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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 1


Alexander POV.


God, today is Monday again I hate going to school all I want to do is sing but dad insists I go to school.


I stood up from my bed and took off my clothes and tied a towel, I admired myself in the mirror, absolutely handsome.


You want to know who I am? Well I am Alexander Hamilton, the only son of my dad, as for mum, I don’t know where shlaughed i don’t care either.


I am 18 and a pop star, really popular and I attend pop high school mainly for singing but there are still other lessons which I hate.


I guess that is all you need to know right now, I walked into the bathroom, a bath has been prepared already.


After spending several minutes in the tub, I came out of the tub and dried my body with a towel.


I got to the room, the maids were waiting already, I took my seat and one of them dried my hair while another gave me coffee.


“Hand over my shirt to me” I ordered and a maid scurried to the wardrobe, she picked the shirt and rushed back to me.


When she got to me, she fell and hit the coffee making it spill on the towel.


“What the hell? Fool!!, how dare you?” I yelled and she knelt.


“I’m sorry, I am so sorry” she said rubbing her hands together.


“You are sacked” I stated firmly.


“Please don’t do this to me sir” she pleaded and held my legs.


“Do you want to leave yourself or I have the guards throw you out” I asked.


“Anyone there!?” I yelled and two guards walked in.


“Take her away” I said and they dragged her out.


I breathed in and out before raking my hair with my fingers. “The rest of you, get out” I ordered and they scampered away.


I don’t know what is wrong with these maids, they should be happy to see me everyday, I hate ungrateful people.


I ended up dressing myself up after which I went to the dinning room for breakfast, Dad was there with a magazine.


“Good morning Dad” I greeted taking my seat.


“Good morning Alex” he replied with a smile.


I calmly ate the breakfast of bread, eggs and tea before leaving for school with three bodyguards.


Immediately the car got into school, they erupted in loud cheering, they do this everyday but it’s not as loud as this, maybe it’s because of my latest song.



Amelia POV.



“Amelia, be careful and be a good girl in your new school” mum advised for like the tenth time today.


I groaned. “Yes mum” I replied.


“Amelia don’t make trouble in your new school” dad said.


“Dad, I don’t make trouble” I argued.


“Ohh that’s right, my girl doesn’t make trouble she is trouble herself” dad said and I signalled Sandra, my maid to come.


“Yes ma’am” she said.


“I told you to cut off the formalities” I said.


“Hmm, yes Amelia” she said and I smiled.


I dragged her to a corner of the living room.


“Do they have a basketball court in the school?” I asked and she nodded.


“Is the skating shoe in my bag?” I asked.


“Yes, I packed it there already” she said and I smiled.


“Thanks Sandra” I said and walked past her.


“Hope you are not planning any mischief” mum asked.


“Of course not mum” I said and pecked her cheek.


“Bye mum, bye dad” I said as I waved at them.


“No peck for your dad?”



“Of course there is” I said and pecked his cheeks too then walked out of the mansion.

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Ohh, I am sorry I haven’t introduced myself, I am Amelia Hills, I am extremely beautiful and guys trip all over me but I got no time for them.


I am the adventurous type and I love sports like basketball, skating, football, and others. I can do a hundred push ups and some say I am troublesome but I am not.


I just can’t tolerate proud guys, I once beat up a guy for hitting my ass that the guy landed in a hospital after many fights I got expelled and that’s why we traveled to NY to start a new life as mum says.


But I don’t think anything it’s going to be new and that’s all about me. I carefully wore the skate shoe.


“Hey stop the car, I need to urinate” I said and the driver parked the car, I jumped out of the car and skated through the road.


The driver made an attempt to stop me but I was long gone, I skated through the road as drivers yelled at me but I ignored them.


I was so sure of my skills, I finally got to the school and I slowed down, then a car drove in almost hitting my left leg. I quickly raised my leg up and did a turn to maintain my balance.


The students started cheering me as soon as the car parked the cheers increased.



Alexander POV


I alighted from the car and the cheering increased, I looked around and my gaze fell upon an angel because she’s definitely not human.


She had skate shoes on and her deep black long hair fell to her waist while some was wet and plastered to her forehead with sweat.


God, she is definitely my new catch and she might spend more than a month cause she’s just too pretty.





Brother Alex does not know what he is in for, who would like to tell him?




Pop love.


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