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Episode 34


Grand finale


Alex POV


i woke up the next morning, I looked around. Amelia was not here. Don’t tell me it was all a dream.


I stood up from the bed and there was a shoe on the floor. Evidence that Amelia really came here. I smiled and walked to the bathroom but she wasn’t there.


Did she leave again? I rushed downstairs and saw her setting the table. I sighed in relief.


“What happened to you?” She asked and gave me a peck.


“I thought you left again” I replied and she frowned.


“I am never going to leave you again” she replied.


“Is that a promise?” I asked.


“Yes, it’s a promise. No matter what happens, I will stay here and fight through” she said.


“Thanks” I replied.


“Come, let’s eat” she said.



“Eat? Your food? I am sure it’s not going to taste good” I said and she frowned before smiling.


“At least, it’s definitely better than yours” she replied.


“Whatever, let’s see what you cooked” he sai


After we were done eating we sat down to watch a movie.


“Amelia, what about Emily? When are you both moving in?” I asked.


“Alex are you really going to take Emily in?” She asked and I hesitated before nodding.


“She’s your princess and you can’t cone here without your princess and also I like Emily but where is Emily’s father?” I asked.


“Do you want to know about him?” She asked and I nodded.


“He is handsome, he is an awesome guy, he loves me and I love him too. He is really great and fun to….”


“Hey stop praising another guy so much in front of me” I cut her off quite angrily and she chuckled pissing me off the more.


“Why are you chuckling? What’s funny?” I asked.


“I am not praising another guy, I am praising you” she replied and I raised a brow in confusion.


“No you are praising Emily’s Dad” I said.


“I am praising Emily’s Dad and praising you at the same time” she said and I groaned inwardly.


“I still don’t get you, go straight to the point Amy” I said.


“You are still dumb, you are Emily’s Dad” she landed with a smile.


“Are you kidding me? Amelia don’t try to fool me all because I accepted Emily doesn’t mean you have to force her on me” I flared up.


“Alex! How dare you accuse me of trying to fool you? Didn’t you deflower me seven years ago? Emily is the result, you should be happy I decided to keep her and not abort her” she yelled at me.


“But it was only once” I muttered.


“I didn’t believe it too but it turned out that way” she said.


“You mean Emily is my daughter, I have a daughter, I am a father? This is incredible” I yelled and spinned Amelia round.


“Do you believe me now?” She asked.


“Of course I do, it’s evident Emily took my blue eyes and voice too” I said happily.


“No, she looks more like me” she argued.


“Whatever, I am not in the mood to argue with you. I have to see my daughter” I said and ran to my room.



Violet POV


I called Amelia the fifth time and she finally picked up.


“Hey girlfriend, what’s up? I have been to your house severally but you weren’t there where are you” I asked.


“I am in America with Alex” she replied.


“Really? Why didn’t you tell me? I on my way right now” I said and ended the call.


I am going back to America now. Finally my mind can be at rest that I didn’t totally destroy their relationship.



Alex POV


“Emily” I called and hugged her tightly.


“Did you also know?” I asked her.


“Know what? Oppa you are very handsome but why did you make mum cry yesterday?” Emily asked.


“I guess she was just too amazed by my handsomeness. Isn’t that right?” I asked.


“You know you aren’t handsome” Amelia said.


“Your mum is jealous of me” I said to Emily and she laughed.


“Emily, do you want to know your Dad now?” Amelia asked.


“Finally mum, you are going to tell me. Who is Dad? Where is he? Ugh? Tell me” she yelled excitedly and held Amelia’s skirt.


“Well Oppa Alex here is your Dad” Amelia said and Emily turned to me slowly and dramatically.


“Dad!!” She yelled and jumped on me.


“I missed you so much. I am going to show everyone that I have a dad now” she yelled still hugging me tightly.


“Emily, how about we go shopping and have loads of fun” I asked and she nodded.


“Yes Dad” she replied and swears it feels so cool to be called a Dad.


