Sat. May 11th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 7


Amelia POV


“What are you doing here?” I asked.


“I should be asking you that question. What are you doing in my house?” He asked.


“Your house? It doesn’t make any sense to me”.


“Well, the both of you have to get along, Alex, Amelia will be staying here for at least a week or more than that” Hus dad said.


“Sorry sir but I don’t think I can live with him” I said with a forced smile


“Well, there is nothing you can do about it only if you want to live in the streets” Alex’s dad said.


“Dad, is this how you are going to solve this scandal? This makes no sense!” Alex yelled.



“I can’t live here with you” I states firmly.


“You know what? I will just stay here but steer clear of me” I said glaring at Alex.


“No that’s not possible, because both of you have to pretend to be friends publicly, you can do whatever you want to each other in private” Alex’s dad said.


“And why do I have to lie? He is my worst enemy” I replied.


“Because I asked your parents to bring you here and you have no where to go to except here” he said and I groaned.


“I can’t believe you did this”. Alex said.


“Shut it and take your friend to a room” Alex’s dad ordered.


“Follow me” Alex said coldly and I followed him.


“This is your room” he said and I pushed the door open ready to walk in when he pulled me back.


“No thank you?” He asked.


“I don’t say thanks to jerks like you” I replied.


“Do you know how many girls are dying to talk to me?” He asked moving closer.


I walked inside and slammed the door at his face.


“Bitch” he yelled.


“Jerk!” I yelled back and walked further into the room.


The room was more bigger and more beautiful than my room. I walked into the bathroom and a wow escaped my lips.



The bathroom was sparkling and so so beautiful. Wait a minute, if my room is like this how will Alex’s room look like?



Alex POV


How can dad bring my no 1 enemy home? She is going to make my life horrible but before she does that I am going to make her life here a living hell.


I sat on a cushion, I have to release a new song soon buy I can’t think of anything.


All I can think of is that bitch, I really have to deal with her.


During dinner


“Fool, I don’t want shrimps!” I yelled at the maid and threw the plate of shrimps at her.


“What the f**k? How could you do that? If you didn’t want shrimps then leave it!!” Amelia yelled.


“Shut up! I hired her not you, so just keep to yourself Bitch” I yelled back.


She stood up angrily. Fuck, can’t I yell without calling her a bitch? She walked to me like a lion ready to devour it’s prey.


I flinched and grabbed a chicken lap. She got to me and dragged me up by the collar. She took a plate of rice and poured it on me.


I gasped and took a plate of rice too, I emptied it on her, then hit her head with the chicken lap.


She emptied another plate on me and that was how we started food fighting moving from one dish to another.


God, the hot rice was burning my skin.


“What the heck is going on here?” Dad’s voice thundered angrily.


We both stopped with plates of pasta in our hands.



“Can you both explain what caused this childish act?” Dad yelled.


“He caused it by calling me a bitch” Amelia said.


“No Dad, she caused it by yelling at me for scolding the maid” I said.


“What I did was right but you called me a bitch” she yelled at me.


“Stop this nonsense and go to your rooms right now” dad yelled and we walked to our rooms.


God, the pains were unbearable, I was red all over,my skin was itchy and I was feeling weak, that bitch.


I took a cold bath but it didn’t do any good. I took some pain relievers and slept off.



Amelia POV


That bastard, I smell of different dishes but it was fun. Maybe I could make living with my enemy fun.


I pulled off my clothes and disposed them. I took a clod bath washing away the food from my body.


After the bath, I wore a pajamas and laid on my bed feeling really hungry, I have not started eating when that jerk started the fight.


The next morning


I stood up lazily and took and took my bath. Today is Saturday.


I wore a pink floral dress and tied my hair in a messy bun, i wore an hat.


I checked myself out in the mirror, great. I took my phone and walked downstairs.

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Maids were going about their daily chores. How many maids live here exactly? I looked around, no Alex.


I sat on a cushion and rubbed my stomach. After some minutes, I called a maid.


“Aren’t we going to have breakfast?” I asked.


“Actually, I heard that young master Alex is sick” she said and I gasped.


“What? Alex is sick? How did it happen? Could it be yesterday? Where is he now?” I asked.


“He is in his room” the maid said.


“Why? Isn’t he supposed to be in the hospital?” I asked and without waiting for an answer, I ran off to Alex’s room, I was so scared,I hope it’s nothing much.


I barged into the room and saw Alex on a bed looking so frail and weak, his dad was beside him and a doctor was there too.


I walked to him and he glared at me weakly.


“I never knew you were sick” I said.


“You caused it bitch, why did you pour hot rice on me?” He asked and groaned in pains.


“Are you happy now?” He asked.


The truth was that I was not happy seeing him in this condition, I know I am supposed to be happy but I am not.


“I am not that cruel and I swear I didn’t mean any harm” I swore.


“I don’t care” he replied and looked away.


Tears clouded my eyes,I really hate it when people ignore me and don’t care about what I do or say.


Alex turned back to me.



“You? You are crying? Like you are crying because I am sick?” He asked and I wiped my tears.


“Of course not” I replied.


“Then why were you crying?” Hr asked.


“Just get well, I will tell you why I am crying when you are okay,you know I need someone to play with and beat up” I said and he smiled.




Okay, I don’t know what to say here.




Pop love


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