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Season 2 episode 10(grande finale)


Rosa POV


I drove speedily out of the mansion, I looked back and saw a car coming after me.


Did they notice so early? Fuck!! I drove faster and I was surprised to see another bike coming after me.


It was Amelia on the bike and the speed she was driving with was one out of the world.


After a while, she was by my car’s side.


“Stop this car bitch!!” She yelled and I used my car to hit her bike making her bike fall.


Alex POV


Oh no, Amelia. Swears, I am killing that bitch.


“Alex please drive faster” Violet said.


“Amy” I muttered and drove faster, my daughter and my wife.


I swerved right in front of Rosa’s car making her car collide lightly into mine. I came down from the car and saw Rosa running away.



I carried Emily out of the car and gave sleeping Emily to Violet. I ran after Rosa, I am going to kill her for harming Amelia.


I don’t even know if Amy is dead right now.



Rosa POV


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me away from Alex, I knew how angry he was going to be right now.


that Violet, can’t believe that she betrayed me or why is she with Alex? All of a sudden, I saw Amelia in front of me.


I hit her right? How could she stand up again? She ran towards me. I turned back but saw Alex.


No!! Two crazy couple coming towards me.


“Please, Alex let me go” I pleaded as he got closer but my hair was dragged by Amelia and I let out a scream.


“This is for Emily” she yelled and hit by head on the wall twice, I struggled helplessly with her.


“This is for Alex” she said and slapped me twice that sent me sprawling to the floor.


“This is for trying to get my best friend against me” she said and gave me a punch in my stomach twice.


“As for me, I forgive you on my behalf” she said and freed me making me fall to the floor.


“Well, did you remember that I am here?” Alex asked and kicked me in the chest.


“Alex, it’s enough” Amelia said and hugged me.


The police eventually came and dragged me away.



Amelia POV


“I love you Alex thank Goodness, she’s gone” I said and looked at him.


“You are all bruised, you need to go to the hospital” was the last thing I heard and I blacked out.


. ****************


I woke up on a hospital bed, tired. I saw Emily, Violet Adrian and Alex looking at me.


I sat up. “Are you okay now?” Alex asked.


“Yes I am” I replied.


“Amelia, Adrian proposed to me” Violet said happily.


“Really? That’s incredible” I said and Emily drew closer to me.


I hugged her and pecked her forehead. I almost lost her to that bitch.


“How long have I been unconscious?” I asked.


“About 5 hours” Emily said.


“Violet, I am so happy for you but what do you think about a double wedding?” I asked.


“Ugh? What’s that?” Alex asked and sat beside me.


“We plan our wedding on the same day. A double wedding” I said.


“Yeah!!, that will be great!” Violet yelled.


“Mum is getting married. Yipee!” Emily squealed.


“I didn’t agree to a double wedding yet” Alex asked.


“What? Man, if our wives want it that way, they have it that way” Adrian said.


“If you don’t want that,then I am going to die” I said and pretended to faint.


“That doesn’t move me but I guess the double wedding will be cool” Alex said. Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


“You were moved” I said.


“The wedding will be in a week” Alex asked.


“Really? So soon?” Adrian asked.


“Yeah, I don’t want anyone after my babe” Alex said and pecked my lips.


A week later


Amelia POV


“I do” I said all smiles.


“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you……”


Alex kissed me before the priest could complete what he was saying. I released all my emotions into the kiss.


Finally, we are getting married after all the hurdles.


“Hey, wait till you get home” Violet whispered and I pulled away.


We walked down the aisle happily.


Finally we got married, I so much love this moment.


I love you Alex.





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