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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 25


Violet POV


I woke up on a chair. What the heck? Why did I sleep off? Could it be that Amelia drugged me? No, that’s not possible, she trusts me.


Could it be Adrian? It might be him, I WS helping him and he did this, I am going to make him pay for this.


I stood up and looked around, Amelia was no where to be found or could it be that I took the drink meant for Amelia?


I am so confused, I walked out of the ward and the guards eyed me suspiciously.


“What?” I asked glaring at them and walked out of the hospital.


It was dark already, that sleeping powder must have been so powerful, I boarded a taxi back home, lonely home.



Amelia POV


I woke up and yawned lazily,I looked around, mum and Alex were looking at me.


“Amelia, what happened to you?” Mum asked worriedly.


“Nothing,I just suddenly felt sleepy and I slept off”I replied.


“Thank Goodness you are okay, you have been asleep for over 8 hours” mum said.


“Eight hours? That’s quite some time now” I said sitting up.


“Would you like to go to your room now?” Mum asked.


“Nor yet, I will rest a bit here but mum can you please excuse us for a few mins” I asked with a pleading look.



“No, you guys keep on hiding things and causing trouble you both are not saying anything alone” mum stated and crossed her arms.


“Mum please” I pleaded and she sighed.


“Just five mins and I will be back” mum said and glared at Alex.


“Thanks mum, love you” I said and blew her a kiss as she walked out.


Alex sat beside me and hugged me tightly, I hugged him back then pulled away.


“Do you know Adrian might be an accomplice too?” I asked and Alex chuckled.


“He is one, I caught him caressing you back then so he definitely knew about you being drugged” he replied.


“What do you want to eat?” He added.


“If you are going to cook,then I will rather die of hunger” I laughed and he frowned


“At least I tried” he said and I laughed more.


“You really tried, that delicacy was the most delicious dish I ever tasted” I replied holding back my laughter.


“You have never cooked for me once so how sure am I that you can cook?” He asked.


“Are you kidding me, I am a pro when it comes to cooking” I replied.


“Well I can’t cook but at least I can sing” he replied.


“Then you can eat songs too,I can cook so I deserve to eat, get me food songs eater” I replied and he poked my head before ordering for a meal.


“I am thirsty” he sulked.



“Then drink some water”


“I am not thirst for that”


“Ohh, then go for wine or juice or beer, just drink whatever you want to” I replied.


“I am not thirsty for all that too” he groaned and I frowned.


“Then what are you thirsty for?” I asked slightly confused.


“I am thirsty for you, I missed your lips” he said making me flush red.


He moved closer to me but right at that moment mum barged him and I pushed Alex off making him fall to the floor with a silent hiss.


“What were you guys doing?” Mum asked furrowing her brows.


“Nothing, we weren’t doing anything right?” I asked Alex.


“Of course we weren’t doing anything, what would we be doing other than laughing” Alex replied and mum nodded before walking to Alex calmly.


“We need to talk privately” mum said to Alex, I and Alex exchanged glances before mum dragged him out.


Alex POV


Amy’s mum took me to the corridor.


“Alex I know you love Amelia and I know what you guys have been going through because of Amelia” her mum started.


“But Alex, I not sure you guys are old and matured enough to fight for your love” she added.


“We might be young but we are matured enough to stand up for ourselves” I replied.



“I and Amy’s dad are thinking of sending Amy to South Korea” she said and I turned to her.


“What?? No mum you can’t send her off to South Korea, I can’t live without her” I pleaded.


“I am going to give you guys a chance to fight for your love but if you lose one more time, I will have no choice than to send her off, for now I will persuade Amy’s Dad to let her stay in America” she said.


“Thanks and I am sure we are going to win” I replied.


A week later


Authoress POV


Violet had packed in with Alex,it was just two weeks before the wedding.



Violet POV


I pulled off my clothes and took a quick bath,I used my body spray and lotion.


I wore a sΒ£xy lingerie, I am sure any man would fall for me in this,I have to be pregnant for Alex as soon as possible.



Alex POV


In two weeks, I will be getting married to Violet but I will make sure that marriage doesn’t hold.


I walked downstairs, I need to talk to Dad. I want Amelia to live with us in this house then we can stop this marriage.


Dad was not downstairs, I headed to his room as I got closer to his room, I heard some sounds.


I opened the door and was shocked to the bones on seeing the sight.







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