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“What!!!”,I stood up angrily but then my mood quickly changed because I don’t want Austin to suspect me.


“You mean they are coming here”,I acted surprised.


“Yes they are. I can’t wait to see the princess. I heard she is beautiful”,Austin said taking my dirty clothes.


I shook my head, “Do you by any chance have crush on Princess Mia”,I asked because I just don’t understand why he seems interested in knowing everything about Princess Mia.



“Since you are my friend then I’m gonna share this secret with you. Princess Mia has always been my crush. I haven’t seen her for real but I have her pictures around my room. She is special”


He said softly. Hmm.. people see beautiful things about me but if I had known that I was this special. I should have love myself.


I should have appreciate that this was me but it’s seems I wanted to follow my parents decision.


I wanted to be the boy they’ve always wanted or maybe I want to prove to them that I’m strong.


Oh my God, taking about my parents. What am i going to do. I can’t quit this sword fight because if them. I need to prove them that I’m courageous.


I want them to give me my medals without them knowing that I’m their daughter disguised as a boy.


I want them to say I’m proud of you without them knowing that it’s me.


I went out checking the poster once again to believe if it’s real.


Yes it’s real and it’s happening tomorrow.


Mr Greg is so wicked. I can’t believe after he made sure I got hurt, he still wants me in the competition.


I just hope that I don’t fight with Liam yesterday. Instead of him apologising, he didn’t.


He rather gave me a deep cut which means he want war.


But come to think of it, he loves me as man. So what if I told him, I was a she, will he still love me.



To be honest, I don’t see what Chase sees because I’m focused on the school more than being in relationship.


Because after I’m done with the school, I’m going to become a queen without a husband.


I don’t want a man to control me and take decisions for me.


I just want to free and single.


Austin had taken my clothes to the laundry.


I knocked on Jace door but he wasn’t in.


Did he see this.


Then why isn’t he helping me out.


I walked on corridor meeting Chase on my way.


I wanted to talk to him. Not to actually scold him on what he did earlier. I just want to make peace.


He stood there for a while and walked to me.


His hair covered his face so I couldn’t see the expression on his face.


He touched my cheeks and took my arm while he examined it.


“I miss you so much, Liam”,I said.


“I missed you too, Chase”


“I thought you were a gay. I thought you will love me but I got it all wrong..I thought you had something to do with Jace but instead of me asking… I didn’t. I just kissed you and you freaked out”



“Its okay. It’s all forgotten now. What’s happens is now.. I don’t want any grudges between you and I. I just want you to be caring friend you’ve always been”


He hugged me and I just stood there.


“Can I join”,I heard Austin behind us.


“Yes you can”, I said and Austin joined while we hugged eachother.


“I’m glad you two are back together”,he said softky and we hugged.


The next morning, I woke up feeling nervous. My parents are coming here. So what’s gonna happen now.


How come I’m the smart on but I still can’t figure out anything. I can’t send this face to them..


I need to change.


But what am i going to do. I sat infront of the mirror..


What am i going to do… Then the mirror reflected a paint under Austin’s bed.


I stood up and pulled it out… It was green paint.


I smiled knowing I got out angry. It’s always that I have look beautiful but today I need to look ulgy infront of my parents.


I place my finger on a face cream then I opened the paint. It’s was fresh one. Then I add a small amount of paint to the face cream and mixed them together.


Then I applied it on my face and ears and neck.


I know mother knows best .. Even if my dad can’t recognise me. My mom can so I just have to do this.


I stared at my face in the mirror and nearly freaked out. It was deep green.



“Liam.. . I brought your break… “,he stopped, “Jesus Christ!!! What happened to your face”,Austin asked.


“It was a mistake. I didn’t know it was paint and I just applied it on my face”


“Oh my God, you haven’t done that. Does this look like your face cream Liam. And I can’t believe you applied it to your neck too.. This paints irritates the skin. With 6hours, your face will look bad and swollen”




“Yes… It’s painful and I experience it on my arm. After six hours, we have no choice than to send you to the hospital do.your face could be bandaged”


Oh my God… what have I gotten myself into. .


Austin washed my face several time but it wasn’t working. The paint was permanent.


Everywhere was decorated. Guests were around and I haven’t seen Jace anywhere.


I wonder where he could be. Everyone keeps staring at my fave and keep laughing.. It’s makes me angry.


I was fighting with Arden… The seats were fool and Siren girls High school are here.


I can’t believe this.


Stacy. Oh Gosh, I’m dead.


I thought my parents I’m in siren High.. They are sure going to find me.


Think fast Liam.. . Think.


The show had started with choreography and I stood there staring.



Chase and Austin were behind me. I saw my parents smiling and I felt more nervous.


This is my chance to prove to them that I’m courageous.


The sword fighting started and I was more nervous.


Chase and Austin did well.


The moment I was mentioned, I came out with my green face and everyone burst out laughing including my parents.


Arden and I started the fight and I didn’t last for two minutes. I won.


After the sword fight… my dad gave a speech which I didn’t pay attention to.


Then the three best sword fighters were called by my father.


Luckily, it was Chase, Austin and I.


“I’m so proud of you all”,i heard my dad say and my heart got swollen.


He wore medals around our neck and i was so excited.


The show was over.


And there were a few around. My phone rang and I picked it up.


It was my dad.


“Hello dad”,I said.


“Sweetie.. . Why weren’t you in Hilton high. I thought I would see you there”


“I’m in a quiz completion ….that’s why dad”


“I hope your school wins”


“Thanks dad…”


Then he hangs up. Stacy wasn’t here today and that really good.


Suddenly i felt dizzy.. my face was getting painful and I didn’t know what to do.


I need to find my friends so they could help me.







I stood there while Chase was close to me.


“Where is Liam?”,I asked and Chase looked around.


“Oh my God ,I think something is wrong with him”,Chase ran and I followed him. Then we saw Liam touching his face, “Guys… it’s looks pretty bad right” We both nod without speaking.


“Lets take you to the hospital”,Chase said while we helped him to the school clinic.


We wait for while they treated his face.


I hope he is alright.


Then he came out.


We rushed to him, “How are you feeling?”


“Horrible”,He sobbed.


“Are you crying?”,Chase asked and he nod, “Aww… I wish to see that cute face of yours”



“You are crying. Why don’t give mommy a hug”,I opened my arms wide and he hugged me while he sobbed.


We reached school, had our meal. And now it was bed time.


Liam was staring at the window. He didn’t want to sleep.


“Its past 10pm… won’t You go to bed”


He didn’t mind.


“Austin, check this out”




“Come on, get up!!!”,he shouts.


“Okay I’m coming”,I got up to find our model pictures posted on the skyscrapers around the city.


“Gosh.. that’s a hot pic”,He stated.


“Yes it is hot”,I replied staring at his pic on the sky scrapers. He looks cute and

























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