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Season 2 episode 7



Amelia POV


I heard my name being yelled and woke up. Who dares disturb my sleep? I stood up from my bed and went towards the direction of the voice.


I couldn’t help it, I had to laugh out loud,Rosa really looked like Annabelle right now.


She was like a pink man, her dress was now pink, her face was pink.


“You did this right?” She yelled and I frowned.


“I didn’t do anything so don’t accuse me for what I didn’t do” I warned and Violet and Emily came out.


“You look so beautiful today, you look like Barbie” Emily laughed.


“Aaargh!! I am going to make sure my Alex throws you all out of this house today” she yelled and ran back into her room.


“Violet, did you do that?” I asked.


“Of course not, I didn’t” she whispered.


“Emily!!” I yelled ad she ran off but I caught up with her easily.


“You shouldn’t do things like that, she’s older than you” I said and she stopped smiling.


“I just didn’t like the way she was making you and dad fight” she replied.


“It’s okay, mum will deal with herr. Don’t get involved with Annabelle, you know how horrible Annabelle is” I said.


“Yes mum, I won’t do anything any more” she said and ran off.


Just like me too, she started making trouble at a going she like me,I smiled.



Rosa POV


I washed and scrubbed hard, the paint still had it smell on me. I so much hate this people.


I need to say something against them so that they can be sent out by Alex.


After about 30 mins of hard scrubbing, I walked out of the bathroom and dressed up in the baggy clothes.


I applied light make up, I didn’t feel like using much make up since the first one was ruined. I opened the door and waited a bit.


When nothing fell, I walked out and saw that the floor was cleaned already. I looked downstairs and saw some maids working .


I have to deal with Amelia. I walked to Alex’s room. Didn’t he hear about what happened to me? Or doesn’t he care? He definitely didn’t hear about it.


I knocked on his door and in a few secs, he opened the door and with a smile. He smiled at me and paved way for me to come in.


“Good morning Alex” I said and pecked his cheek.


“Good morning Rosa” he replied.


“How was your night?” He added.


“Horrible” I replied.


“Ugh? What happened?” He asked.


“I knew it, you didn’t know about it” I said.


“Amelia and Emily poured a bucket of paint on me” I said and he gasped.


“Those bitches” he muttered.


“Yes, so I was thinking that they should leave this house already” I said.


“Oh no Rosa, they can’t just leave like that” he said.


“Why? After all, Emily’s not yours” I replied.


“We still plan on doing a DNA test to confirm” he replied and my heart skipped some beats.


“But I don’t want them around” I said pouting.


“Just for a little while, just a bit more time and I am going to kick them out” he said.


“I hope it’s soon, cause I don’t want to have a miscarriage, they are giving me too much troubles” I said.


“It will be soon and don’t worry, I am sure our baby will be strong for us” he said and I smiled, he’s so caring.


“We will go shopping later in the day” I said.



“Of course, anything for my babe and baby” he replied.



Alex PO


No matter how I tried to look at Rosa as the mother of my unborn child, it didn’t work.


I didn’t feel any connection to the baby in her, I didn’t feel like I had a part of me in her.


Is the pregnancy really for me? Or is she even pregnant? She doesn’t show any symptoms of pregnancy.


How could I have been so stupid that she was pregnant and for me? I have to get a test carried out soon.


“What are you thinking about?” Rosa asked interrupting my thoughts..


“We should go to the hospital and perform a check up in you and the baby” I replied and I saw fear flash in her eyes.






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By Authoress Juliana


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