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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 31


Adrian POV



I rode my car to the hill, it was the best place to be at this moment, things just turned bad all of a sudden. I was pretty shocked to see a lady in a wedding gown trying to jump off.


“Noo!!” I yelled but it was too late, she jumped off already.


I made my way to the small forest below, this might be dangerous but I can’t allow someone to die.


After searching for about fifteen mins, I heard silent groaning and I headed to the direction of the voice, the lady was gasping slightly.


I carried her in my arms and ran back to my car, I rushed to the hospital.


A week later.



Violet POV


I woke up on a hospital bed, I fluttered my eyes open gently and saw Adrian, mum and Dad beside me.


“Are you okay? Bella” mum called worriedly and I nodded.


Dad hugged me. “Don’t ever try killing yourself, do you know how scared we were? How will our life be without you?” Dad asked.


“I still can’t believe that this is you, Violet” Adrian said and I looked away, he saw my ugly face.


“You look beautiful” he added and I looked at him. what is he saying, I know how ugly I am right now.


I looked into the mirror but was surprised that I had a new face, it wasn’t scarred.


“We allowed the doctors to perform the surgery on you” Dad said and I nodded.


“Really? Thanks Dad” I said.



“Do you still want to go back to Alex, we kinda settled things with the media” mum said.


“No mum, I don’t want to go back to him, I want to leave America for now” I said.


“That’s the right decision” Adrian said and I flashed him a smile.


“Where do you want to go to?” Mum asked.


“South Korea” I replied.


“But people knows you there too” Dad said.


“That’s the only place that kind of makes me happy” I replied


“Okay, but since you are still recovering, you will be going to Korea next week then” mum said and I nodded.


I laid back in the bed, I really destroyed things between Alex and Amelia, I should never have done that.



Alex POV


I stared at the pictures of Amy on my phone, I had all the pictures pasted in my room. As I stared at the pictures tears fell on their own will.


“Amy please come back for me” I muttered and kissed her picture.


No matter how late you are, I will always be waiting for you. I wore the necklace she bought for me, the gift she gave to me.


A week later.



Violet POV


“Adrian, you are a really good friend” I said and hugged him.


“You have been with me through thin and thick,I am sorry I disappointed you and made Amy leave” I said.



“I should be the one saying sorry for damaging your face” he said and I drew back in confusion.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“” he said. (Her last boyfriend that emptied acid on her face)


“What?? That’s impossible” I replied and I was beyond shocked when he pulled of a mask off his face.


He was really Carl, that monster but seeing him, I couldn’t hold back the emotions, I still loved him but he really hurt me a lot.


“So you came back because of Amelia right?” I asked.


“No, I came here because of you” he replied.


“Then why have you also been all over Amy” I asked.


“Because I saw this coming, I knew that you were going to try revenge, I knew you were going to get back at Amy, all this while, I knew about you but I didn’t want to expose you, I came close to you through Amy so I could protect Amy and prevent you from being hurt but I guess I fell for Amy along the line” he replied.


“Then go meet her, she’s the one you all want! No one wants me, everyone wants Amy!, you all should go…..” He interrupted me with a kiss, I struggled with him for a while before giving in.


He pulled away and I swallowed, I can’t believe that I allowed him to use me again.


“Violet, after everything I found out I still loved you, I still want you, not Amy” he said.


“You are lying” I said.


“I am not lying” he replied.


“You are a liar” I said.


“Violet don’t leave me alone here, please don’t go” he said.


“I have to go” I said and got into the car to the airport.


“Please drive to Alex’s mansion first” I said to the driver and looked out of the window.



Alex POV


I stared at the pictures, I had got my tiles decorated with Amy’s pictures, the walls, the cups and many other things.


There was a knock at my door.


“Who is there?” I asked weakly.


The door opened and a lady came in.


“Who are you?” I asked


“I am Violet, or Bella” she said. Bitch, she did another surgery. a sudden wave of strength rushed through me, I stood up and ran to her, I held her neck choking her.


