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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 16



Amelia POV


I heard the pulling of strings then a cracking voice which later stabled after saying a few words.


The time you said those words


The time you yelled at me


The time you did hurt me


Ohh, ohh I can feel the pains


The pains are overwhelming me.


I keep drowning with no one to save me


The time I spent with you


The time I laughed with you


The time I kissed you


Ohh,ohh those beautiful moments


Can’t deny this feeling


The fact is I love you baby


I love you baby


The feeling is supposed to be beautiful.


But you made all I feel pains.


Ohh, oh all I feel is pains


Alex sang beautifully but I could only think about the lyrics. I was making him feel pains, pains only.


This is the height of it,I can’t stay away from Alex,I need him badly. I barged into his room and he was there looking pale with dark circles around his eyes but he was still so handsome.


“A..Amelia” he stuttered out and I ran to him, hugged him tightly.


“Alex, I am sorry, I didn’t mean anything I said the other day, I swear I didn’t mean it” I mumbled against his neck, he hugged me slowly then pulled back.


“Amelia…I love you” he said and looked into my eyes for an answer.



“I love you too Alex” I replied and before I could say another word,he rushed me with kisses.


He carried me in his arms and took me to the bed not breaking the kiss, I wish this moment lasts forever.


The next morning


Alex POV


I woke up to see my princess, Amelia.


“Amelia, wake up, wake up” I said with a smile and pulled her cheeks.


She groaned before opening her eyes gently.


“Good morning” I said and pecked her forehead making her giggle sweetly.


“Let’s have our bath” I said and pulled her up.


“Let’s bath? Together? Us?” She asked and I nodded.


“In the same bathroom?” She asked again.


“Of course,Amelia we are dating now so what’s the big deal?” I asked with a silly smirk, I really enjoy teasing her.


“I…I..can’t believe this” she said blushing all over.


“I will just go to my room and bath” she added.


“What? No, I will miss seeing your pretty face” I replied.


“It won’t be long, Alex let me go, I swear I will be back soon” she said.


“Please, please please” I begged anf pouted cutely.


“Stop pouting.. You…make me feel like kissing you” she said.


I giggled and sat on the bed. “Really?” I asked and she ran away.


“No,no Amelia, Amy come back here” I yelled but she didn’t come back.


“Time to have a bath” I muttered and pulled off my clothes, tied a towel and walked into the bathroom.


Amelia POV


Gosh, he’s so sweet. Never thought I would fall for him but I did and I love it this way.


“Amelia, aren’t you done?” Alex asked,what a clingy guy.


“Just a sec” I replied and checked myself one more time, perfect.


I ran to the door and opened up.”wow you look extra pretty this morning” he said and pecked my cheeks.


“Thanks” I replied with a smile. We walked hand in hand to the sitting room and had breakfast.


We went to school together and as soon as we alighted the cheering started.


“Alex,I will have to leave you now” I whispered and he frowned.


“Do you want me to die missing you?” He asked and I chuckled.


“Of course you won’t” I replied and ran away.


I walked around school looking for Violet and Adrian, both of them needs to hear the good news.


They were worried about me and they were really helpful during the past one week. I finally saw Adrian alighting from his car.


“Hey Adrian” I called with a bright smile.


“Wow, what happened? Our Amelia is quite happy” Adrian said.


“I and Alex, we are dating now” I said and Adrian’s expression changed from being happy to anger.


“You and Alex? How could that happen? Why did you agree to it? How did it happen? Did he fool you?” He hit me with so many questions.


“Adrian, aren’t you happy for me? My happiness should be your happiness and…”


“My happiness should be your happiness too, I don’t want you and Alex together, it doesn’t make me happy” he half yelled and walked away angrily.


Such a mood spoiler but you can’t spoil my day, now where’s Violet? I’m sure she would be damn happy when she hears about this.


I looked around but couldn’t find her, I eventually went to class alone.


Unknown POV


Now is the perfect time to carry out plan B, but it won’t really hurt them since they are already apart.


But that won’t stop me. I picked up my phone and dialed my dad’s contact.


“Hello dad”


“Hey how are you doing over there?”


“Good dad, what I asked for the other time, it’s time for it” I said.


“Okay It’s almost done anyways”


“Thanks dad” I said and ended the call.


“Amelia Hills, let’s see how far you can hang on”


“Amelia Hills?” A familiar voice asked.



Three days later.


Alex POV


“Amy do you like it?” I asked showing her a new necklace, we were in my private house.


“Of course I don’t, I love it” she shouted with glee.


“But I already have one and I don’t want to let go of it yet” she added.


“The one you are wearing signifies friendship so I got another one for our love” I said.


“Wow, I will keep it well thanks” she replied and I helped her putting on the new necklace.


“Amelia, I was thinking about telling the whole school about us” I said and chewed the inside of my mouth, I wonder what her reaction will be.


“Yes!! Let’s go!! Can’t believe you took this long, did you know how long I was waiting to tell the whole world especially Sophie that Alex is mine” she said.


“Really? Let’s go then” I said and grabbed her hands.


We both walked with the usuals (guards) to the cafeteria and as usual we attracted a lot of attention.


“I have something to say” I said and cleared my throat.


All of a sudden, students began gossiping, whispering and mumuring among themselves.


“What’s wrong?” Amelia asked and I shrugged.


“Alex’s dad is in school”


“Alex’s dad is in school?”



Dad is in school? for what? Okay that’s a shock well a pleasant one.


“Oh my God!!!” Someone yelled.


“Alex is getting married” another yelled.


“He is engaged!!”


“What the heck?”


“It’s true”


“To who?”


“It’s all over the net already”


“Can’t believe this, who published this nonsense?!” I yelled and looked at Amelia who stared at me shocked, confused and kind of angry.


“I’m not f**king getting married” I stated and held Amelia’s hand.


Amelia POV.


Is this true? Is Alex truly getting married? To who? Who the hell is the bitch?


“Alex is this true?” I asked.


“Amelia,it’s not true, it’s a fake news” he replied looking confused too.


Unknown POV


I walked in with Alex’s dad, I am the bride, the future wife of Alex Hamilton.


Amelia Hills, this is only the first step in ruining you. I will ruin you totally using your only weakness, Alex Hamilton.


Amelia POV



“Alex, you are getting married” Alex’s dad voice thundered and all eyes turned to him.


“Your wife is right here” he said and I looked at the girl.


What the f**k?






Turns out our unknown POV is a girl




Pop love


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