Sat. May 11th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 9


Alex POV


Oh no, I am naked before Amelia, I ran into the bathroom. God this is as embarrassing as hell.


How am I going to look at her? I shouldn’t have gone closer to her, I shouldn’t have tried flirting with her,now this is what it caused me.


I tied another towel and walked back to the room, to my relief, Amelia was gone.


The maids came in to dress me up and I didn’t protest or tell, I was feeling ashamed.


After dressing up, I took my phone and wore my head phones before heading to the living room.


Amelia was there, she looked away and I looked away too. I can’t look into her eyes, this is so embarrassing.


“Hey don’t even try telling anyone about what you saw” I said and she looked at me but I looked away.


“Saw what? What did I see? Ohh you meant that little d**k between your legs” she said and I turned to her.


“How…how…can…You say it’s little, I mean….” She smirked.


“Aissh, forget it. I am going back to my room” I said and made to leave.


“Yeah you should go back and deliberate on how to make it bigger” she replied and my eyes widened, I turned back to her.


“Shut up! Shut up!! Just shut it!!” I yelled.


“Yeah, yeah I will but a little advice, find a solution to it, it’s actually embarrassing” she said and walked to me, patted my shoulder.


“Follow my advice” she whispered into my ears before walking away.


I sat on a chair, I can’t believe she talked to me that way.


“God, why is it so stuffy?” I muttered.


But is my d**k really little, no it’s not she is just trying to frustrate me, or is she saying the truth.



“Whatever! Whatever!” I yelled


Monday morning


“Both of you have to act as good friends, you both tell everyone you are child hood friends and Amelia traveled out of the country and when she came back you both decided t go for a drink at a bar, then you got drunk and said nonsense, do you understand?” Dad asked and we both nodded.


We walked to the car and stepped into the same car, we created enough space between us.


“Uhm..Alex I am sorry for loosening your towel the other day” Amelia said and I looked at her quite shocked.


“Well it’s okay” I said and looked out of the window, the rest of the drive was silent.


We got to school and alighted from the car to the crowd of loud murmuring, cheering, paparazzi and reporters too.


“What do you have to say about the video of you and Amelia kissing that went viral?”


“Is the rumor going around true?”


“Is miss Amelia truly your girlfriend?”


I looked at Amelia who had a fake smile on, I cleared my throat.


“Actually I and Amelia are just friends, childhood friends until Amelia traveled out of the country and when she came back we decided to go for a drink and we got drunk, it was all under the influence of alcohol” I said and looked at Amelia.


Suddenly Amelia jumped on me.”let’s go friend” she said making emphasis on the ‘friend.


We walked hand in hand amidst the crowd with the bodyguards helping us out.


We finally got to my private house and I left her hands immediately.


“God, I can’t believe I did that, how am I going to face Violet?” She asked.


“All these acts end today” she grumbled and I walked out.


I stared at her retreating figure, I don’t want to be enemies with her anymore.



Amelia POV


I walked amidst the gossiping and murmuring students with my gaze to the floor.


“Amelia!!” I heard someone yell, that’s definitely Violet, I turned to her slowly and lifted my head up to meet her gaze.


“What Alex said, is it true?” She asked and I forced a smile.


“Of course, it’s true” I replied.


“But..but..but you said you didn’t know Alex on your first day in school” she said and bit my lower lip thinking fast.


“Yeah, actually I lied. If I and Alex weren’t friends do you think I would have gotten away with all I did to him?” I asked and laughed but Violet kept a straight face.


“Why didn’t you tell me the truth?” She asked.


“Alex told me to keep it a secret” I replied as we walked towards class.


“I don’t know why but I have a feeling you guys are lying” she said and I released a nervous laugh.


“Why would we lie? I asked.


“Well I don’t know but what sort of friend would kiss in public?” Violet asked.



“Violet, it was under the influence of alcohol and if you don’t believe me I have no other option than to leave you to your beliefs” I said feigning annoyance.


“Hey, that’s not what I meant but you guys are friends and nothing more right?” She asked.


“Of course we are friends and nothing more” I replied getting frustrated.


“Okay, I believe you” she said and I smiled.


“Great so how is Bryan?” I asked.


“We..we broke up” she replied.


“That bastard,how did it happen?” I asked.


“That day I actually saw him touching you but it’s cool anyways I know better then to trust any guy with my heart again” she said.


“Wow, that’s the spirit but I am still going to keep my promise of breaking his head” I replied.


“I think you already did that, he just left the hospital yesterday” Violet said and I laughed.


“Really? Just a few punches and kicks?”



Alex POV


I was playing a video game but my mind wasn’t really there, the game seemed boring.


I stood up, I should go and see Amelia, being with her is fun.


“I am going to class” I said and they all exchanged glances.


“Yes sir” they chorused and we all walked out.



Amelia POV


“Alex is here”


“Oh my gee”


“He came to class today”


“Gosh, who is here for?”


“Is my make up okay?”


“How do I look?”


“I hope he picks me out”


Alex finally walked in and I groaned. What the hell is this guy doing?


The teacher bowed in respect but Alex ignored him and walked towards me. I hope he isn’t coming to me, I closed my eyes.


“Hey get up” I heard him say and I opened my eyes, Violet had stood up already.


“Alex!! Look at me!!” A girl yelled trying to get past Alex’s guard.


Some other girls joined yelling and screaming. “I love you Alex”


God, how can they be this shameless? After a while the guards put them in their place but most girls were bundled out when their issues seemed out of hands.


“Violet sit back down” I ordered.


“Oh no that wouldn’t be possible, I want to spend some time with my friend” Alex said and Violet nodded before walking away to sit on on an empty chair.


Alex sat beside me and put an arm over my shoulders and I grumbled although his arms were somewhat comforting.



“Hey take your hands off me” I muttered and he gave my shoulders a little squeeze.


“Look forward and smile, we are friends remember?” He whispered into my ears.


“Hey continue with the class” he ordered.


“Yes sir” the teacher replied and I rolled my eyes..


“Sir? To a student?” I muttered.


“Yeah, that shows I am not just any student in this school, I am the star of the school” Alex replied.


“Shut the f**k up, dull star” I said and removed his arm from my shoulder.




Okay, I am sensing something




Pop love


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