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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 2


Alexander POV


I walked through the cheering crowd to the girl, trying not to stare at her too much, boys were already giving her signs but her countenance shows she is uninterested.


I got to where she was and touched her cheeks while she furrowed her brows before glaring at me hard.


“What’s wrong baby girl?” I asked.



Amelia POV


Who does this guy think he is? Okay he has the looks but I never told him I was looking for a guy.


“What’s wrong baby girl?” He asked and I groaned inwardly. Calm down Amelia, Calm down you are new here don’t fight on your first day.


“I am alright” I said forcing a smile then I turned to leave, to my surprise he grabbed my ass.


My eyes widened in shock and without thinking I gave him two heavy punches that sent him to the floor, his bodyguards charged at me.


“Hey, hey calm down dogs. What a beautiful scenery, dogs trying to protect their master” I said clapping my hands.


They made to attack but stopped when the guy stood up, he staggered a bit before glaring at me.



“Apologize to me right now and I will let it go” he said sternly.


“Apologize to me right now and I will let it go” I mimicked him.


“Guards deal with her” he ordered.


“So quickly? Oh no, I am still new here let’s wait for at least a week more by then I would be able to deal with you” I said and patted one’s shoulder, he threw a punch but I caught it easily.


“Okay, okay now that’s not impressive” I said and gave him a flirty smile.


I turned to the guy who was still groaning in pain.


“Nice meeting you, I am Amelia” I said and stretched my hand for a shake but he just hissed and walked away angrily.


I smiled and skated to the principal’s office. Life in this school is going to be interesting.


“Hey fool” a girl called and threw a stone at me, I frowned deeply.


“Please treat me well, I am new here” I said bowing slightly.


“Ohh, she is scared already” the girl in the middle said to her two minions.


“How dare you punch our prince charming? Don’t you know who he is?” She asked.


“Do I need to know him and who the hell is he anyways?” I asked slightly curious.


“Okay, Sophie, Ronnie and Lisa please I will take care of this” a girl said with a smile.


“Okay” the so called Sophie said and left with her minions.


“Thanks” I said.


“Hmm, it’s nothing you were really cool back then you were like hey, hey calm down dogs” she said in a funny tone that made me laugh.


“So I am Violet you?” She asked.


“Amelia” I replied as,we moved towards the principal’s office.


“Those girls back there who are they?” I asked.


“They are Alexander’s biggest fan and they act bossy” she replied.


“Who is this Alexander anyways?” I asked and she stared at me her face holding an hint of surprise.


“You don’t know Alexander Hamilton?” She asked and I nodded.


“Okay, Alex is a fast rising musician, he sings a lot and his songs are the best, he is the reason I came to this school and now I discover that he is actually a beast” she said and laughed at the last part.


Alexander POV.


I am going to get back st that girl, she can’t embarrass me publicly and go scotfree.


Her blows hurts too much, this is hell.


“It’s okay” I said to the nurse and she left the room immediately.


I picked up my phone and called Sophie, she was the school biggest female bully and she was all over me too.


“Hello Sophie, make life a living hell for the new girl, I want her crawling for forgiveness before the next two weeks” I said.


“Consider it done darling” she said.


“Good”I said and ended the call before Sophie would start with her nonsense talks.



“Amelia you are done for” I said with a smirk.


Amelia POV


After school, I saw my driver waiting in the park, I walked to the car, he would be sacked if he goes home without me.


“Ma’am you are welcome” he said.


“Hmm, I am sorry for leaving the car then” I apologized.


“It’s okay ma’am” he replied with a smile.


We entered the car and he drove off, I got home and alighted the car with a smile.


I and my driver walked into the mansion.


“You are back Darling, how was your first day in school?” She asked.


“Splendid, there won’t be any need to make trouble everyone is cool there” I lied and mum smiled.


“I said you were going to like the school, go to your room and change then come back for lunch” mum said and I nodded.


I walked into my room, took off the uniform and had a refreshing bath before putting on black ripped jeans and white crop top.


I went back downstairs for lunch.


The next day


Sophie POV


“I am sure she will pass through this route while going to the canteen” I said and my friends nodded.


“So we are to capture her and beat the hell outta her” I completed.



“But she seems pretty strong are you sure we should be doing this?” Ronnie asked, she was the most timid being I have ever seen.


“Ronnie, she is a girl and there is no way one girl will be able to beat up the three of us” I said and she nodded.


We all walked to the route and waited for Amelia, she is going to be here soon.


After a while, she walked past us like we were nothing, I walked to her and pulled her hair, she groaned and turned to me jerking my hands off.


“Wow, wow who do we have here?” She asked and I stood akimbo.


“Little bitch, how about we damage your pretty face?” Bella asked and she smirked.


“Are you sure about that?” Amelia asked. “Cause your ugly face is about to get more ugly” she completed.


I pushed her but she didn’t even budge. “Trying to act strong?” I asked and she smiled.


“I am going to let you go, I won’t want to get in trouble so early, you know I am still new here” she said and turned to leave.


“Hey bitch come back here” I said and dragged her back by her hair she gave me a hot slap that sent me to the floor.


“I told you to stay away love” she said and i sprang to my feet and attacked her along with Ronnie and Lisa.


She smiled and charged at us too, within few minutes, we were all down nursing different injuries.


“I guess I will leave you here guys, Gosh you are hurt I am so sorry” she said sarcastically.


“Bitch” i yelled as she walked away.




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