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Season 2 Episode 6



Rosa POV


This is great, the next step is to seduce Alex but I should take things slowly because of my pregnancy.


I knocked on Alex’s room.


“Alex” I called, I heard some sounds but I couldn’t make up what they were.


“Ohh it’s you Rosa” he said and made way for Mr to come in which I did.


“What happened to you? I heard some sounds in here? Is there anyone here?” I asked.


“No,no one, I just saw a stupid ant” he replied and I smiled at himand


“Alex, I don’t know what you see in that girl called Amelia, what is she still doing here?” I asked.


“Just let her be, I even found out that Emily is not my child!?” He yelled and I caressed his chest to sooth him.


“It’s okay, I never trusted her” I said and helped him to sit then sat beside him too.


“Don’t worry, I and your baby are here for you” I said patting him.



Amelia’s POV



I looked at the both of them from where I was hiding, looking at this was only making me angry.


Should I interrupt them? Ohh no, If I do that, then the plans will be spoilt.


“Rosa, please go back to your room now, I need to sleep” Alex said to Rosa.


“I want to sleep here with you” Rosa replied, bitch.


“No, I need to be alone” Alex said.


“Then give me a good night kiss” she said and I could feel myself seething with anger.


“No, Rosa, you know how I am feeling, I am still angry at all that happened” Alex said and pushed her out gently.


I came out of hiding and sat on the bed, Alex sat beside me.


“What’s the next plan?” He asked.


“We get Violet to get closer to her, then find out a secret about her” I replied.


“Okay” he said and tried to kiss me but I pushed him away.


“Why did you push me away?” He asked.


“You told Rosa you wanted to sleep so go to sleep” I said and he frowned.


“Well, I will go to sleep after this” he said.






Rosa POV


God!! This is great, I hope it turns into pregnancy this time around. It was quite easy, how could Alex think that I will get pregnant so easily.



I will seduce him this time around and get pregnant for sure. Things are finally falling into place, I will be rich.


I went to bed smiling.



Emily POV


I walked around the mansion, bored nothing to do. What should I do? What can I do? I looked around and picked a pen and a note.


I drew Me, mum and Dad holding hands and pasted it on the wall. I don’t really know why they were yelling at each other today but I just played along.


I was on the way to my room when I passed by Aunt Annabelle room, I stopped and glared at the door.


This wicked woman, I know she’s the reason mum and dad are arguing. She deserves to be punished.


I tied a rope to the door handle and tied it to a bucket of water which I added a little bit paint that I found to.


I hope she dies, i climbed up a table, I hanged the bucket on air by tying two ropes to it and tying it firmly to another ends.


She opens the door, she takes a good morning bath, I smiled and went to sleep.


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Rosa POV


I woke up early and took a nice bath, I wore one of the long dresses which was white then tore it to the knee level, although it was Now a bit rough.


It was the best to make Alex fall for my seduction,it was tight and now short. I applied make up and made sure I looked extremely pretty.


I opened the door and felt some cold liquids emptying on my body, there was even the paint smell.


I opened my eyes and saw that my white dress was now destroyed with pink paint.



This is the handiwork of that bitch, Amelia or Emily.


“Amelia!!!” I yelled.




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