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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 30


Alex POV


“Maybe so” she replied and hugged me.


“Never ever meet any other girl, cause I am a very jealous type” she whispered into my ears and I chuckled,we walked back to my room.


The next morning


Amelia POV


I woke up and checked the time, it was 9:50am. God I woke up so late.


“Alex!!” I called but I heard no reply.


“Where the hell did he go to?” I muttered getting out of bed.


I checked the bathroom, the closet and every other place but he wasn’t there. I sat back on the bed and found a small note on the table.


Good morning love, I have to shopping for the wedding I will be back very soon, I love you’ the note read.


I laid back on the bed, he should have woken me up,I wonder what those two are doing together.


I dressed up, ate in a hurry and zoomed off in my bike



I have to go get a necklace for Alex, I went to a boutique and after looking around for ten mins, I finally chose two matching necklaces, they were so beautiful.


I bought it and went back home, Alex was in his room pacing around.


“Alex what’s wrong?” I asked.


“Amy where have you been? I have been so worried sick about you” he said and hugged me.


“So you were really worried about me” I said with a smile.


“Of course” he said and Alexcs Dad walked in.


“Alex, you have to take some shots for your wedding photos” Alex’s Dad said.


“Good morning sir” I greeted but he ignored me.


“Amy let’s go” Alex said.


“No,let her stay I have something to tell her” he said and Alex looked at me before leaving.


“What do you want to tell me sir?” I asked.


“Be careful, don’t get in between Violet and Alex” he said and walked out.


“Be careful, don’t get in between Violet and Alex” I mimicked.


“Who is getting into who? Violet got between us” I said to myself and laid in the bed, after a while of going through my phone I slept off.



Alex POV


“Get closer to her” the photographer said and I moved closer to Violet.


“More closer, let it look more intimate” he said and I scoffed.



“Take it this way or I am out of here” I snapped at him and he nodded before taking the pictures.


After a few shots, I walked out but Violet stopped me and smiled at me.


“We need to talk” she said.


“What? I and you? For what? Sorry we have nothing to talk about” I said but she held me down.


Amelia POV


“Amelia” someone called and I fluttered my eyes open.


“We have something to talk about” Alex’s Dad said and I sat up straight.


“What is it sir?” I asked.


“You have to leave America now, right now” he ordered.


“What? Why, I am not leaving, I don’t want to leave” I said slightly pissed off.


“Then I have no choice than to kill Alex” he said and I laughed heartily.


“You think you will be able to kill your only son?” I asked.


“You think I can’t then you are wrong” he said and showed me his phone.


“What do I do with your phone?” I asked and he did a video calk with someone.


“Hey, let me see Alex” Alex’s Dad said and Alex was shown tied down.


I gulped hard, this is his limit, he can’t kill him, I mean Alex is his son right? “Are you ready to leave America?” Alex’s Dad asked. “No, I won’t” I stated.



“Shoot his leg” Alex’s Dad said and my eyes widened but I was determined not to waver, he won’t kill his only son.


I was shocked when the gun was shot and Alex let out a cry,I gasped as tears filled my eyes immediately.


“I will leave America” I said.


“That’s good, I already told your parents and your visa, passport has been prepared, you just need to pack your bags and go to the airport” he said and I nodded.


“Your flight leaves by 5:00pm and you should know that you are going to Korea” he said and walked out.


With tears, I dropped the necklace I got for Alex and wrote a note.


I guess I was love was never supported by the heavens


I hope you forget about me and I will try to do the same


Till then, I love you so much Alex Hamilton


I packed my bags and checked the time, it was 3:30. I still had time to check on Adrian, then mum and Dad.


I mounted my bike and zoomed off to Adrian’s place, I knocked on the door and wiped my tears as more kept coming.


“Amelia” Adrian called as he opened the door,he was probably surprised to see me.


“Adrian, just came to see you and say bye” I said and turned to leave buy he held me back.


“What do you mean by saying bye?” He asked raising a brow.


“I am leaving America” I replied with a forced smile and he pulled me into a hug.


“Why do you want to leave?” He asked.



“Nothing, I just want to be free from all this” I said and pulled,away then wiped my tears.


“Bye” I waved and zoomed off home.


“Amelia” mum said and welcomed me with a hug.


“Mum” I said with a cracking voice.


“I have no option, your Dad has made his decision, he doesn’t want you to be hurt” mum said.


“I know, Dad is right, I should stop hurting Alex and myself” I said and hugged Dad too.


“My daughter, the greatest trouble of all time” Dad said and I smiled.


“Promise you won’t trouble your aunt in Korea” Dad requested.


“I promise” I said and walked to my room.



Alex father POV


Such a stupid girl, she actually believed I will harm my own son.


