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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 32


Alex POV


I rubbed my eyes and looked again, it was Amelia.


“A..Am..Amelia” I stuttered.


“A..Alex” she called.


“Mum, do you know the king?” Emily asked.


“Mum? You are the..mother?” I asked scared of the answer.


“Yes, she is my daughter” Amelia said and drew Emily closer.


“Amelia, is Alex the guy you talked about?” Mum asked.



“Ma’am, please I don’t want to talk about this, I will have to go to my parents house now” Amelia said and rushed out with Amelia.


I ran after her and caught up with her.


“Amelia, you want to leave again like you did 7 years ago? You don’t care to explain why you left? You don’t care to know how I felt? You don’t want to know how I survived all these years?” I yelled at her and she flinched visibly.


“You are right, I don’t care about anything about you” she replied and stormed out with Emily.


I groaned and hit the wall, then walked back to mum.


“Mum, how did you meet Amelia and what did she tell you about me? Anything she said, she lied, she’s a f**king liar, she is a pretender, she doesn’t care, she doesn’t…”


“Alex calm down, she didn’t say anything bad about you” mum said and patted me.


“You are lying too, all girls are lying!” I yelled and walked to my room.


Amelia, how could you do this to me? I was waiting for you patiently all this while but you came back with a daughter.


I am sure Emily should be about 6, which means she was already seeing a guy before she left me. I should forget about her now.


Seven years, seven whole years and I was not able to forget about her but now I am finally going to let go knowing she has let go too.


I removed the necklace and stared at it, I should just throw this away, this cheap ring, I could easily get a beautiful one.


I threw the necklace away into the flowers around and walked into the house, I occupied a room.



Amelia POV


“Mummy, why are we leaving ma’am here?” Emily asked.


“Emily please don’t ask me any questions for now” I pleaded.


“But mum are you like this because of oppa, he is a nice person and he is…..”


“Emily, enough, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense right now” I yelled and saw her flinch slightly.


“Sorry but mum is really stressed out about something you shouldn’t know about” I said and she nodded.


We boarded a cab to my parent’s house, we arrived there and Emily rushed to mum.


“Grandma” Emily yelled as she ran into her arms.


“Ohh Emily you are here” mum said and hugged her.


“Emily come give grandpa a bug hug” Dad said and Emily hugged him but I wasn’t in the mood for any sort of jokes.


Emily POV.


“What’s wrong with your Mum?” Grandma asked.


“I don’t know, she has been like that since she saw Oppa” I replied.


“Which Oppa?” Grandma asked.


“I don’t know his name exactly….yeah mum called him Alex” I said and gave the


expression Mum gave when she called Oppa Alex.


“Alex? Okay, Emily continue playing with your grandpa, I have to see your mum” Grandma said and walked away.


“Come over here Emily, do you want to play chess with me?” Grandpa asked.


“Of course and little princess is sure to win” I yelled.



Amelia POV


What am I supposed to do right now? My heart wants me to go back to Alex right now but I can’t stand more hurt not even when I have Emily too


The door opened and mum walked in.


“Mum please, I don’t want to talk” I said but mum sat beside me anyways.


“Amy, Emily told me you met Alex, what are you going to do?” Mum asked.


“I don’t know mum” I replied.


“Then go get married and forget about him” mum said.


“Ugh? Mum you know I can’t forget about Alex nor get married to anyone else” I replied.


“If you can’t do that, then just let go of your pride and go meet Alex” mum said.


“It’s not pride, I just don’t want to hurt myself along with Emily too” I replied.


“Then you are selfish Amy, do you know how much Alex is hurting everyday? He calls me most times to ask of you, he still loves you” mum said.


“Mum! He doesn’t love me anymore, he just probably remembers me sometimes” I replied.


“We both know you are lying” mum replied and it was probably true, I knew I was probably lying.


“Okay but I don’t love him anymore” I said and mum broke into a long laughter.


“Why are you laughing?” I asked.



“Cause you are funny, you want me to believe that? Come on, you shouldn’t be lying to me” mum said.


“Mum please, give me a break, I need to think” I said and she nodded.


“Okay then, you can decide yourself now” mum said and walked out.


This is so confusing, what should I do at this point? Go to Alex? Or go back to South Korea? Going back to Korea is not a good option.


Alex’s mum will definitely tell him about my location and everywhere that I could possibly go to.


I sighed and three the blankets over my head. I need to clear my brain by sleeping.


Alex POV


I woke up during to the knocking on the door. I groaned and got out of bed sluggishly. Wait a min, what if it is Amelia? What if Amelia is here to apologize to me?


I ran to the door and opened it, I was quite disappointed to see mum at the door.


“Good morning mum” I said and hugged her.


“Good morning Alex, how was your night?” She asked.


“Great, I think” I replied and she frowned.


“Why, did anything happened to you?” I asked.


“Isn’t Amelia not enough?” I asked.


“Alex, don’t worry yourself over her too much, I am sure she is going to come back to you if you guys are meant to be just like I came back for your Dad” mum said and I groaned inwardly.



“Do you really think I can live without her for as long as Dad did? No mum, this past seven years has been hell without her” I replied.


“You guys are going to be together very soon” mum said and patted me gently.


“Take your bath and come downstairs for breakfast and I made breakfast too” mum said and I smiled.


“I bet it would be delicious” I said.


“Of course” mum said and rushed downstairs.




After breakfast, I was walking around the compound, sad, down, heartbroken. I saw a guy picking things, oh he is a cleaner too. He picked up something and dipped it into his pockets.


“Hey, what are you hiding?” I asked.


“Erm..erm..actually it’s a necklace” he replied and brought out my necklace, the necklace I threw away yesterday.


“Okay you can take it away” i replied and turned to leave.


I didn’t knew what carried me back to the guy. All I knew is that I was glaring at the guy with the necklace in my hands.


“Thief, anything valuable seen here should be taken to the owner of this house okay?” I asked yelling and he nodded and scampered away.


My beautiful necklace, so sorry for letting you go, I must have been out of my senses when I threw you away. Even if Amelia doesn’t come for me, you will always be mine.


Amelia POV


“Mum wake up, it’s morning” Emily yelled and shook me.



I saw up straight and rested my head in the headboard. I sighed and looked at Emily. Will she be happy if she knows Alex is her father?


“Emily, do you want us to go out?” I asked.


“Yes, maybe we should go to the amusement park” she replied.


“Done” I said with a smile.


“I will get prepared very soon” I added and Emily nodded before running out. I smiled, at least I got something to remind me of Alex.


Alex POV


I sat on the chair and watched mum and Dad playing around like kids. If Amelia was here with me, I won’t have been so bored.


Dad ruined things between I and Amelia, although Amelia also turned out to be a bitch,Dad played the important role and now he is happy. The world is so unfair.










Pop love


By Authoress Juliana


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