Wed. May 29th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 8


Alex POV


I still couldn’t believe that Amelia was the one talking to me so gently, my gaze fell to her lips, I felt like grabbing her and kissing the hell outta her.


A tear dropped to her lip, I raised my hand up and wiped the tear with my finger leaving my finger lingering on her lips, she smiled a bit.


“I will be okay soon, be good” I said to her, I can’t believe I am talking to my worst enemy this way.


The next morning.


I was feeling good already, I stood up from my bed and walked to the bathroom.


I used the tub and laid there for quite some time before stepping out.


I tied a towel around my waist and walked back to my room. The maids were there already.


I sat on a chair and took my coffee. They started their duties.



After they were done, I dismissed them and wore a blue jean, white round neck top and a white jacket, with white sneakers.


I am going for clarification today, I have to clear things up with the media.


I walked downstairs and saw Amelia, I smiled when I remembered yesterday.


“Wow, my enemy is healthy so quick” she said on seeing me, I thought she changed.


“Yeah after knowing how much people want me dead, I decided to stay alive and deal with them” I said and she looked at me.


“Okay then, let’s see how long you can stay alive” she said and winked at me, I gulped down.


Seductive threatening? Is that what she is doing right now? I looked away and walked out.


I stepped into the black Porsche and the driver drove off with the other cars following.



Amelia POV


Now what more to do in this boring place? I took my phone and surfed the internet but couldn’t find anything of my interest.


I came across the video, the kissing video of I and Alex,I clicked on the video and watched it.


“I still can’t believe this happened” I muttered as i watched how we kissed like a couple.


I walked back to my room and watched some movies there before sleeping off.


Two hours later


Alex POV


I walked inside and looked around, Amelia was not in sight.


“Hey, where is Amelia?” I asked a maid.


“She has been in her room for some time now” the maid replied.


I walked to Amelia’s room and opened the door gently,I walked into the room.


Amelia was sleeping on the bed peacefully, seeing her this way you wouldn’t know how much trouble she was capable of causing.


Sleeping beauty but when awake, she’s trouble, I chuckled and brought out my phone, I took some pictures of her and looked at it, she looked beautiful.


I turned to leave but turned back at her. Wait a minute, if I kiss her now, she wouldn’t know would she?


She wouldn’t know, God look at those lips, I want to taste them. Although I already kissed her once but I don’t know how her lips tasted since I was drunk then.


I bent over to her and Kissed her gently on the lips. I pulled away quickly as she turned around on the bed.


I ran out of the room to my room, that girl is an irresistible temptation but her lips, they taste so freaking good.


Forget abour it Alex, she is not the first girl you kissed Alex, I pulled off my clothes and walked to the bathroom



Amelia POV


I woke up grumbling, it was as if someone had disturbed my sleep, I stood up and took a cold bath.


I wore a black bum shot and a white crop top and walked out of my room.


Is Alex around already? I walked to his room and opened the door gently to see Alex in a towel only.



He was looking so sΒ£xy and hot.


“You like what you are seeing?” His voice brought me back to life.


“What? You should know that the sight disgusts me” I said and made a face.


“Really?” He asked and moved closer to me.


“Don’t you dare move an inch closer” I threatened and gulped down hard.


Okay, I might be tough and all that but I am still a girl with feelings, emotions and this is intimidating.


He caged me to a wall and looked into my eyes, an unreadable expression in his eyes.


I pushed him away roughly making the towel around his waist loosen.


Wait a min, Alex is naked right now in front of me.




Now what will happen oo.


Let me keep quiet




So I will be posting everyday about this long are you okay with it?




Pop love


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