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Sarah’s POV



I made my way into the marbella and suddenly received a text message, I looked on the screen and saw mom, I dropped my phone back. Its not a good time to chat her and I’ll reply her later. I zipped my hand bag.I bumped into someone,


“oh my god I’m sorry” I said and looked up to see a tall muscly dude, correction handsome muscly dude..


“it’s okay” he said and picked up his coffee cup because the coffee was on the floor, spilled coffee which I caused,..


“I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my coffee cup” he said and smiled, and he had that smile that could send a sad person to a happy world


“still sorry ” I said and he scrunched his nose and said “no worries, I’m Owen by the way I work here and you ”


“I’m Sarah and you’re delaying me for my interview ” I said smiling and he said “oh I’m sorry, well I’ll see you soon sarah hope you get the job ” he said and I smiled and nod


“and if you want to get there fast for your interview take the right elevator the left one is a psycho” he Said and I laughed and thanked him.. .



I got to the floor of my destination and walked out of the elevator and saw a door, this must be the place, I said to myself and opened the door and entered. Oops it looked like I was late. I saw a man directing some other ladies like me what to do and what not to do. looked like I was not the only one who had came for this job..


I saw a dude seated at a table at the center of the room looks like he was the boss.


He seemed busy flipping a magazine from page to page .


“well well well, and you’re ?” the man directing us asked and I looked at the name tag on his shirt, he was the assistant CEO .


“I’m.. Sarah Sydney” I said as boldly as I can.. Immediately I said that the boss looked up and started staring at me..


“Sarah Sydney you’re late and that shows that you’re not responsible so if I may, get out” the rude assistant CEO said to me and i felt like slapping his head out of his body..


“but I’m sorry i..


“quiet and leave ”


The assistant CEO whose name was Ken said.


I gave him a glare and was about to walk out when the boss said “stop” I stopped and turned and looked at the CEO clearly “m.. Me” I asked and he nodded. He looked a little familiar but charming, he had a little shaped beard under his mouth and above his lips and had a manly dimple, strangely familiar..


“yes, you! ” he replied his voice was thick and heavy that it made my heart beat go fast..


“but sir, she came late and


“silence, you can get on with the interview for the rest but she, she’s hired, not yet but I’ll interview her my self ” the boss said and Ken looked at me before walking out and the other girls followed him..


He told me to sit down on a chair in front of him and I slowly did, what the hell was going on. I quickly put on a small fake smile.. “so Sarah Sydney right? ” he asked


“yes” I replied and nod


“okay let’s see” he said and smiled


“age? ”


“um twenty four ” I replied


And he nodded and smiled at me.. And I tried my best and smiled back I just Want


this job badly







It was her. it was absolutely Her, Sarah, she’s changed so much from six or seven years ago, she’s still the beautiful Sarah I know and still so matured I can’t believe she’s seeking for a job in my Company, she already got the job but one problem is she doesn’t really recognise me. if she did,she would have landed slaps on my face for being a pervert six years ago when I raped her, I remembered how she begged me to stop but I just wanted to have her, assuming I was intoxicated I would have let her go but I wasn’t. I was madly drunk and Samuel, my friend filled my mind up with dirty words that I couldn’t even control my self, “it won’t hurt ” I remembered when I told her that, but she just cried,


I remembered when I got home that night I wasn’t my self and when I became intoxicated.


The next day, I started regretting , I laid curses on my self and and stayed in my room all day. I wanted to hear from her but anytime I got to her house, her mom told me She was not available and I wondered what that meant.


still every day by day I regretted my actions and stupidness, I even stayed alone in my room crying that I raped the girl I loved, and till then I haven’t seen her up till now, and I’ll make sure that I make it up to her because what I did Is totally unforgiving..


“so… Tell me are you married” I asked I know it’s stupid but I’m just a little curious and she looked a little blown off


“no I’m not married ” she said and I breathed calmly “so tell me why do you want this job ” I asked, And she bit her lips uncomfortably “ I can

“it’s okay if you don’t want to answer though ” I said and she nodded.


“who do you live with” I asked


“my mom and my daughter ” she said




I thought she said she wasn’t married!


Or could it be my… No.. Maybe.. Who.. I don’t think so



“could you tell me the father of your daughter” I said before I could even stop my self.


“excuse me.. Uh” she said surprisingly


“sorry I.. Well that’s the end of my questions and also the interview ” I said and she breathed, I could have let Ken the asst CEO do the interview for her but no she’s Sarah Sydney, the girl I loved and raped.. Wow I am one big fool.. She breathed and waited for my suggestion or something


“instead of being a secretary for the first ward, which Ken is the head, why not be my personal secretary and trust me the pay will be good” I said.


“Yes!” she agreed immediately “I mean yes.. ” she said calmly and smiled .


“good ” I said and nodded, I may be giving her too much but she totally reserved it and she’s need it for her daughter, who knows that kid could be mine, I’m hundred percent sure.. Or maybe fifty percent sure..


“so sign here and come as early as possible tomorrow, your job starts tomorrow ” I told her and handed her a contract paper to sign as my personal assistant (secretary) and she did and she just couldn’t stop smiling… “so Mr.. Um


“Zachary ” I told her and she smiled


“Mr Zachary see you tomorrow ” she said happily and I nodded and she stood up and was about to walk away when I stopped her..


“so your daughter, sorry for asking, how old is she ” I asked


“five, five years old “she told me and I nodded then she walked away, happily. I wanted to ask her for her daughter’s name but I had already asked too much, I continued with what I was doing, but I quickly stood up and walked to my window behind me, and looked down and saw her Walking out of the building but bumped into Owen. The manager of our soap sales department..


He asked her something and she nodded happily and they both smiled and shook hands and she walked away.


I went back to my seat and sat down feeling a little jealous, why am I even jealous I don’t even deserve to be jealous after everything I did.. .











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