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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 22


Alex POV


I just have to play along with Violet, I am going to play this game with her. I also have to see Amelia very soon.


Violet walked in with a sad expression.


“I know you don’t believe me yet but I will make you do” she said.


“I actually believe you, I just said what I said to see your sincerity, and if Amelia trusts you why wouldn’t I trust you? Amelia is a smart person” I replied and she hugged me.


“Sorry, just got excited” she said after she pulled back.


“It’s okay” I replied with a forced smile, can’t believe the devil just hugged me.


After several mins, she left the hospital and I sighed in relief. Finally the devil is gone, I dusted myself, I need to take a bath.


I stood up and took a bath, then dressed up, I picked my phone and made to call Fred, I need to see Amelia and Fred is the only one I can trust.


Fuck, this is a new phone, I don’t have Fred’s contact. I groaned and threw the phone at the wall.


I guess I will have to do things my way. A nurse walked in and I smiled.


“Pull off your clothes” I ordered.


“What?? By any chance are you attracted to….”


“Shut it, I have my girl, just give me your clothes, I need to get out of here” I snapped and she nodded.


“You stay here and I will come back in no time” I said and she nodded then went into the bathroom.


Few mins later, she came back with the hospital uniform, I took it from her.


“I will repay you for your kindness” I said and she smiled.


“Why don’t you pay that now? She purred seductively and loosened the towel.


She was totally naked, I swallowed hard. No, Alex you have someone much more better than her, just look for bad attributes in her.


“What the f**k is this? Saggy br**sts, pot bellied stomach, stretch marks, ugly face, fat and shapeless, sorry but I have someone much more better than you” I said and pushed her away.


I walked into the bathroom and changed into the nurse’s uniform, I wore a wig and applied lipstick.


I walked out to the room. “Hey your shoes”I requested and she handed it to me but it wasn’t my size, I guess I have to wear my sneakers.


I walked out with my wallet, at least Dad can’t freeze my account cause I have a lot of bank accounts.


I walked out swaying my waist, I have to walk like a lady. I eventually got out of the hospital, great.


I boarded a cab to a boutique, I brought clothes and changed into the clothes.


But now there was a problem, I can’t go out like this because of crazy fans and I can’t get to Fred now, it’s not good to be dumb.



Amelia POV


I drove my power bike to the bar, Rocks bar, the place that brought I and Alex together.


I walked in and ordered for three bottles of beer. I drank it slowly, this will make me forget about Alex and all.


I drank till I was tired, I couldn’t drive home myself. I picked my phone and almost clicked on Alex’s contact, no you promised to stay away from him.


I eventually called Adrian and he picked up at the second ring.


“Hello Amelia” he said.


“Hey” I replied drowsily.


“Amelia, don’t tell me you are drinking” he said and I chuckled.


“Of course I am, Adrian please come pick me up at rocks bar” I replied and ended the call.


Alex POV


I took a face cap from the boutique since it’s late I won’t get noticed, I paid for the clothes and left the boutique.


Now where do I go? What about I go to rocks bar? After all it was the place that brought I and Amelia closer.


Amelia POV


After a while, Adrian approached me and I smiled gently at him, did I say gently? Well I guess so.


“Hey, I am here” I yelled and he walked over to me.


“Amelia, why are you doing this to yourself? He asked.


“Doing what? I am just enjoying my life” I replied.


“This is not enjoying life” he stated.


“Do you know what life is? Have you ever felt the way I felt? Like I was the only one love was meant to hurt? Avoiding the one you love? Jumping from one problems to another because of love? Smiling even wen it hurts so f**king much? Trying to forget everything but even alcohol can’t do that……” Adrian interrupted

me by crashing his lips on mine.


I wanted to push him away but he held me firmly. I was drained of strength so I just allowed him to do whatever he wanted.


Suddenly someone pulled us apart, it was Alex, he looked angry and furious, he punched Adrian in the face and Adrian fell to the floor.


“Amelia, is this the reason you didn’t call? Dad told me you didn’t love me but I didn’t believe him, I hate the I met you, I so hate you, you can continue your romancing with Adrian” he spat out visibly angry.


Maybe it’s better this way, he would never come after me anymore, he would forget about me and move on while I suffer all the pains alone, it’s great.


“Yes, your father is right, I don’t love you I just did all that to get fame but it seems like it’s too hard so I decided to give up on getting fane from you” I replied trying really hard not to break down.


“Now if you don’t mind, I got better things to do” I added and walked away quickly, I was crying silently already but I didn’t want him to notice.


I mounted my bike and zoomed off, I was sober already so I could manage riding myself.


Alex POV


No, this can’t be true. None of this happened. Amelia loves me, she loves me.


She was deceiving me all this while? That’s impossible. But this explains it all, her and Adrian kissing.


I shut my eyes tight to prevent more tears from flowing. Come to think of it, before Amelia came into my life I never shed tears.


But now I cry almost every single day, Dad is right, love makes one weak and I am not a weakling. Only a weakling loves.


I am a man, a strong man and strong ones don’t love. I have to forget about Amelia and forget about the word ‘love’.


I walked out of the bar and took a cab back to the hospital. I walked in slowly and headed to my ward. The nurse wasn’t there any longer.


I plopped to the bed. Cry it all out, and forget about it all.


Amelia POV


I rode speedily as tears blinded my vision, I kept on wiping them but more kept on coming.


I shut my eyes and allowed the evening breeze to flow through me, when I opened my eyes there was a truck in front of me.


Before I could go off it’s lane, it hit my bike and I fell to the floor.


Maybe it’s better to die than stay here experiencing hell. My eyelids closed.


The next morning


Alex POV


I had taken a bath and dressed up, I couldn’t sleep a wink throughout the night.


The door opened and dad came in, great timing.


“Good morning, how are you feeling?” He asked.


“Feeling more better than ever, I am ready for the marriage” I stated.


“Really? That’s great,now all you have to do is sign this” he said and handed me some papers with a pen.


“What for?” I asked.


“It states the fact that you have agreed to marrying Violet and the things that will happen if you fail to marry her” dad explained and I nodded


There’s no need to read this, I am getting married to Violet and that’s all.


I picked the pen and looked at dad,then at the papers.


Amelia, I guess this is where it ends.










Pop love


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