I had one of my guards to wear a mask and he is the one that was shot, not my Alex



Alex POV


After Violet wasted my time on silly and useless talks, I went home but Amelia was not in my room. Where could she have gone to?


She must have went out by herself again, wicked girl, always leaving me here alone. I took my bath and decided to call the maids, ever since Amy has been here, she has banned me from calling maids to dress me up.


I pressed the button and they hurried inside and began their job immediately.


“Sir, this is on your table” a maid said and gave me a necklace with a note.


“Wow, she must have bought this for me, I will wait for her to wear it on me” I muttered and opened the note.


The smile on my face disappeared immediately and was replaced with tears.


I stood up angrily. “Get out!!” I yelled and the maids ran out. I put on a shirt and jeans then rushed out,I don’t even know where she is right now.


Amelia POV


I checked the time for about the tenth time, it was 4:45, just fifteen mins and I will be leaving here, leaving Alex, leaving mum and Dad.


I swallowed hard to avoid the tears from dropping but it did anyways and I didn’t bother to wipe it.


After crying my eyes out for some mins, it was 4:55. I received a message.


Go or Alex is going to be killed immediately


It must be from Alex’s Dad, I have to do this even though I don’t want to do it.



Alex POV


I drove crazily to her home and knocked on the door, the door was opened by her mum and she came out.


“Where is Amy?” I asked and she looked around.


“She is about to go to Korea, her flight takes off by 5:00 pm, I am giving your love a last chance to survive” she said.


“Thanks” I said and hurried into my car.


I checked the time, it was just 3 mins to 5, I zoomed off ignoring traffic signs and breaking traffic rules.



I got to the airport but it was too late, it was 5:06pm already, the flight had taken off.



Amelia POV.


I wore the necklace I bought, I looked at the two necklaces, the one I bought and the one Alex bought too.


I smiled amidst my tears. I am going to let everything go now, I am going to start afresh with a locked heart because the only heart I have has been taken away by someone, Alex Hamilton.


Alex POV


I broke down in tears, I was too late. Why did she leave? Did she really have to leave me now? What did I do wrong to her?


I walked back to my car slowly and broke down in tears. Amelia, you really did hurt me.


The wedding day


Sluggishly I walked to the altar to meet a smiling Violet, bitch, If it was not for her, j would still be with my Amy.


Amy, you ruined me and I am not going to hesitate to ruin you too. I couldn’t even force a smile. Amy left me ruined and broken.


I was not paying the least attention to what the priest,was saying until Violet


pinched me a bit.


I looked at her.


“I do” I said and closed my eyes to prevent the tears that were threatening to fall.


“You may now kiss the bride” was what I heard again and I looked up, when it dawned on me that I was actually going to kiss this girl.


I moved closer to her and pecked her lips quickly, then pulled away.


At the reception



Alex POV


“The groom, Alex Hamilton is going to be singing now, welcome him with a round of applause” I heard someone say.


I didn’t even write a song, my life is messed up right now,I lost Amy and I am probably going to lose my career too.


I walked up to the stage, I will just let out my emotions in the song. I grabbed the microphone and the clapping reduced till it got quiet.


You came into my life like a star, a shining star


So different from the others


You made me fall for you


But you broke me into several pieces


Why did you have to hurt me so much?


I loved you but you hated me instead.



Amelia POV


I never hated you, not even for once


But I guess the heavens are against us


I love you but I have got to leave you now


Cause the heavens never approved of us


Alex POV


Wanna dance with you


wake up next to you


I just want you here right here right beside me


But the heavens never approved of us


I love you do we have to part


I want you so much but they are against us I don’t care about the heavens


I just want you, cause I can’t live without you



I let out all of my emotions into that song, and I knew at that moment that the sing was gonna be a blow, but I don’t care about that,I only want my Amy.


After singing I walked back to my seat, while they are cheering and yelling my name, if only they knew how broken I am right now.


After a while, it was time for couple’s dance. I stood up sadly with anger rising in me as I saw that devil, Violet smiling, I felt like choking her to death.


I moved closer to her like I was going to kisss her but I pulled off the mask making everyone in the reception gasp in shock.


That’s what she gets for ruining my relationship with Amy, I just want her out of my life. Violet ran out with tears amidst the crowd that were capturing the moment


Violet POV


I ran out, why is my life so sad? Why is my life so ruined? Must I always be the one to be broken. I will just put an end to my useless life, I have nothing to live for.


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the nearest hill. I felt like dying but then why should I kill myself when Amy is still alive.


But my life is messed up, everyone has seen me, the ugly me, I walked to the cliff. What more am I living for? Mum? Dad? They definitely won’t cry if I die, they have always disliked me since my face got damaged.


I took a deep breath and fell.






Pop love


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