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Chapter 8












Author’s POV




They all came through the portal and landed on the chronicom world.


So this is the place?” Joseph asked.


Yes…this is my world” Seunnzzy replied.


Why would they want to leave this beautiful place?” Bisera asked.


Because everything about this place has limit including power unlike Earth” Seunnzzy said.


So where next?” Mary asked.


That’s up to your father,……….Mr Johnson….do you copy?” Seunnzzy said through the comms.


Loud and clear” Philip replied.


You can see our position on the radar and also that of the power Portal, so tell us which way are we headed?” Seunnzzy said.


Uhhmm…..hold on”


Okay….. Northeast” Philip said.


Okay Guys….. let’s go and stay sharp” Seunnzzy said and they started leaving. They headed to the given direction with their eyes all over the place.


Why is the everywhere silent?…..I expect this place to be crawling with chronicoms” John said.



Yeah me too, I’m surprised not to see anyone of them” Bisera said.


Do you think they knew we are coming?” Joseph asked.


I don’t think so cause if it is they would’ve attack already” Seunnzzy said.


Or maybe they wanted us to walk right into a trap” Mary said.


Let’s just keep our open, let’s be vigilant” Seunnzzy said.


Mr Johnson, how much longer?” Seunnzzy asked through the comms.


You’re almost there…….. it’s just right ahead” Philip replied.


No need…..I can see a building” John said pointing towards a very big building surrounded by walls which is a few miles away.


That’s where the portal is” Seunnzzy said as they got to the position.


According to my x-ray vision…..there are legion of chronicoms crawling inside that building” John said.


At least now we know where they all went” Bisera said.


For them to gather together……it only means that the portal is ready…..we need to act fast” Seunnzzy said.


Okay guys, remember the plan……the three of you go as planned and come back immediately…… let’s not waste much time” Junior said.


Be safe” Bisera said to her husband.


We will try our best to distract them but make sure you’re not spotted” John said.


Alright, activate your shield” Seunnzzy said and they did.


Let’s go Ladies” Seunnzzy said and they advance towards the building.


How do we do this?” Joseph said.


No worries, we need to draw them out and I know exactly how” Junior said then he stepped forward and create a very big fire ball and sent it towards the building.


The fire reached building which causes so much damage then Junior did it for few more times.


Not very long after armies of Chronicoms came out of the house to know the threat they are up against.


They came out and were surprised to see three people very far from their position and just in time to see Junior creating another fire ball and sent it towards them.


The fire ball killed few of them and the commander called on all the Chronicoms.


” Humans?” The commander said in surprise.


“CHRONICOMS…….ATTACK” the commander shouted and they all bring out


their weapons and charged at them.


” Alright it’s Now or Never” Junior said then he levitated himself up in the air.


Joseph turned his scepter to a lightening sword and John held out a gun in one hand and a sword in another.


The Chronicoms attacked in multitude then Junior created both fireball and ice ball and fire at them which killed lots of them.


Joseph and John attacked on the ground killing every Chronicoms in their path, Joseph created a lightening from the sword strike at them.


John keeps shooting at them with the gun and slashing them with the sword, he was surrounded by them and in one sweep he killed about seven of them. ****



Seunnzzy and the ladies were given enough chance and they sneaked into the building unnoticed.Story from Topster Stories

Seunnzzy lead them to where the Portal is but when they got there they met three Chronicoms at the entrance.


” I’ll take care of them” Bisera said then moved towards them.


The Chronicoms saw her and they turned to her as they were about to sound the alarm Bisera bring out her sword and cutoff their heads.


” Nice job” Mary complimented and she smiled.


Seunnzzy opened the door and they entered and they were amazed at the big Portal.


I can’t believe I’m seeing this” Seunnzzy said.


So this is the power portal?” Mary asked.


Yes and it has been completed” Seunnzzy said.


Remember let’s not dally……we have a mission to complete” Mary reminded.


Yeah…..attached the bomb to the portal” Seunnzzy said then he opened EMP device placed it beside the portal.


