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Season 2 Episode 2


:* πŸ˜€ Amelia POV:-*


I woke up on the bed but there was no Alex. Where the hell did he go? Don’t tell me he went to meet that bitch.


I jumped out of bed and rushed to the room Rosa was occupying. I knocked on the door aggressively but there was no response.


What could they be doing inside? Kissing? No!! I knocked harder, kicked and kicked the door till Violet came out from her room.


“What happened so early in the morning?” Violet asked and yawned sleepily.


“Alex is in this bitch room” I replied and her eyes widened.


“What??” She yelled and joined me kicking the door.


Alex POV


Who is making that much noise so early this morning? I groaned and stood up from the bed.


Emily stood up too. “Dad, what’s happening?” Emily asked.


“I don’t know” I shrugged.


“Let’s see” Emily said and we walked out of the room to see Amelia and Violet hitting Rosa’s door violently.


“What happened?” I asked.


Amelia POV


I looked sideways and saw Alex. So he was with Emily not Rosa.


“I thought you said he was in Rosa’s room” Violet whispered.


“I thought so too” I replied in a whisper.


The door opened and Rosa came out with a smiling face but frowned on seeing i and Violet.


She was putting on make up, yuck artificial beauty, too much make up so early in the morning.


“Alex, I don’t know why she kept on yelling at my door” Rosa said and ran to hold Alex who avoided her like a plague.


That was when I noticed what she was putting on, it was a dress that stopped just right beneath her butt.


Is she trying to seduce Alex? No problem, I got a job then. Violet looked at me then at Rosa, then back at me.


“What’s she putting on?” Violet asked.


“Rags” I replied and Rosa glared at me, I laughed and Emily burst into tears.


I ran to her. “Emily what happened to you?” I asked.


“Emily are you okay?” Alex asked.


“No, get this Annabelle out of here mum. Dad, she looks scary” Emily said and I burst into laughter along with Alex and Violet.


Rosa stormed off to her room, then Emily burst into laughter too. I raised my hand up for a high five.


“Mum, did I do great?” She asked and I nodded patting her hair.


“You did really great” I replied.


“Wait, was that an act?” Alex asked.


“Yay!! Mum, my acting was SK great that even Dad thought it was real” Emily yelled happily.


“Emily, she was really hurt, what did I tell you about hurting people?” Violet asked.


“Sorry Aunt Vivi” Emily apologized.


“But I guess it’s okay to do that sometimes” Violet said and carried Violet in her arms then walked off.


“Now you, why did you leave me alone in the room?” I asked and felt him shiver slightly.


“Nothing but Amy you are a bit strange” he replied.


“How? Do I look like a monster? Ohh maybe it’s because I have not taken my bath yet” I said and rushed back to the room.


Rosa POV


I am not going to allow those guys to mock me any longer. I checked myself in the mirror.



How could that little girl say that I look like Annabelle. I am beautiful, that’s why Alex fell for me.


I have to push that lady out of this house and out of Alex’s life.


Thankfully, she doesn’t quite care about my presence. I will ruin her slowly. I smiled.


Amelia POV


I checked myself in the mirror, I didn’t look strange. What’s with Alex anyways? He has been behaving strange since Rosa came here.


I will deal with that later, I have something much more important to deal with.


Violet walked into my room and sat on a couch.


“What do you plan on doing?” She asked.


“Nothing much, just get her some new clothes” I said with a smirk.


“Baby girl, what are you planning?” Violet asked.


“Nothing,absolutely nothing” I said and picked the clothes I was going to wear.


Rosa POV


I looked at my clothes, I ad spent almost all I had on this sΒ£xy clothes and I really had to earn it back.


I walked to Alex and sat by his side but he moved to another couch, I sat beside him and he continued moving.


Amelia just barged in from nowhere and sat beside him and Alex didn’t resist. How long did this bitch called Amelia know Alex?


“Alex, I am going out. Bye” I said and waved at him but he ignored me.


I shrugged and walked out, I need to get some more killer shoes. I don’t care if j exhaust my money.



Alex POV


“Uhm…Ame..Amelia, I have to go out” I said.


“Oh no, I have not cooked yet” she said and stood up.


“It’s not necessary, I will eat outside” I replied.


“No, that’s not cool” she said.


“I will be fine” I replied.


“Okay then” she said and skipped to her room deliberately swaying her ass.


No, Alex!! This is your death! I went to another room, showered and dressed up.


“Emily, come give Dad a hug, Dad is going out” I said to Emily who was watching movies with Violet.


Emily ran to me and hugged me


“Be a good girl, I will get you some chocolates when coming back” I said and she nodded with a smile.


“Violet, I will be back soon” I said and walked out of the door.


I breathed out in relief, thank Goodness. I am free for now. God please lead me through, I promise not to ever make such a mistake again.


Amelia POV


I smiled as I looked at Alex driving out. I ran downstairs and held Violet’s arm.


“Emily continue watching your movies, we have something to do” I said and we walked to my room.


“Here you go” I said and threw Violet a pair of scissors and spray.



I took a bread knife and scissors, then we headed for Rosa’s room. I opened the door using the bread knife.


“Oh no, this girl is freaking dirty. Just a day in tus room and I can hardly breath” I muttered and Violet scrunched up her face in disgust.


“Let’s get to work” I said and opened the wardrobe that was filled with slutty dresses.


I cut every dress and clothes into pieces while Violet sprayed the clothes, then we squeezed the pieces and dumped them in the wardrobe.


“Amy,you know she’s a slut, what if she starts walking naked?” Violet asked and u gasped.


We ran out of the room and I picked my phone. I dialed Alex’s contact.


“Hello babe” he said over the line.


“Hey Alex, while coming home get me some long clothes” I said.


“What?? Long dresses? For what? No worries, how long should it be?” He asked.


“It will be okay if it can look more like a flowing gown” I replied and heard him gasp before ending the call.




Alex POV


Wait, is she trying to kill me then hide me in long gowns till she disposes me.


God! I am so dead!!






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By Authoress Juliana




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