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Season 2 episode 8


Rosa POV


God!! What the hell is happening? The doctor, I will be found out for sure. I am so dead, I have to dissuade him from going to the hospital.


“Alex, there’s no need to go to the hospital, I am really fine, I am okay” I said.


“We have to go, it’s my baby we are talking about” he said.



“But we are both strong I really don’t want to go to the hospital. I hate it there” I said.


“We won’t spend much time there, only a few minutes” he replied and I stood up.


“I am not going anywhere” I declared firmly and walked into my room.


Alex POV


“Amelia” I called and hugged her with a wide smile.


“Why are you smiling so widely? What’s the great news?” She asked.


“I think Rosa is not pregnant” I said and she gave me a confused look.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“She doesn’t want to go to the hospital and when she came here I didn’t run a test to confirm if she was pregnant or not” I explained.


“Wow, how could we have made such a mistake” Amelia said.


“We just have to run a test now, but she is refusing to go” I said.


“Tell her you are taking her shopping then take her to the hospital or you could bring the doctor here” Amelia suggested.


“Let’s,bring the doctor here then” I said.


“I don’t get, you mean Rosa is not pregnant. I always felt like beating her up, I was only being lenient because I thought she was pregnant” Violet said walking in.


“We are not sure yet we want to run a test” Amelia said.


“It’s simple, I have some pregnancy test tubes in my room” Violet replied.


“Violet!! What are you doing with pregnancy test tubes” Amelia asked.



“Hmm, maybe for situation like this” Violet replied with a smile.


“How about Alex cooks for us?” Violet asked.


“You won’t want to eat poison right?” Amelia whispered and ran out of the room with Violet laughing.


Silly girls, one day, I am going to learn how to cook. Now I can’t play openly with Amelia or Emily because of this plan.


I sat down and called the doctor.


“Hello Alex” he said.


“Hello doc” I replied.


“I need your help” I added.


“I will be glad to help” he replied.


“I need you to come to my house to run a pregnancy test on someone” I replied. “Since when did you get married?” He asked


“Not yet but I will be getting married soon” I replied.


“And you got a girl pregnant?” He asked.


“I am not sure yet but swears you are going to be amazed when you get to my home” I replied.


“Okay, I will be there very soon” he said and I ended the call.


I have to make sure Rosa doesn’t leave this house till the doctor comes.


I went to her room and put on a fake smile. Fuck, the place was stinking and dirty. How can she stay in here?



“Hey, Alex, you are in my room, that’s quite surprising” she said and I nodded.


“Yeah but why didn’t you clean up?” I asked.


“Ohh, sorry about that. I was going to clean up when you came in” she replied.


“When are we going shopping?” She asked.


“In the afternoon” I replied.


“I want to go now” she said and held my arm.


“No, I still have some things to do and you wanted to clean up the room right? Just do it, I will be waiting in the sitting room” I said.


“Okay, I will be done in the blink of an eye” she said and I walked out of the room.


I really thought I was going to die in that stinking room.


I sat in the living room with Amelia sitting on the couch opposite mine, we were both smiling at each other and sending messages through our phones. TBC








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