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I sat on the lovers bench close to Chase. He was staring at his nails not looking at me.


He chuckled, “He had already wore you a ring, that moron”


“I love that moron..”,I replied and he stared at me. After sleeping from the hottest orgasm I had yesterday night. This is the surprise I had when I told him that I love him.


“I know. That’s why I’m going to back off from you. I haven’t been a good friend. I have been selfish and so obsessed with your beauty. I thought you will love me but I guess it was all wrong. I’m happy if it’s Austin is yours now. I always wished to see that beautiful smile”


I blushed and he hugged me.


“Hope you forgive me. I will be glad if we become friends again”


I rubbed his back, “I will be glad to be friends with you”



“I missed you Amelia”


“I missed my old Chase”,I held him tight smiling. Finally my heart is at peace.


A month later


I stood infront of the church wearing a white satin gown.


Governors and minsters, and all famous people.. including my classmates from Hilton high.


Chase was behind Austin. The veil covered my face and I smiled just staring at my husband to be.


We will be husband and wife but we will still rule our kingdoms together.


And I can’t wait to break my virginity tonight.. He had been teasing with my orgasm till a month now.


The organist started playing the wedding song and walked slowly through the crowd.


My father held my hand as Austin held my hand giving me the most beautiful smile.


We both stare at the priest and he started with his preaching. I was just lost in the eyes of Austin.


My eyes widened when I felt my bare feet on the floor.


“What’s wrong?”,he whispered.


“Oh my God, I forget to wear my heels”, I said and he laughed.


“Shh.. .You will be fine. the wedding will be over in five minutes”


He rubbed my cheek through the veil and part my lips.



The priest was still preaching and some of crazy reason I kissed him through the veil and he removed the veil claiming my lips.


“Oh Jesus. You two have no shame. I pronounce you husband and wife”,The priest said as everyone laughed.


I wrapped my arms around his neck as he raised me up claiming my lips.


The next thing I heard was applause.


I’m sure we will leave happily.


















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