“Oh my Alex is here” Amelia’s mum said walking towards me.


“mum, thanks for taking care of Amy and Emily” I said and hugged her.


“It’s nothing, I didn’t do anything. Your love did” she said and I smiled.



“We have to go somewhere right now” Amelia said and pushed us out.


I drove to the shopping mall and helped Amelia down.


“Wow, you both look good together” Emily clapped.


“Really? Come here let’s take a shot together” I called and we took several shots. The next day


Amelia POV


“Alex, my friend is coming to visit us” I said and sat by his side.


“That’s cool but wait a minute is your friend a guy?” He asked.


“Yeah, he is a guy” I replied lying.


“What?? A guy? No way” he said and looked away.


“Why? I really want him to come visiting” I said.


“No way” he replied and I laughed.


“I was just kidding, my friend is a female” I said amidst laughter.


“Stop joking around with me. Are you trying to make me jealous?” He asked and I laughed more.


My phone rang and the caller was Vivian (Violet). I smiled and picked up the call.


“Hey Baby girl. Are you in America already?” I asked.


“Yeah. Just landed come pick me up” she said.


“Okay on my way” I said and ended the call.



Violet POV


“Hello Carl” I said when he picked up the call.


“Hello Bella. Are you in America?” He asked.


“Yes, come pick me up” I said.


“Okay on my way immediately” he replied and ended the call.


We had been in touch during the years, he came visiting so many times. Disturbing me to date him, maybe it’s time to give him a chance by the ways.


After a while, Amelia came along with Emily, then Alex followed. My heart skipped a beat, I have to confess now.


“Violet?” Alex called.


“No, this is Vivian” Amelia countered.


“Actually Amelia, I am Violet, the same Violet you know but I am changed” I said and she shook her head.


“No, that’s not possible” she muttered and I held her shoulders but she jerked my hands off.


“Amelia, I swear I have changed. I have been your friend all this while, did I ever betray you?” I asked.


“It doesn’t change the fact that you betrayed me once!” She yelled.


“Amelia, forgive her. She’s really changed, I swear I know that Violet is changed” Alex said.

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“Alex how can you trust her? Did you forget what she did to you? What she did to us?!” Amelia yelled and walked away.


“I will go after her” Alex said and ran after her



I sighed, I thought Amelia will accept me immediately after I tell her about it but I guess I was wrong.


“Aunty Vivian what’s wrong?” Emily asked.


“Nothing” I said and patted her.



Amelia POV


“Hey Amelia forgive her. Look we are together now, we love each other. All her plans failed and now she changed please forgive her” Alex said holding my arm.


“Alex, stop acting like you don’t know what she did” I replied.


“I know but do you remember that you offended me severally too but I forgave you, forgive her too” he said and I sighed.


“Okay but it’s for you” I replied and he hugged me.


“Thanks” he said and we both walked back to Vivian or Violet or Bella. So many names.


When we got back to her Adrian was there too.


“Vivian it’s okay, let’s just forget about the past” I said and hugged her, she nodded and hugged me back.



Alex POV


I will propose to her when we get home, I smiled. Time to get married to your only love Alex.


“Adrian, it’s been a long time” I said and shaker him, I didn’t really like the guy.


We all drove back home chatting about stuffs.


“Oppa Adrian and Aunty Vivi looks good together” Emily said as I pulled the car to a halt.


“Let’s go in” i said and got down.



We settled down in and drank wine while Emily drank juice. I went to my room and opened the ring box.


I smiled and walked back to meet them.


“Amelia, you have always made me feel different. The feeling when I am with you is heavenly and I want to feel that heavenly feeling again, so Amelia Hills. Would you marry me?” I asked and went down on a knee.


“Don’t deceive yourself, no one is getting married” someone said and I turned to see Rosa, one of my bitches.


“Why are you here Rosa?” I asked pissed off.


“I am here because of you, Alex I am pregnant”


End of Season 1 of pop love.




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