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Season 2 episode 3



Alex POV


Maybe she will forgive me after buying this for her, I thought as I headed for the boutique.


I bought a lot of long clothes and got some jewelries too. I made sure they were plain.


“Hello, I am home” I announced and was welcomed by a smiling Emily.

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“Dad!!” She yelled and ran into my arms, I embraced her.


“How was everything? Did you have fun?” I asked and she nodded.


“Dad what did you get for me?” She asked.


“I will give it to you later” I said.


“What are you guys saying?” Amelia cut in.


“It’s a secret” Emily replied.


“Well your dad will tell me cause he doesn’t keep secrets from me” Amelia said and looked at me.


“Sorry, I can’t tell you. My daughter calls it a secret. It remains a secret” I replied and see frowned.


“And here is what you asked me for” I said and stretched the bags of clothes to her.


She stared at the clothes for a while before hugging me.


“Thanks a lot for the clothes” she said and hurried away before I could ask her why she needed the clothes.



“Emily, hope your mum isn’t annoyed?” I asked.


“Of course not, why asking Dad? Did you offend mum?” She asked and I nodded slowly.


“Yes, I really offended her but you don’t need to know about it” I said and sat on the chair.



Violet POV


Amelia met me in Rosa’s room with bags of clothes.


“You got new clothes for the bitch?” I asked in amusement.


“Yeah, check them out” she said and showed me some of the clothes.


The clothes were so long I am sure even if Alex wore it his legs won’t be shown.


“Girl, this dresses are amazing for bitches like her” I said.


“Yeah so let’s help her arrange it in her wardrobe” Amelia said and we got to work.



Rosa’s POV.


I got home and flung the door open, they were eating on the dinning table and talking about stuffs.


I walked over to Alex and tried to peck him but Amelia’s friend Violet pushed me away.


“Are you in your right senses bitch!” I yelled.


“You are the one who is insane. If not you won’t see the woman of this house on seat and try to kiss her man” Violet said.


“You bitchy slut!!” I yelled and slapped her as hard as I could.



Before Violet could recover, I felt a very hard slap on my face. It seemed like I was hit with wood.


I looked up with teary eyes and saw Amelia, she was fuming with anger.


“How dare you slap Violet?” She yelled at me.


“Who slapped Violet?” A male voice asked.



Violet POV


I looked at the direction of the voice and saw Adrian.


“It was this Aunty here, Annabelle, she’s as wicked as Annabelle too” Emily cried.


Adrian walked to Rosa and slapped her too.


“Alex” she gasped.


“Ohh, guys please stop” Alex said and stood in front of Rosa.


Amelia glared at him and walked away with Emily.


Adrian POV


Alex ran after Amelia and Rosa ran away to her room sobbing.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


“Yeah” Violet replied.


“Would you like to stay at my house if you are getting bullied here” I asked and she laughed.


“Bullied? I am not getting bullied, the fact is that I am enjoying this show and I not going to miss this show” she said.


“But why are you here?” She added.


“I just felt like seeing you” I replied.



“Adrian, I think it would be better if you leave now. The drama in this house is not for you” she said.


“Hmm okay, I will be leaving. Call me if you need anyone” I said and waved at her but was pleasantly shocked when she pecked my cheek.


“Good night” she said and ran off.


I touched my cheek and smiled. Finally, I got a peck from her. Seven years and still after just one lady.




Alex POV


“Amelia, please open up” I said knocking the door.


After knocking for about 3 mins, the door was opened by Emily.


“You are a bad man, you made mum cry” she said and ran out.


God!! What the hell is happening? I got inside and saw Amelia sitting on the bed with her back facing me.


“Amelia, I am really sorry but I just didn’t want things to get out of hands, it’s not like I was defending her” I said and held her shoulders.


“Alex, let me be” She said still not looking at me.


“What’s wrong?” I asked.


“What’s wrong?? I should be asking you that question Alex, you pushed me away yesterday when I tried kissing you, you didn’t sleep by my side, you defended Rosa, this are all signs that you don’t love me anymore” she yelled.


“No, that’s not it….”



“Alex, I understand you. You are keeping me here because of Emily but you really don’t need to, I and Emily can vanish from your life tonight” she said and I hugged her.


“No, please don’t leave me again” I pleaded.


“Then why are you like this?” She asked.


“Because I am afraid” I spilled before I could get a good of my tongue, she pulled back from the hug.


“Afraid of what?” She asked.


“Yesterday night, I was afraid that you were giving me the last kiss and you were going to leave me. While I was sleeping I had a dream that you killed me because I got Rosa pregnant” I said and she burst into laughter.


“Wait, that’s what you thought? Alex can’t you just be a bit strong? Alex, I want you to know that as long as you want me in your life, I would be here” she said.


“Really? Thanks Amy” I said and kissed her slowly.


“I love you so much” I said.


“I love you too Alex” she whispered and kissed my jawline.








Pop love



By Authoress Juliana


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