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The fight stopper everyone was quiet. She bowed her head in shame I was so damn angry.


Even though, I don’t get close to her. At least every night I kissed her cheeks before going to bed when she is deep asleep.


But in the morning, I act all “Don’t get close to me”. Because I low that when she gets close to me, I will kiss her.


I don’t want to do that. It’s will ruin our friendship and I don’t want to ask her about why she is in the school.


I don’t want her to know that I know her secret but I just want her to tell me.


I removed my shirt and covered it around her. She didn’t looked up at me and honestly I understand.



Charlie stepped infront of her and whispered something in her ears while I held her close.


I saw Chase too and damn I haven’t seen him this angry.


The principal moved in between the crowd, “Liam or… Nevermind. I need you in my office now and everyone the show is over”


I stepped infront of her, her head still bowed down.


“Can you try to wear my shirt to cover your chest”,I asked and she nods. Then she slowly moved away from us.


“Okay.. . Disperse now!!”,Mr Greg screamed scaring everyone.


Everyone was leaving including that jerk. I held his arm. He frowned at me.


Chase and Charlie were behind me.


“Let go of me with your filthy hands.”,He said and I smiled.


“You know what happens when you mess with my best friend”, I heard the colour of his shirt while he smiled evily.


I punched him while he falls on the floor spitting blood.


Charlie grabbed him from the floor and punched him too while I saw him bleeding nose.


Chase took his sword and stared at it for a while then he loomed at the burning furnance at the end of the park and smiled.


“Watch him”,he command and run to the furnace. I don’t know what he is trying to do but one thing I know is he deserves it.


He returned holding two swords with their blades reddish.



It’s so damn hot.


Charlie and I held him up ripping his clothes.


“No please … please don’t”,he begged and his plea means nothing to me.


Then Chase used the hot metal on his stomach and screamed.


He stomach was printed with the tip of the sword.


Then Chase used the hot metal on his nipple.


Jace struggled with tears in his eyes.. That’s what I want him to go the. I want him to feel the pain.


We let go of him and we started punching him with everything he got.


“Now listen to me, if you see me ran because if you don’t, you get more than you deserve”,I stomped his tommy and we left him in pain.






I was numb. I feel like being alone but I couldn’t.


The principal was quiet too. I think he was confused too.


“I would have called your parents but I don’t know..I couldn’t. But why?”


“Because I want to be the better me. I wanted to be different from all future queens. I want to make my parents proud for the time and I understand if you expel me from the school”


“I’m not going to expel you. We have just one week to graduate. We will keep it a secret but on graduation day, I will invite your parents because they need to know that brave their daughter is to take such great decision”


“Huh? “,I said in surprise.


“Yes… I have to say I’m actually proud of you but now that the school know you are girl I guess, i have one room upstairs. You are no longer sharing a room with Austin. Please try to understand”


“Don’t worry sir, I really understand”, I stood closing the door behind.


The moment I walked on the corridor to my room, everyone was staring at me.


I just kept quiet and entered the room seeing Austin sitting on the couch. He quickly stood up moving close to me.


“Are you okay?”,He touched both arms.


“Yes… I am”,I confessed and he framed my face staring at me.


“I’m sorry. For being a jerk again. I shouldn’t have ignored”


She smiled, “It’s okay. I just wanted to tell you I’m moving out. That’s the principal orders”


He hauled me in his arms hugging me, “I will miss you”


“Don’t miss me. I will come visit. I’m just upstairs”,i hugged him…..


I felt him rub my back and closed my eyes feeling peaceful.


He let go and pushed my hair from my face and his thumb brushed my bottom lip.


Our lips almost touched.


“Austin… we can’t”,I whispered and he nods kissing my temples.


















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