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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 5


Alex POV


“I am going to the bar” I said to my bodyguards and they bowed slightly before trailing after me.


“Where to?” My driver asked.


“Rocks bar” I replied.


“But your Dad instructed that you shouldn’t go to that bar any longer” one of the guards said and I groaned.


“You.are.fired” I stated saying the words slowly.


He went on his knees. “I am sorry boss” he pleaded.


“Through him out” I ordered and he was thrown out.


One of the guards opened the door and I got in. The driver drove away slowly with four cars trailing after me.


Fuck, can’t I go out on my own without these guys?



Amelia POV


i was starting to get drunk but hell no, I am not giving up yet. I have drank just 3 bottles.


Ever since, a girl Bella beat me at drinking, I have been trying to drink perfectly but I can’t.


“Oh my God,Alex is here”



“He is so cute”


“I am dying for his touch”


“I wish I could touch him”


“It’s really Alex”


I heard people yell and squeal excitedly. I looked up and saw the jerk, Alex Hamilton.


I must be seeing things, I shook my head and looked at him,Alex. I groaned and drank more.



Alex POV


I was heavily guarded by my guards as we walked through the crow of crazy fans.


I made my way to the VIP but stopped in my tracks on seeing Amelia, she looked drunk.


“Bring her to me” I ordered and walked away.



Amelia POV


“You are being called” a guy said to me,he is definitely Alex’s guard.


“I am not a bitch, leave here!!” I replied yelling and drank more.


Am of a sudden, I was swept off my feet by the guy.


“Hey! Drop me” I yelled clutching the bottle of beer tightly.


I was finally dropped on a soft material, oh it’s a chair. Where am I anyways? I sat up straight and saw Alex.


“Fool why did you bring me here” I asked.



“I knew it, I knew you were a bitch, a prostitute” he said and I glared at him.


“Watch how you talk to me, you know I can beat you up” I snapped.


“Beat me up? You are just a weak little girl” he said and drank from his cup.


“I am not weak neither little,you are the powerless on here” I replied and he glared at me.


“I insist that I am stronger than you”


“No , I am stronger than you”


“Noooo, I am stronger than you” we kept on arguing.


“How about we test our strength then?” He asked.


“In what way?” I asked.


“Let’s drink, the first to get drunk will be considered the weakest” he replied and I scoffed.


“I am not playing games with you” I replied and turned to leave.


“Then I guess you are really weak” Alex taunted.


“I accept your challenge” I said and sat back down,his lips cured up in a a small smirk.



Alex POV


“Cool” I muttered, she is half drunk already so she won’t last long cause I don’t drink much too.


“But I had 3 bottles already so you have to take 3 bottles before we start” she said.


“What??” I asked furrowing my brows.



“You heard me right” She replied with a silly smirk.


“I am no longer interested” I said.


“Cool, you just admitted that you are weak” she said.


“What?? Okay I am in” I said and she smiled sitting down.


“I didn’t ask you to sit” I said but she ignored me.


“Bring the beer” I said and after a few minutes the beer was brought.


I drank the first bottle, cool. I drank the three bottles and I was still a bit okay. At least I was not very drunk yet.


I looked at Amelia, she looked surprised.


“Are you surprised?” I asked and she shook her head.


“No, it’s normal” she replied and we both grabbed a bottle of beer each.


After both of us drank four bottles each, I was drunk but not ready to give up.


“Are you ready to back off?” I asked.


“Nooo..never…I..don’t…give up” she said clearly drunk.


I groaned at her response, she should just give up already.


One hour later


Amelia POV


“Cuddle me baby” I said and Alex cuddled me tighter.


“I love you baby” he said and pecked my forehead, I giggled.


“Write me a song” I said looking at his face.



“I am tired” he replied.


“Write me a song, write me a song” I said clapping my hands, I stood up and staggered back and forward.


“Write me a song write me a sing, write me a song” I chanted.


“Okay anything for you baby” he said.



Alex POV


You are mine.


You feel so f**king perfect.


Your body fits so perfectly with mine.


You are so perfect.


I want you here with me.


Always stay by me cause we are perfect together.


You are my other half.


You complete me.


Without you I am incomplete.


Stay with me, by my side.


I promise to stay with you cause I am incomplete without you.


“How is it?” I asked.


“I love it, it’s awesome she squealed excitedly and I frowned.


“How can you love a song, what about me?” I asked and she moved closer to the table staggering.


She climbed the table.” I love you so much!!” she yelled and I giggled.


I stood up and staggered to her. “Do you want to tell that to the world?” I asked and she nodded giving me a smile.


“Then let’s do it!!” I yelled and some guys appeared in front of us (my guards)


“Whooo are you guuuys?” I asked.


“Boss you are drunk” one of them said.


“I am not drunk” I replied.


“I am scared baby” Amelia said and hugged me tight.


“Get away, you are making my baby scared!” I yelled at the guys but they didn’t budge.


“Let’s beat them up” I said and Amelia nodded.


“Pow! Yay!! Pow!! Pow!!” We both yelled as we kicked and punched the guys staggering around.


Surprisingly the guys didn’t beat us. I and Amelia walked on the guys to the bar which was bubbling with life.


“Alex is back here!”


“He is here?”


“With a girl?”


“Who is the girl?”


“Wow she’s pretty”

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“I feel like killing the guy for snatching my Alex”


We both staggered to a podium. “Seems like they are drunk” someone said.


Why is everyone saying we are drunk? “Announce it baby” I whispered into Amelia’s ears.


“I love you so much!!” She yelled as cameras clicked.



“Include my name” I requested.


“I love you so much Alex!!” She yelled and I smiled.


“I love you much more than you do Amelia” I yelled.


I looked at Amelia who was smiling at me, my gave fell to her small pinkish lips.


I drew closer to her, Amelia was still smiling at me, My baby.


“Kiss! Kiss!! Kiss!!” People chanted.


I crashed my lips gently on hers, her lips tastes so f**king good. I nibbled gently on her Lower lip urging her to open up to me and she did.


I slid my tongue into her mouth, our tongues fighting for dominance as we kissed slowly and passionately. Something sparked.




Don’t engage in drinking competition oo, see what it turned enemies to.




Pop love


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