ear…


Then he took his scissors from his pocket and snapped.


My eyes widened and I sit on the swivel chair looking at myself in the mirror.


“Relax, your majesty”, Mr Brown said while he combed my hair.


Then he started cutting my hair… and have a cute short hair cut… I thought all my hair will be gone but he just made it short… that’s all.


After I was done. I had to go the dressing room with a lady.


I removed my clothes including my panties and I was naked infront of her.



She bandaged my chest making sure my chest was flat… You won’t noticed I had br**st… My chest was flat like a boy.


I had to wear boxers, trousers and a shirt…


I stared at the new reflection in the mirror.


I looked really cute and kind of handsome.


I wore knickers getting out as everyone in the parlour applauded.


Jace mouth was opened.


“You look handsome Liam Mendes”,he teased and I gave him a playful punch on his chest.


And placed my hands in my pocket..


“No, kidding Mia. You look so perfect. I’m sure girls are going to drool over you.. . Only if they don’t know you are a girl”


I rolled my eyes at him.


“Thank you so much, Mr Brown”


“It’s nothing kid..”,He said and I smiled.


“Now what…”,I asked.


“Now we shopped for more male accessories and male clothes”,Jace said.


“Then let’s do it”


We waved Mr Brown goodbye and went to shopping mall… I had to shop for tracksuits, boxers, socks, tuxedo suits, trousers, snickers, Italian shoes, watches, chains, make bracelets, bags, wrists bands and more…


We reached almost evening and I parked my things while Jace helped me too.


“I will miss you”,he said under his breathe.


“I heard that Jace and honestly I will miss you too”,I replied.


He hauled me in his arms hugging me.


“Are you sure you wanna do this?”,


“I’m sure”


“I will visit you once a while”,He kissed my temples.


We went outside while he opened putting in my suitcase.


He hugged me once more and allowed his guard to drive me to the school.


I bite my lips feeling nervous… How is life going to be there.


Hope everything turns out fine.


What happens when my parents find that I lied to them.


Oh Geez.


It’s will be a total choas… I should stop thinking about it.


“We are here”,the guard said.


I got out while he helped me with my suitcase.


“Thank you”


I stood there looking at the magnificent building…


“Hilton high… Princess Mia is here.. .”,I whispered .



I dragged my suitcase across the floor while I entered the school.


I think it was Lesson period. I didn’t see one student outside.


But I saw the Principal making a call.


He smiled at me then he hanged up.


“Welcome to Hilton High school Mr Liam Mendes”,he shaked me and I gladly took his hands.


“Thank you sir”


“Let’s go to my office, Mr Liam”.


He lead the way and I sat down comfortably.


“You don’t know how glad I am to have you here”, he smiled.


“I’m glad to be here.. But why are you so glad to have me here”,I asked feeling curious.


“Because who wouldn’t be happy to have the most richest billionaire in school”


“How do you know that…”


“Because I read everything about you and I investigate about you …”,He answers.


Oh my … Don’t tell me Jace did this. I’m rich but I never thought he would make it so public.


“Do you wish to start now. It’s now 12pm”


“Sure sir”,I replied and he webt inside a tiny room taking my uniform and ceremonial wear plus P.E clothes too..


“This is for you”,He placed the items on the desk..He Then checked his book.


“You roommate will be Mr Austin Kyle. Here are the keys. it’s on the last floor. Change into your uniform while I introduce you to the class ”


“Okay sir..”, I replied and moved up stairs.


I opened the door and found the room very clean. I thought it will be a mess but it was the opposite.Story from Topster Stories






was at the back having earpiece in my eyes listening to my favourite music…


It’s been one month since I came here and honestly I enjoy it here. I’m famous.. I looked outside the window staring at nature.


Then Chase run inside the class.There was no teacher around.. .The class was noisy but not that much.


He stood infront if the class panting.


He rolled his sleeves on his arms.


“We have a new student”,he said while everyone murmured, “I heard he is a billionaire and he is more richer than Austin Kyle and he is more handsome”,That’s where everyone gasps.


Arden, the guy at the front seat whistles, while Chase run to his seat.


The principal came in.


“Don’t be shy … come on in”,The principal said and he looked up smiling.


Chase wasn’t kidding at all… I have never seen someone so cute before. Especially a boy.


“His name is Liam Mendes. Hope you all get along”,The principal said.


“I hate him”, I whispered.


“Mr Kyle.. did you say something”


“No.. ” I replied and he nods.


“Have a seat Mr Mendes “, he said leaving the class


He walked through the row, there was an empty seat infront of me… but I pulled the chair backwards stretching my legs.


He stared at me and gave a faint smile before seating close to Chase. I saw them smiled at eachother.









How is it













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