“A…” she pleaded and I let her go.


“What are you doing here?” I asked.


“I came to apologize to you for everything i have done to you and Amy” she said and I scoffed.


“Really? After you destroyed things between us, after all you did?” I asked yelling.


“I am really sorry, I was wrong” she said.


“I am leaving for South Korea” she added.


“That’s better. At least you would be out my life” I replied.


“But I have to ask for your forgiveness before I leave” she said.


“It’s okay, I forgive you” I said although not sincerely.


“Thanks, I hope we can be friends” she replied.


“Cool, bye” I said and she left the room.


Alone, she left after destroying me, they are the ones happy and living me said and broken.



Amelia POV


Why am I feeling sick? I picked on my food, I couldn’t eat properly, once I tried eating something, I will feel like eating something else.


All of a sudden, I felt like throwing up, I rushed to the toilet and threw up.


“Amy, what’s wrong?” My Aunt asked. “Nothing, I am fine, perfectly fine” I replied “Amelia, you have to go to see a doctor” she said. “No Aunt, I will be fine” I replied.


“No I insist you are seeing a doctor” she said.


“Okay” I gave in.


“Get dressed, we are leaving soon” she said and I nodded.


After a while, we headed to the hospital,we were attended to immediately. Korean services are really better than America, just saying.



After a whole series of different tests including a pregnancy test, weird right? There’s no way I can be pregnant after once.


We were called to the doctor’s office and the doctor stared at Mr for a while before handing the test results to Aunt.


“Congratulations, you are pregnant” she said


What?? Pregnant? How come?


Three years later


Authoress POV


Amelia later knew that Alex was never shot but she decided to remain in South Korea to avoid more problems of heartbreak.


Amelia gave birth to a girl and named her Emily, she was sure Alex would love that name.


Violet met Amelia in college and they became friends as Violet tried her best to keep the who she is away from Amelia.


Alex decided to remain single forever to prevent another heartbreak.


Four years later


Amelia POV


“You have a meeting with the kang family” I said to my boss, she was a pretty woman, she was kind as well.


I have told her all about me and she doesn’t treat me like a PA, she treats me like her own daughter.


She has no one living with her too.


“Okay, how about Emily?” She asked.


“She’s in my room” I replied.



“That’s great, I brought her some clothes” she said.


“Thanks a lot ma’am but I will have to refuse it, you have done so much for me and Emily already” I refused politely.


“Not taking no for an answer, I know Emily would love them” she said and took the beg of clothes to my room herself.


I smiled, I am so lucky to have her as my boss, she’s like a mum to me.


I picked my phone and surfed the net, I clicked on Alex’s pictures. He had grown more handsome and he looked more matured.


Such a pity, I had to leave him but I swear I still love him and it takes a lot not to catch a flight and run back to him. I heard Violet died on their wedding day.


I sighed and walked to meet Emily in her room, she was playing with my boss, Miss Lisa.


“Emily, stop being like this” I scolded.


“Why mum?” She asked pouting.


“Amelia, why do you like disturbing us?” Ma’am Lisa asked.


“I am not disturbing you ma’am…”


“Are you telling me that I am wrong” she asked.


“No, not at all” I replied and she continued playing with Emily who was wearing a princess dress.


“Ohh, I almost forgot. I am going to America” she said.


“Ma? Oh yes ma”



“To see my husband, he contacted me and told me to come back to him” she said and I hugged her.


“You are so lucky ma’am, I am happy for you” I said happily.


“Mum, are we really going to America?” Emily asked.


“Of course not, mum here is the only one going” I replied and Miss Lisa hit me.


“Who said so? You guys are coming with me” ma’am Lisa said.


“No ma’am, you know I can’t go there” I said.


“Why mum? Why don’t you want us to go to America?” Emily asked.


“Because mum knows best” I replied with a smile.


“That’s not right, Emily. America is really beautiful, you would love to be there” Ma’am Lisa said.


