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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 6


Amelia POV


The sun rays woke me up, I groaned tiredly and opened my eyes to see mg worst enemy, Alex.


“Get away!!” I yelled and pushed him off the bed making him fall to the floor.


I checked myself out, I was intact, I breathed out.


“Fool, what did you do to me?” I asked yelling at him.


“I should be asking you that question” he yelled back.



“I hate you so much” I said.


“You know the feeling is mutual” he replied.


I stood up from the bed, I reeked of alcohol. Yesterday what happened? All I could remember was saying yes to the stupid drinking competition.


Oh my God, I hope I didn’t do anything stupid, I usually behave crazily when I am drunk.


“I am leaving here and this is to remain a secret, I don’t want anyone to know we slept in the same room and even on the same bed…Arrgh..I don’t even wanna think about it I groaned.


“Why? Didn’t you enjoy my body next to you?” He asked.


“Shut it!!, I don’t even want to think about it” I yelled at him and he smirked.


I turned to leave. “Wait up” I heard him say but I left anyways.


He finally caught up with me, tugging at his jackets.


We walked through the lonely passage in awkward silence, I don’t even know where I am.


“Alex!!” A girl yelled and jumped on Alex, the girl was pretty.


“Can I take a picture, please, please” she requested not sparing me a glance.


“Hmm of course” Alex replied and the girl took several shots.


“I think that’s enough, I have something really important to do” Alex said and the girl nodded.


“You look beautiful, well what did I expect from Alex’s girlfriend?”


“What??” I and Alex yelled.


“She is not my girlfriend” Alex said.


“But…but you said it yesterday” she replied. What’s this girl talking about?


“Are you serious?” I asked.


“Of course, what’s wrong?” She asked.


“Nothing, you can go” Alex replied with a smile, a fake smile to be precise.


“Pray she lied or else I am going to kill you” I said.


“I should be the one to tell you that” he replied angrily and I flinched a bit, I have never seen him this angry.


Is he afraid of a scandal? I just hope the girl was lying, I don’t want any trouble.


We finally got to the reception. “Alex, Alex” the receptionist squealed excitedly and hugged him tight while Alex struggled with her.


“Can’t believe I am holding Alex Hamilton” she said and someone pushed her away, one of Alex guards.


“Let’s go sir” the guard said and we both followed him.


We came outside and you really need to see the paparazzi and reporters outside, they were much and even fans too but we were able to get into the car with the help of the guards.


Gosh, I am such a fool, it really happened, I am sure mum and dad must have seen it now.


The car moved gently as seix more cars followed after us. What’s so special about him anyways?



“God!! I so much dislike you, what do I do now? Everyone is talking about it” he said and raked his fingers through his hair.


“Stop acting like it’s my fault, you introduced the f**king game, do you think I will be able to stand in school too? Everyone is going to think I am a pretender, an hypocrite” I replied and he breathed out heavily.


“Stop the car” he ordered and the car halted, I looked at him.


“The bar is nearby, find your way home I have to take care of the mess you created” he said coldly not sparing me a glance.


I alighted from the car and they all drove off. “Wicked fool, like he wasn’t the one who created this ruckus” I muttered.


“God this is a mess” I grumbled.


“Isn’t that Alex girlfriend?”


“I think it’s her”


I heard people grumbling and I ran away. After about ten minutes of running, I got to the bar and saw my motorbike.


“Missed you baby” I said and ran towards it, I zoomed off.



Alex POV.


“How many times have I f**king told you to stay away from that damned bar” dad asked yelling.


“I am sorry dad” I replied.


“Sorry? Will that fix this? Do you know how hard I tried to make sure you keep a scandal free record” he yelled.


“I will just announce it later that I have broken up with her” I replied.


“You think it’s that easy?” He asked and I bit my lower lip.


“What is the girl’s name?” He asked.


“Amelia Hills” I replied..


“I just hope she is Mr Hills daughter, go to your room” Dad said and I walked to my room


I got to my room and took a cold bath. On getting back to the room, the maids were there already, ready to dress me up again.


“Get out! Get out!!” I yelled and they ran away.


I dressed up casually and plopped down to the bed. I grabbed my phone and surfed the net, the news was all over.


“Alex Hamilton kisses a girl in a bar” I was shocked by that tittle.


It couldn’t have gotten to that stage, there is no way I could have kissed my no 1 enemy.


I clicked on the video and it was real, I and Amelia kissing. This week is a mess, life with Amelia in it is a mess.


The most annoying part was that just watching this video made me feel like kissing her again.


Finally gone crazy.



Amelia POV


“Aaargh” I groaned as I watched the video. It was all over the net.


Having my first kiss with my enemy is not bad enough, it even has to be public.


“Amelia open up right now”mum yelled. I have to face them now, time to be scolded.



I buried my face in a pillow.”No, nothing happened, it was all a dream and now I have woken up” I assured myself.


But this video…it really happened


“Amelia open this door right away” dad yelled, I could tell he was angry.


I walked to the door and opened it lowering my gaze to the floor.


“Why did you leave home?”


“What’s all that nonsense you displayed in public?”.


“You really disgraced me” they scolded.


“I am sorry, I just went to get some fresh air and I met him, he challenged me to a drinking competition, that’s all I know”I said.


“Then why didn’t you decline?” Mum asked and I bit my lower lip in regret.


The next day


“Bye mum, bye Dad” I waved as I got into the car with my luggage.


Mum and Dad were traveling and they didn’t want me to stay home alone so right now, I am on my way to one of their friends house.


I just hope it’s fun there, the driver drove gently and I slept off probably due to yesterday’s stress.


When I woke up, we were in a large mansion, it was really huge and beautiful.


I alighted from the car with my luggage. ” I will come back here to pick you up when your parents are back ma’am” the driver said and I nodded.


He drove away and I walked into the mansion looking around.


“Oh you are here” a man probably in his early forties said and I smiled.


“Yes sir” I replied.


“So who is the girl coming to stay with us?” I heard a familiar voice ask.


I turned towards the direction of the voice, there stood my worst enemy.


“You???” We both yelled




How will two enemies live under the same roof






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