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Season 2 episode 4



Amelia POV


I woke up beside Alex, even the second time still hurts :'(. I smiled and pecked Alex’s forehead.


He woke up.”Good morning, sleepy head” I said and poked his head.


“Hey, I am not a sleepy head” he said.


“You are” I said and stood up.


“Where are you going?” He asked.


“I have to take a bath” I replied and he stood up.


“Okay,let’s go together” he said and placed his finger on my lips to prevent me from speayelled


“Not having that argument we had seven years ago” he said and I nodded blushing hard.


“Now, that’s a good girl” he said and ruffled my hair that was rough already.


I went into the bathroom with him shyly.



Rosa POV


Which clothe should I wear today? I must wear something extremely irresistible. I opened my wardrobe and was shocked to see pieces of clothes instead of my clothes.


“Amelia!!!!!” I yelled angrily and stormed out of my room.


“Who the hell is calling my name?” Amy asked and I was surprised.


She was looking extra pretty today, no make up but she was more pretty. Her hair was curled at the ends, she was putting on a white sneaker, white ripped jean and white top too.


Alex came out in all white, same with Emily.


“What’s with all this dressing in white?” I asked.


“We are a family so we are free to dress up like this yunno” Alex said and carried Emily in his arms, then Amelia rested her head on his shoulders.


“Aren’t I a part of this family?” I asked.


“No, none of our family member looks like Annabelle” Emily said.


“I am going with you” I said glaring at Emily.


“Amelia, you can go, I will take care of this” Violet said and got in front of me.


“Okay bye” Amelia said and they walked away.


“Why should you always get into my way?” I asked.


“Nothing, I just love doing that” she replied with a smile.


“Why should you always behave like a faithful puppy to Amy, work with me and I will give you enough money” I said and she looked at me for a while.


“Okay, what do I have to do?” She asked and I smiled inwardly.


So easy, is this the person that Amelia calls a friend.



Alex POV


We played around the beach just like the perfect family I had pictured with Amelia.


“Why did you name my daughter Emily?” I asked.


“Your daughter? Are you forgetting that she is also my daughter?” Amelia asked.



“Maybe, just look at her, she looks so much like me, you should have named her Alexandra” I said and she frowned.


“Alex, I don’t like that name” she said and looked at Emily who was a bit far away from us picking shells.


“Then why do you like me?” I asked.


“I don’t like you” she replied and diverted her gaze back to me.


“What?? You don’t like me? Then I don’t like you too” I said and turned away from her feigning annoyance.


“I don’t like you, I love you” she whispered into my ears and I turned back to her with a huge smile.


“Show me you love me” I requested and she was about to kiss me when……


“Dad!!” Emily yelled.


“Yes” I answered.


“Take a look at this shell, isn’t it so pretty?” She asked excitedly.


“It’s so pretty” I replied and she skipped away again.


“I think we were in between something before she came” I said.


“In between what? Ohh we were discussing” Amelia said.


“Not that” I said.


“Then what?” She asked with a knowing smile.


“This” I said and tried to kiss her but……


“Dad!!” Emily yelled running towards me.



“Yeah” I answered with a forced smile.


“Have this shell” she said and stretched a beautiful shell to me.


“Thanks, I love it, it’s pretty” I said.


“Aren’t you going to get me a shell too?” Amelia asked.


“Mum is being jealous but don’t worry, I will get you one” she said and ran away.


“Must Emily always interrupt?” I asked as I pulled off my shirt.


“How do you see my abs? Do you wanna touch them?” I asked in a seductive tone and she gulped down nothing.


I closed my eyes in an attempt to kiss her but again, Emily is here….


“Mum” she shouted running to us.


“Here is your shell, it is more beautiful than Dad’s shell” she said and Amelia giggled.


“Thanks, mum loves you” Amelia said while I groaned and grumbled.


“Ugh? Why is Dad grumbling?” Emily asked.


“Nothing, he just loves grumbling” Amelia replied and I frowned.


Emily is always ruining the romantic moments.



Rosa POV


“Actually I don’t need the money, I will just help” Violet said shocking me.


“What?? Are you kidding me?” I asked.



“No, look at Amelia, she gets it all, a rich, good, handsome husband and a cute little daughter, she is too proud. I have hated her since high school and now this is a chance to ruin her again” she said.


“Again? Have you….”


“Forget about that, what’s the plan?” She asked.


“You find a way to create confusion amongst them, then I come in and take advantage of the confusion” I said.


“Confusion? Like telling Alex Emily is not his child and telling Amelia that Alex sneaked into your room at night?” She asked and I clapped.


“Perfect idea, you are the best to partner with” I said and my lips curled up in a smile.




Pop love




Pop love



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