“America, here I come, get ready for your princess arrival” Emily yelled excitedly.


“No problem then, the queen is coming with the princess” I yelled.


“Yipee!! Thanks queen” Emily yelled and bowed slightly like a queen.


“Then what am i? If you are the queen and Emily is the princess” Miss Lisa asked.


“Uhm..let me see, you are the queen dowager” I replied and she smiled happily.


“Come let’s take a shot” I called and we took a shot smiling.


We are more than friends, we are families.


Three days later



Alex POV


Okay, I will be there” I said and ended the call.


Why do I have to be there just because Dad wants to start living in another mansion, and mum us coming home? Hilarious.


They are all messing up their lives.


“Hey Bitch, get the f**k out” I said to the girl on the bed.


“But Alex, I want more of you, give me a place in your heart” she said and I scoffed.


“Heart? Sorry I have none, now get out!!” I yelled and she scampered away.


“Fool” I muttered.



Amelia POV


“Finally, America, welcome your royal family” I yelled.


“Wow, mum America is really beautiful” Emily said.


“Not as beautiful as Korea” I said.


“Emily, I agree with you, America is really beautiful” Miss Lisa said and walked away with Emily.


Wait, who is Emily’s mum here? Unbelievable.


We hopped into the car that was waiting already. My phone rang and it was Mum, I smiled and picked the call.


“Hello mum” I said.


“Hello Amy, are you in America already?” Mum asked.


“Yes, I am here and we are heading to my boss house” I said.


“Come visit us first, I really miss you, we saw you last year” mum said.


“Ohh, okay mum, I will come right away” I said and ended the call.


“Ma’am, I have to go see my parents now, please go ahead with Emily” I said and she nodded.


“Okay, I will send you the address of where you are going to meet us” she said and I nodded.


“Driver please stop” I said and the driver pulled to a halt. I alighted from the car, I took a cab to my parent’s house “Mum” I said and ran into her arms.


“Amy, you look more beautiful” mum said and I smiled.


“You too mum, you are looking more younger” I replied.


“When did I become invisible?” Dad asked and I laughed.


“You are not invisible” I said walking up to him.


“Then why am I not noticed?” He asked and I hugged him.


“Of course you are noticed” I said and he patted my back.


“Where is Emily?” Mum asked.


“She followed ma’am Lisa” I replied.


“You couldn’t bring my grand daughter to me?” Dad asked.


“It’s not that Dad, you know Emily really likes ma’am Lisa” I said.



“That’s not an excuse, and Amy don’t you think you should let Alex know about his daughter now that you are in America?” Mum asked


“No mum, I will do just fine with Emily” I replied.



Alex PO


“What a cute little girl” I mumbled and pulled her cheeks.


She smiled and her smile reminded me of Amelia, almost everything reminds me of her anyways.


“Oppa, my name is Emily” the girl said.


“Wow, pretty name, who are you here with?” I asked and a woman came in with Dad.


“Alex, this is your mum” Dad said.


“Okay” I replied simply.


You definitely didn’t expect me to run into her arms. Sorry I don’t have an heart, it was taken away by Amelia.


“Alex, I can’t believe you grew up this much” she said and hugged me, I hugged her back.


I really needed a mum, it wasn’t her fault. It was all Dad’s fault.


“Mum, I missed you” I said and she smiled.


“Mum is here and she is never going to leave you again” she said.


“Queen Dowager, is this your son?” Emily asked.


“Yes, little princess” mum replied, sounds strange, the word mum.



“Wow, that means he is the king, and the king should be the queen’s father, then the king the princess’s dad” Emily said and I chuckled.




“hello ma’am I am at the house already” I said over the phone and looked around.


“Ohh, I have seen you” I said and ended the call.


I walked towards ma’am Lisa, she was standing with Emily. “Ma’am” I called and she turned to me.


“Mum, meet the queen dowager’s son, the king”Emily said.


I looked at the supposed king and was shocked to see Alex standing before me, he was equally shocked too.








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