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Pop love



By Authoress Juliana



Season 2 episode 1



Amelia POV


“Who the hell is this Alex?” I asked looking at Alex who was staring at the so called Rosa confusedly.


“I…I..I..” Alex opened his mouth to say something but shut it up again.


“Alex, I need an explanation” I yelled.


“I will explain things to you” Rosa said.



“Don’t you even say a word before I rip out your tongue from your mouth” I said glaring at her.


“You can’t do anything cause I am pregnant for Alex” she said and held Alex’s shoulders but he jerked her hands off.


“Why pretend? You once touched her, that’s how she got pregnant” I yelled.


“Amelia, this is all a misunderstanding” Alex said.


“This is no misunderstanding Alex, you know what you did and you can’t deny the fact that you are the father” Rosa said.


I couldn’t take it any longer, I grabbed Emily and ran out of the living room. Why did things turn out?


Just when I thought everything was becoming perfect. Alex, you betrayer, you made someone else pregnant.


I fee like killing you but if you think I am going to leave you because of this, then you are wrong.


“Mum what happened between you and dad?” Emily asked.


“Nothing” I replied and heard a knock on the door.


I opened the door to see Vivian, ohh Violet.


“Can I come in?” She asked and I paved way for her to come in.


“Amelia, I understand how you are feeling right now?” Violet started And I laughed.


“What’s funny?” She asked.


“I am not feeling anyhow. You think I am annoyed or angry? Of course not. It’s normal Alex is a guy” I replied.



“You are fine with that lady down there?” She asked.


“Of course not but not to worry. She will be gone soon” I replied.


“Really? I can help you know but let’s take things easy. You know she’s pregnant” Violet said.


“Cool, I have someone on my team” i said.



Alex POV


“Rosa, how much do you want exactly?” I asked.


“I don’t need any money from you, instead I want you” she replied seductively.


“Rosa, you can’t get me. If you know that’s what you want then I guess you have to leave cause I don’t have myself. Amelia has me so if you want me,you will have to go meet her” I replied.


“Well, which room am I staying in?” She asked and I furrowed my brows in confusion.


“What?? Rosa, I think you should get out right now” I said pointing at the door.


“No one is getting out, Rosa you are welcome to our humble abode. Make yourself comfortable” Amelia cut in and I looked at her.


“Ohh thanks but still be careful cause I don’t like sharing my Alex” Rosa replied and Amelia smiled.


“Of course, I will be very careful” Amelia said and Rosa walked over to a room.


Amelia made to walk away but I held her hands.


“Amelia, I beg of you. Please don’t leave me, I made a mistake” I said and went on my knees.


“Please don’t leave me alone, I might really die this time” I pleaded.


“Who said I was leaving?” She asked.


“You aren’t leaving?” I asked.


“Why will I leave? My husband is here so why will I leave?” She asked and snatched the ring from me.


She wore the ring and raised them up, she stared at the ring smiling.


“It’s really pretty, when are we having our wedding?” She asked but I just stared at her dumbfounded.


“Darling speak up, okay then. I will be in our room” she said, pecked my cheeks and walked away.


This act is scary. Why isn’t Amelia angry that I got a girl pregnant? Her attitude is really giving me creeps.


I couldn’t go to the room, I was too scared to do so. I got my phone and searched the internet.


You get someone else pregnant and your


Wife isn’t annoyed, what could it mean?


She’s gonna kill you soon.


I read the first one and got chills, is that why she asked me to come to the room.


She’s planning something evil.


Just run away from her.


Your home is going to be hell.


Stay as far as possible from her.


She’s going to kill the girl



Well if she kills Rosa, that’s good. I thought to myself and smiled.


She’s going to run away from you


She will make sure she gets everything you have then run away from you. It’s sure, she’s gonna kill you


I threw the phone away, no good ideas there. But will Amelia kill me? No, she can’t kill me, she loves me more than that.


I picked up the phone. I decided to check the net again.


How far can a woman anger go?


They can go to the extent of killing.


They can do anything.


They can do the worst things


When a woman starts her revenge, even Satan sits to learn


I dropped the phone. Why is everything about death? Are they really serious about the death?


“Alex aren’t you going to sleep?” Amelia asked and my body shook.


“I am coming, just a bit more” I replied and she moved closer to me.


“You are sweating, should I make you a cold bath?” She asked.


“No, not at all. I am okay, you go to our room, I will join you soon” I replied and she nodded then went back to the room.



I sighed in relief and rested on the chair. Today was supposed to be my happiest day but Rosa ruined it all.


I stood up and walked to my room. Amelia was in her nightie smiling at me, I smiled back at her nervously.


“Is Adrian and Violet still here?” I asked.


“Only Violet, she’s my friend so she will be staying here for a while” she replied and I laid on the bed beside her.


I looked at her and looked back immediately.


“Alex, why do I feel like you are keeping a distance?” She asked.


“What? Me? No, of course not” I replied.


“Okay then” she said and looked away.


She suddenly turned to me and kissed me. Wait, is this a goodbye kiss? Or my last kiss on earth.


I pushed her off afraid. She looked confused and hurt.


“What happened? Why did you push me away? Don’t you like me again?” She asked.


“No, that’s not it. It’s just that…it’s just that… Forget it Amy but that’s not what happened” I replied and she nodded then slept off.




“Good bye Alex” Amelia said holding a knife.


“You hurt me so much, I hate you. How could you get another girl pregnant?” She asked and wiped her tears.


“Bye Alex, I will take care of Emily” she added and dug the knife into my chest.




I woke up sweating and shivering, Amelia was sleeping peacefully. I will rather go sleep with Emily.


I went to Emily’s room and snuggled under her blankets.




Brother Alex is afraid of death




Pop love



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