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Episode 33


Alex POV


Why should I stay here anyways? I should be with Amelia. This time around, she is in town I won’t let her get away from me but she has a daughter too.


That’s not a problem, the girl looks cute and adorable. I will take her as my daughter. Amelia,your darling Alex is coming for you.



Amelia POV


“Would you like to try out that scary ride?” I asked and Emily nodded happily.


“Then let’s go” I said and we walked towards it but was interrupted by some guys.


I looked around but there was no one, why am I just noticing that this place is quite deserted. Just came back and I am in a mess.


“Mummy, I am scared who are these guys?” Emily asked.


“Princess, I will be your loyal guard” I said to her and cracked my knuckles, it’s been a while I beat someone up.


I was almost done with the guys when Alex approached me. Why the hell is he here?


“Gosh I totally forgot about your skills” he said and carried me in his arms, I gasped and hit his chest.


“Drop me” I said glaring at him.


“No, I am not going to do that” he said and someone covered my nose with a face towel, I dozed off.



Alex POV


You think I am cruel? I am not, Amelia is the cruel one and this time around that I got er, she is not going anywhere.


“What did you do to mummy?” Emily asked.


“Nothing, she just fell asleep. Come let’s go drop mummy at my house” I said and looked at Amelia who was sleeping peacefully in my arms.



Amelia POV


I woke up on a king size bed, I looked around the room. It was huge and classy. What the hell am I doing here anyways?


The door opened and Alex walked in with his hands in his pockets. He stood beside the bed and rested his weight on one leg, he looked extremely sΒ£xy


I looked away, if I stare at him too long, I swear I am going to kiss him.


“What do you want to eat?” He asked and I remembered the first time he cooked for me, how terrible the taste was.


“Why are you smiling?” He asked.


“Ugh? Me? I wasn’t smiling” I replied.


“What am I doing here?” I asked.


“You are doing nothing other than resting” he replied.


“Where’s Emily?” I asked.


“She’s sleeping in my room, she’s really cute and I like her” he replied. What did I expect? They were still related.


“We are going to be leaving right now” I said and stood up from the bed.


Alex pulled me back making me fall on his laps with a slight gasp. “Amelia” he called, his voice low and enticing.


I jumped off his laps and glared at him.


“Alex, I didn’t come here for you so just let me be” I replied.


“Amy, you left me because I was not with you then but now I will make sure you don’t ever leave me” he replied.


“Alex I already have a daughter” I said trying to dissuade him.


“Yeah, who is Emily’s father?” He asked his eyes slightly displaying hurt.


“No one you should know about” I replied smartly.



“Of course, I must know. Amelia, who is Emily’s Dad? You left me and I waited for a whole seven years only for me to discover that you actually left me for a guy, why did you do that? Ugh? Did you ever feel anything for me?” He asked and gulped down, his eyes already teary.


“Alex I don’t want to have this conversation” I said and looked away trying to hide the tears,welling up in my eyes.


“No, we have to talk about this once and for all” he replied.


“Amelia, do you still love me? Do you still want to be with me?” He asked and I looked into his eyes.


“But I have a daughter” I replied.


“It doesn’t matter, just answer the question” he said.


“Erm..erm..Alex, I don’t like what you as doing, let me leave” I said and he ran his fingers through his hair.


“Just answer the dammed question!!” He yelled and I flinched.


“Okay I don’t love you anymore” I replied and he looked at the floor.


I won’t allow another problem to arise. It is better for him to be hurt this once and get over it.


“…you..can…leave” Alex stuttered.


“Okay” I said and ran out.


I checked the rooms and finally found Emily in a fancy room, I carried her and ran out.


I really can’t believe I did this. I told him I didn’t love him, I finally lost him.



I got into the cab still crying and wiping my tears but more kept falling. Emily was awake.


“Mummy, why are you crying?” Emily asked.


“I am not crying” I replied.


“But this is tears” she said and I wiped my tears again.


“It’s nothing” I replied.


“Is it because of Oppa Alex? Is he a bad person?” Emily asked and I shook my head.


“No,not at all. He is a nice person, he loves you, he loves me too” I replied.


“It’s a good thing to love so why are you crying?” Emily asked.


“No more questions Princess, you can’t understand it all” I said and she kept quiet.



Alex POV


Fuck them all! They are all bitches! They were sent to hurt guys. I hate you all! I picked my phone up and ordered for alcohol.


Few mins later, it was delivered to me. I gulped down the first bottle and remembered when I and Amy engaged in a drinking competition.


I threw the bottle at the wall in anger. Why can’t I forget her? Why does everything remind me of her? She forgot about me so I should just forget about her also!!


I crumbled down beside the bed and cried my eyes out. I was,willing to do,anything for her, even accepting Emily, I don’t care all I ever wanted was her.



Amelia POV.


I kept on tossing around on the bed, every now and then, tears kept in filling my eyes and I kept on wiping them.



I checked the time, it was 8:00pm. He must be asleep by now, he must have forgotten me. I lied to him, I hurt him, I am sure he hates me now.


I am really stupid but I guess it’s good this way. You are such a fool Amelia Hills,all this years that you have been lying to him, all what you did, did it stop the pains? No, you increased the pains.


I stood up from my bed and ran out of my room. I took a cab to the mansion I left Alex in.


This is weird, why aren’t they any guards here? I barged into the mansion, I ran to the room and Alex was on the floor totally drunk.


“Alex” i called and he looked at me.


“Why are you here? Are you here to tell me how much you hate me?” He asked and stoops up, I shook my head.


“Are you here to hurt me more? Are you here to make me feel more pains than the ones I have felt in seven years” he asked yelling.


“No, I am here to tell you how much I love you” I said and his eyes narrowed at me.


“You are lying again, what do you think of me? Coming and going out of my life as you please ugh?” He yelled and threw the bottle he was holding on the wall smashing it totally.


I moved closer to him and held his hands tightly making sure he wasn’t able to jerk my hands off.


“Alex I love you and that’s the truth, any other thing I have said to you was a lie” I said and clashed my lips on his tasting the alcohol on his lips.


He drew me closer to himself and held me real tight.


I swear, I am never leaving you again Alex.








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