Mary and Bisera attached the bombs to the portal then Seunnzzy told them to back away from the portal.


Let’s hope this works” Seunnzzy said then he pressed the button and in a sec the power in the room shut down.


Is it done?” Mary asked.


Yeah…… let’s get out of here” Seunnzzy said.



They ran out of the room and as they are running they stopped when they see the armies of Chronicoms entering the building.


Looks like we’ve got company” Mary said pulling out her sword along with the rest.


Now listen, we need to get out of this building so we can blow up this place” Seunnzzy said.


Let’s see how it turns out” Bisera said and they attacked them.


Mary and Bisera wasted no time as they keep Killing them, one strike of the sword did enough damage to kill them.


Same goes for Seunnzzy as well as he also shoot at them and they all keep falling to the ground.


They fought them all till they made it out of the building then Seunnzzy pressed


the detonator and the bomb went off.




General Ruzzy is in his chamber when he heard the loud explosion then he came out his chamber.


He checked through the window and see there’s a war going on already, just immediately one of his men entered.


General” the Chronicom said.


What’s going on out there?” Ruzzy asked.


General, we are under attack” he said.


What do you mean attack?…..that has never happen since we got here” Ruzzy said in disbelief.


Who are this Intruders?” Ruzzy asked.


It seems they are humans” he replied.



Humans?….. humans?… is that possible?, How did they get here?” Ruzzy asked.


I don’t know general” he replied.


Where is the commander?” Ruzzy asked.


At the Front line?” He replied.


Have someone replace him…….I need to see him right now” Ruzzy said.


Yes sir” he replied then he left.


Humans?….. impossible”




Few minutes Later the commander came to meet the general.


General” he saluted.


Commander, what’s going on?” Ruzzy asked.


General, it seems we are being attacked by humans” he replied.


I don’t want to know how many they are….I want them all dead” Ruzzy said.


They are making it difficult cause they are not ordinary humans” he said.


What do you mean?” Ruzzy asked.


They possessed a super human abilities Making it difficult for them to be killed” he replied.


General, I should inform you it seems they knew about the power portal and as I’m speaking to you it has been……”


It has been what?…….what happened to the project?” Ruzzy interrupted.


You must have heard the explosion, the Portal has been destroyed” the commander said.


What!….Noooo” Ruzzy shouted.


How did they knew about the portal?…..are you saying we have a traitor among us?” Ruzzy said angrily.


Actually I know who the traitor is” commander said.


Who?” Ruzzy asked.


It’s Seunnzzy” he replied.


Seunnzzy?, That traitor?…..a disgrace to his own clan” Ruzzy said.


He seems to know about it….which makes him brought these people ” the commander said.


I want you to dispatch everyone at them immediately, use every weapon at them…..use everything I want them all dead” Ruzzy said.


General, I don’t think we want to do that” the commander said.


Why do you say that?” Ruzzy asked.


One of our drones in the outer city caught the six of them came out of a Portal and the portal closed” he said.


A portal?” Ruzzy asked.


Yes general and it seems one of them possessed the power to create a Portal and if we could get them to open a portal for us……then there’s a way out for us” he said.


You’re right and I know exactly what we need to do……..Get the newly invented Cerebrum collar and use it on them” Ruzzy said.


Yes sir” he replied.


I want them captured” Ruzzy said.


Understood Sir, what about Seunnzzy?” The commander asked.


Deliver me his head” general said.


Sure Sir” the commander said then left.




Junior and the boys were waiting for Seunnzzy and the ladies to come out but they didn’t see them.


What’s taking them so long?” Junior shouted.


I don’t know” Joseph replied as they fight them back.


They’ve killed so many of the Chronicoms and they keep coming out after them then John spotted them at the other side fighting the Chronicoms.


There they are” he pointed at them.


Let’s get closer to them……we need to get out of this damn planet” Junior said then he struck them with lightening.


Just as he was about to head over to his wife then the commander shoot the Cerebrum collar at him.


The device caught him unnoticed and strapped around his neck and he struggled to remove it.


