Sat. May 11th, 2024

By Authoress Juliana


Episode 11


Alex POV


After some minutes, my driver came but not without my guards, I am tired of living with guards always with me.


Game house


“You…you…mean this mansion is a game house?” Amelia asked and I smiled.


“Yeah, it is” I replied.


“It’s cool but I am sure the interior can’t be so great” Adrian said.


“You wish” I pressed a button on my wristwatch and the door to the mansion opened.


“Wow” Amelia gasped. “You opened the door using your wristwatch?” She asked.


“Well, it’s a game house that’s how it’s supposed to be” Adrian said as we walked in.


“This place is awesome” Amelia shrieked and sat on a chair, she pulled off the skate shoes.


I and Adrian did the same.


“Follow me guys” I said and took them to video games room.


We all played first and I won. “Yeah I won!, I won!! I won!!” I yelled and hugged Amelia before lifting her off the floor and spinned her.


“Hey calm down, you won just one” Adrian said and I dropped her.


“Uhm..sorry about that, I got too excited” I said and massaged my temple.



“What should we do next? Swimming?” I asked.


“Uhm, yeah let’s do that” Amelia said looking unsure.


“Can’t you swim?” I asked.


“Of course she can” Adrian cut in and I groaned.


“Stop behaving like you have known her for ages” I replied with a glare.


“Well at least I am not her enemy” Adrian said.


“Actually Alex is my friend, if he was not my friend I wouldn’t be playing games with him” Amelia said and I gave Adrian a victorious smile.


We walked to a room. “Amelia change into this” I said and threw her a swimming suit.


“Where do I change?” She asked


“The room opposite this room” I replied and she jogged out.


At the pool


I and Adrian were by the pool waiting for Amelia, she finally walked in looking extremely hot.


Her hair was flipped over to one side, the swimming suit clung tightly to her body revealing her killer curves and shapes.


“Hmm let’s start guys” her voice brought me back.


“Ugh? Yeah” I muttered.


We all got to our positions and jumped into the water.



Amelia POV



I swam as fast as I could but slowed down when Alex swam by, my eyes lingering on his abs.


I swam by too.


“Yeah I won!!” I heard Adrian yell.


I and Alex came out of the water, I squeezed the water out of my hair, suddenly Adrian hugged me tightly.


“I won Amelia, I won!!” Adrian yelled and spinned me.


“Now that’s enough” Alex said and pulled us apart.


They both glared at each other. What’s wrong with these guys?


15 mins later


We had dried up our body. “Amelia, let’s do some push ups” Adrian said and I smiled inwardly.


Time for me to win also.


“Well I bet I would win” Alex said and I smirked.


“But Amelia is a girl would she be able to do that?” Alex asked.


Why do I feel like this guy has been acting kinda caring lately?


“Don’t underestimate me” I said.


“Okay, let’s get started guys” Adrian said and we started.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…… When we got to 37, Adrian gave up, I smiled and continued.


60, Alex was still going but he looked tired already.


Alex finally gave up when he got to 82. I continued till I got to 106, I stood up and stretched my arms.



“That was…amazing” Alex yelled.


“How did you do that?” Adrian asked.


“I won!!” I yelled and spinner thrice to face Adrian and Alex.


“Aren’t you going to hug anyone?” They both asked glared at each other then looked back at me.


“Well, I have no one to hug” I replied and shrugged.


“I am here” they both chorused.


“What the heck? Must I hug someone?” I asked.


“Yeah” they replied.


Gosh, who the hell should I hug? Alex? Or Adrian?




I smell jealousy, you are wondering how I smelt it. That matter is for another day. Settle this matter, who should Amelia hug?




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