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I pushed Jace off me and then saw … saw him.


My husband to be. The guy I met in the palace earlier.


“You? What are you doing here?”,I asked.


“I knew something bad is gonna happen to you”,he said softly and my br**sts were on show.


I tried my best to hide them. This isn’t good. I can’t believe Jace could actually do this to me.


I moved outside the house while he followed me.


“Thank you very much. I really appreciate. If you weren’t here. I dont know what would have happen”,I said and he removed his suit while he placed them on my shoulders.


“King Charles but call me Charlie”,He stretched his hands.


I shook his hand, “Princess Mia. I actually thought you were a prince”


“Nope… I’m a king. Just did my coronation after my birthday. The man beside me was my uncle”


“Oh okay…So you came here because you want to marry me”



“Don’t get me wrong but i wanted to buy a land where I could build my company but you parents requested I should marry you first”


I nod… I can’t believe they could actually do this to me. They still believe I can’t be a good queen.


A car stood infront, “Do you mind if I drop you”


“No please… I’m okay”,I said and walked without looking back. His suit was around me.


I went back to the botique selecting my school boys school while I went back to the school.


It was late …. After everything that Jace did… I just feel like screaming.


I opened the door and Austin and Chase stood up staring at me. “Where have you been, Liam? We were worried that you went missing” I walked hastily hugging Austin while I cried.


“Woah… what’s wrong, Liam?”,he rubbed my back and I still cried.


Chase hugged me too and I pulled away wiping my tears.


Then I went to the shower while I took my bath.


I sat in the tub washing his filthy hands off me.


He had this dirty mind all along. I can’t believe that he did this.


I don’t think i can be able to see him on Monday.


I returned back from the shower dressed only pyjamas while I went to bed.


Chase was good and Austin sat on my bed.


“Liam? Won’t you eat something?”, He asked and I nod negatively.


“I don’t know what’s bothering you but I pray everything will be fine. I just want to see that beautiful smile. And I have good news”


I turned on the bed staring at him.


“Tell me”


“Mr Green came here today and he said he needs for another Photoshot and he have me this documents. It’s a year contract.Are you in?”


I smiled, “Yes I’m in”


“I knew you would”,He stood up and moved to his bed.


“Good night Liam”,I heard him but I just didn’t mind.









Today, he seems wierd. He is actually the talkactive guy during breakfast but today, he is quiet.


He normally finish his good before me but today, he is just playing with his food and he didn’t bother to comb his hair.


But he looks cute though.


“Liam? Is something wrong?”,I asked


“Yes. Everything is fine”,he applied.


“Mr Green called us to take some photos today”



“Can I come?”,I heard Chase opened the door.


“We’re you by any chance listening to out conversation”, I asked and he nods. “I’m bored. Please let come with you”


“Liam, do you want him to with us”,I asked him but it’s seems his mind is somewhere else.




“You were saying?”,He asked.


“Are you sure you are okay?”,I asked.


“Yep…let’s go”,He took his bag and all went out.




“Welcome my celebrities”,Mr Green said opening his arms.


“I thought you were coming alone”,He continued and I smiled.


“But I’m so glad to have you guys here”,he said and looked at Chase then he touched his cheeks.


“you have such a nice cheekbones”,He said, “ going to join them”


“We are going to start the Photo shoot in 30mins. Chop, chop, everyone! Move it. Move it”


Then we were all dressed up. We got out while we stood there posing.


I stared at Liam. He wasn’t smiling.


We posed for another picture but it still the same.



“Liam, are you hungry?”,Mr Green asked and she nods negatively, “You r eyes aren’t sparkling anymore. They look sad. Can you at least try to try please”


“We will make him smile”,I said while I looked at Chase the other side.


Then we tingled him and he burst out laughing and Mr Green took the pictures.


“Lovely”,Mr Green said to us.


In the evening, Liam was fast asleep. Chase carried him to bed while I took my bath and sleep.


Monday morning, everyone was in class.


Then Chase run inside the class.There was no teacher around.. .The class was noisy but not that much.


He stood infront if the class panting.


He rolled his sleeves on his arms as usual


“We have a new student”,he said while everyone murmured and had his seat while the principal came in.


“Good morning, everyone”,The principal said and we replied, “This is Charles Watson. King of the Canovia.”


“What the heck?”,Liam whispered looking surprised.

















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