Just as he was about to remove it the commander pulled the trigger then he went unconscious and fell to the ground.


Joseph was surprised by this and as he went to check on him the commander did the same to him and he also fell down.


John looked around saw the device coming at him as well he shot at it and the device was destroyed.


He continue fighting the Chronicoms on his own then two device came at he strike one down but the other caught him and he fell.




On the other side Bisera saw the Chronicoms carrying her husband and the two.


No, my husband……. JUNIOR” she shouted and she went after them but suddenly the device caught her around the neck and she fell down as well.


What the hell is going on?” Mary shouted.


I don’t know…..but we need to go, we need backup” Seunnzzy said.


The commander send three devices at Mary and she jumped up high and destroy the devices in one strike.


Let’s go…..we are outnumbered” Seunnzzy said and they started running then one of the device caught her and she fell down.


“No……Mary” Seunnzzy said then he realized they are getting closer to him and


then he ran away.


The Chronicoms get to where Mary is and they took her away.


Make sure you find that traitor and bring me his head” the commander said then ten of them went after Seunnzzy.




On the ship Philip is very worried cause he haven’t heard back from them and he has been trying to communicate with them but no feedback.


Mr Johnson, do you copy?” Seunnzzy said.


Yeah…..what happened?….I lost you guys for a minute” Philip said.


We have a problem” Seunnzzy said.


What happened?….. what problem?” Philip asked.


They’ve been captured, they’ve all been captured” he said and Philip was shocked.


What are you talking about?…..where is my daughter?” Philip asked.


The Chronicoms have them…..we need backup immediately” Seunnzzy said.


No no…..this can’t be happening” Philip shouted.


I’m sorry Mr Johnson, but we really need to act fast to save them” seunnzzy said.


Alright, what do I do?” Philip asked.


Release Mr Rolland from the cage…..we are going to need his help” Seunnzzy said.


Alright…. I’ll be back” Philip said then went to where Desmond is being caged.




Desmond is laying comfortably in the cage and singing as well.



There is fire on the mountain


And nobody seems to be on the run


Oh, there is fire on the mountain top


And no one is a running



I wake up in the morning


Tell you what I see on my TV screen


I see the blood of an innocent child


And everybody’s watching


Now, I’m looking out of my window


And what do I see?


I see an army of soldier man


Marching across the street, yeah


Hey, Mr. Soldier man


Tomorrow is the day you go to war


But you are fighting for another man’s




And you don’t even know him



Ooh, what did they say to make you so




To your conscience and reason?


Could it be love for your country


Or for the gun you use in killing?



So, there is fire on the mountain


And nobody seems to be on the run


Oh, there is fire on the mou……….”


He stopped when he see Philip unlocking the cage.


I guess the mission is complete but your countenance is saying otherwise” Desmond said then he came out.


We’ve got a problem?” Philip said.


What do you mean problem?…..what Happened?” Desmond asked.


They’ve been captured….. Seunnzzy informed me just now….he needs backup” Philip said.


How is that possible?….. they’re too powerful to be captured” Desmond said in disbelief.


I don’t care how……I just want to get my daughter back” Philip said as they got back to the control room.


How do we beat them when the most powerful being on Earth failed?” Desmond said.


Seunnzzy, are you there?” Philip said.


Yes…..have you got him?” Seunnzzy asked.


Yeah…. he’s right here” Philip replied.


Seunnzzy…… tell us what happened” Desmond requested.



We succeeded in destroying the power portal but I don’t know what they used to capture them” Seunnzzy replied.


Okay….at least now we can be sure that none of those bastard can come to earth since the portal is destroyed” Desmond said.


I wouldn’t be so sure of that….. remember there’s someone capable of creating a Portal, and right now he’s been captured” Seunnzzy said.


Oh God, this is bad” Philip said.


Wait but he can’t help them open a portal, can he?…….He would never do anything to put the whole world in danger” Desmond said.


You have no idea what my people are capable of…..they can make you do things you don’t want to do” Seunnzzy said.


I guess we’re dead after all”






















{World In Danger}




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