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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 26


Violet POV


I walked to Alex’s dad room and opened the door. He was waiting on the bed with just an underwear.


I don’t know when this will stop but I don’t care as long as Alex gets married to me and I can ruin Amelia.


I laid on the bed and he drew me closer and rushed me with kisses.


After a while into it, the door opened to reveal Alex who was staring at us with shock clearly written on his face I stood up and ran out to ashamed to look at Alex.


Alex POV


What the heck is this? Dad wants me to get married to someone he sleeps with, that Violet is such a bitchy slut.


I chuckled and walked to Dad.


“Alex get out now!!” He yelled and I sat on the bed smiling.


“Dad don’t be scared I am not going to tell anyone about the disgracing fact that you are sleeping with your son’s wife” I started.


“That is if you Amelia live here with us, if not you can expect the media to hear the news this night” I added and Dad frowned.


“Okay just don’t just tell anyone about this” he said.


“Deal and also you can continue with whatever you were doing, you know I have no interest in that bitch” I said and walked out chuckling.


The next day


Amelia POV


I groaned lazily as my alarm rang. Time to go to school, I kinda hate school, the only comfort is my Alex.


There are only pretenders, liars and hypocrites there.


Mum barged into my room with a wide smile.


“Guess what?” She asked and pulled the blankets away from me.


“What’s it?” I asked sleepily.


“You are going to stay with Alex” she said and I jumped up immediately.


“You aren’t joking right?” I asked excitedlyPOV


“Of course not Alex’s Dad called this morning and asked for you to stay with them” mum replied and i hugged her happily.


I can hardly believe this, what could have happened that changed Alex’s Dad opinion about me but I don’t care about that.


I rushed to the bathroom and took a quick bath, wore my clothes then packed some clothes into a bag.


I pulled my bag after me and headed to the living room.


“Good morning Dad” I greeted.


“Good morning Amy” he replied and I hugged him, then pecked his cheeks.


“Do you want to go live with Alex?” Dad asked and I nodded repeatedly


“Of course and I promise not to get into trouble” I said.



“You won’t even do that cause you cause trouble once more, you are going back to South Korea” Dad said.


“Going back to Korea? Well I am not going to get into trouble so there won’t be a need to go to Korea” I replied.


“I hope so” Dad mumbled and I sat at the dining table.


I ate hurriedly and rushed to the car with my luggage.


“Good morning” I greeted my driver as I hopped into the car


“Good morning” he replied and zoomed off.


I was so excited and curious on how it happened. Immediately the car was parked, I jumped out and skated to Alex’s private house.


He was sitting on a chair and his face broke into a smile as he saw me.


I hugged him. “How did it happen? I don’t understand, I was just asked to come live with you, how did you do it?” I asked and he smiled proudly.


“That’s why your boyfriend here is smart, wise, handsome, strong and cool” he stated and I frowned playfully.


“Who told you that? You made a mistake,you aren’t handsome or strong you look like a chicken that was ripped off his feathers” I said and he frowned deeply.


I pulled his cheeks and stuck out my tongue at him.


“Do you think you are beautiful? You are no better than Annabelle” he said and I glared at him.


“Does it hurt?” He asked and stuck his tongue out.


“I am so going to kill you” I seethed and he ran away.



Violet POV


How am I supposed to seduce Alex successfully when he already caught me with his dad? I hope he doesn’t expose us and call off this marriage.


That can’t happen, I won’t allow that to happen. Things are starting to get bad, Amelia now clearly doesn’t trust me anymore, Adrian avoids me too and now Alex caught me.


This is frustrating, what the hell am I supposed to do? I have to be careful not to get caught but no matter what happens I am sure I am getting married to Alex.


On my way to class, I met Amelia. “Hi Amy” I called.


“Hi Violet” she replied with a smile.


“Why are you kind of being distant?” I asked with a sad expression.


“Being distant? Of course not, I am just a bit busy” she replied.


“Busy doing what?” I asked, maybe I can get some information from her.


“Just trying to get back on my feet” she replied with a shrug.


“Okay, have you heard from Adrian recently?” I asked.


“Yeah, we talk, we still talked yesterday” she replied.


“Okay let’s head to class” i replied and we both headed to class.



Amelia POV


As I stepped into class, i fellt someone’s hand on my ass, I gasped and turned to see a guy with blonde hair, I slapped him twice immediately.


“How dare you slap me” he asked and hit me in the face.


What the f**k? I groaned and responded with a kick in his groin, he fell to his knees, I held his hair back and punched him severally in the face.



Someone held my hand stopping me, I turned to see Alex staring at me. I let go of the guy and allowed Alex to drag me out.


He took me to his private house. “Why the hell are you beating up a guy?” He asked half yelling.


“Alex calm down” I replied.


“Why do you love showing off your strength?” He yelled at me.


“What the hell are you saying? Do you know what he did? He grabbed my ass” I yelled back and Alex kept quiet.


“I am sorry babe” he apologized.


“You didn’t even bother to listen to me” I said glaring at him.


“I am sorry but I think I have something to do” Alex said and turned to leave but I held him back.


“Where are you going?” I asked.

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“To beat up that fool, I am still afraid to grab your ass and he is touching you, I am going to kill him” he replied and I giggled. TBC






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By Authoress Juliana


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