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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 12


Alex POV


“Amelia, I am waiting” I said and tapped my foot on the floor impatiently.


To my surprise or rather disappointment, Amelia hugged Adrian.


I felt like strangling Adrian right at that moment. I walked away angrily, I can’t believe she did that.


I changed into a new set of clothes and left the game house.


“Hey stop the car” I said on seeing some clothes on display.


They are sure going to look goof on Amelia, I should get them for her.


Wait a minute, why should I get clothes for her?


“You can go” I said and looked away.


“Hey, turn back to the boutique” I ordered.


After all she said we are friends, there is nothing bad in getting clothes for your friends right?


I picked my phone and dialed Fred’s contact, surprised I know his name? Actually he has been working with us for over 8 years.


“Hello, can you please order someone to get me those clothes on display?” I asked.


“Yes, I will get them right now” he replied.


“No, no and no, get someone to do it” I said.


“Ohh, okay I will do that” he said and I hung up.


At home.


I opened Amelia’s door but she wasn’t in yet. Well what was I expecting? I left before her.


She is also with her male friend, no no that word makes me angry, Male friend.


I dropped the clothes on her bed, I am sure she is going to love them, I smiled to myself and walked out of her room.


“Sir Alex, I found this jotter in one of your clothes I was going to dispose, there was a song there so I decided to…..”



“Enough” I cut her short and took the jotter from the maid.


I walked to my room and checked the jotter, this song, it looks kinda familiar.


Ohh yeah, I wrote this when I was drunk that night right? Hmm whatever.




I was on my bed staring into space. It’s late already, won’t Amelia come home? Or is she back?


I stood up and checked her took, still empty. I returned to my room and drifted off to sleep.



Amelia POV .


“Bye see you tomorrow” I said and waved Adrian bye.


It was really fun being with him, I smiled as I remembered how we met, he is such a gentle man unlike Alex.


After I ran away from Alex, I stumbled upon a stone and almost fell and he helped me out.


I walked around the streets happily, it’s late already, time to go home. I have to get to the road and take a cab, can’t find a cab here.


“Hello pretty girl” some guys, actually 4 in number suddenly appeared in front of me.


“Hi handsome” I replied with a smirk.


“You look sΒ£xy, mind coming with us?” Another asked and stretched his hands to caress my cheeks.


I caught his hand mid way and twisted it.



“How dare you?” Another asked and charged at me but trust me, it didn’t take me 10 mins to take them down.


“Good punching bags” I said and opened my wallet.


“Take this money, use it in treating yourselves” I said and threw the money at them.


I walked away. “What are we going to tell boss?” I heard one of them groan.


Boss? Were they sent? Nay that’s not possible.


“Well that was cool” I muttered and jogged to the road, I took a cab to the estate.


Since it was a restricted estate,I had to walk down from the estate’s gate home.


So exhausted, I walked into my room and turned on the lights.


“Wow” escaped my lips as I saw the clothes on the bed.


The clothes were so beautiful, I put on the blue ripped jeans, it looked great.


I checked the price tag, $100,000 just for a jean? Does this guy really have to waste money this way?


None of my business anyways, I’m just going to wear these and be happy.


“A necklace” I gasped and checked it out, beautiful.


He really knows my taste, I smiled and plopped down to the bed.


Alex POV


“I love you Adrian” Amelia said.


“I love you too baby” Adrian replied.


“Promise you will always be here for me” Amelia said.



“I promise” Adrian replied with a smile and pulled Amelia’s cheeks making her giggle softly.


Adrian raised her chin up and made to kiss Amelia who was just smiling.




“Noooooo” I yelled as I woke up from the dream.


“Amelia, Amelia, that bastard called Adrian” I muttered and ran out of my room to Amelia’s room.


I pushed the door open and released the breath I didn’t even know I was holding when I saw her on the bed.


I walked to the bed, she was fast asleep and as usual, she looked pretty in her sleep.


I picked up the clothes that she had scattered on the bed. I folded them carefully although roughly, I don’t really know how to fold clothes.


I checked her neck, she wasn’t putting up the necklace, i checked around and finally found the necklace on the floor.


I wore it around her neck careful not to wake her up. I laid her properly on the bed and tucked her in.


“This necklace symbolizes our new friendship” I said to myself, smiled and returned to my room.


“It’s been a long day”


Unknown POV


“You weren’t able to get her?’ I asked furiously.


“We are sorry” they chorused.


“The four of you couldn’t deal with an high schooler?” I scoffed.



“She was really strong” one of them said.


“Fool, aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? An high schooler beat you guys up,you know what? Just get out!!” I yelled and they all scampered away.


Amelia Hills, I am coming for you, you won’t escape this, I will ruin you totally.


I laughed.




Sorry guys, just had to add an unknown POV


So who can guess the unknown POV?


Forget about that part,seems like something is happening to Bro Alex.



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